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Jessica D
Very personal question..?
So, Lately.. i have been having pain when i go to the bathroom ( #2) and i thought maybe it was it was hemmroids. But i checked (cause i learned how after i had a baby) and there is nothing there. And there was always blood when i wiped. Just now, i went to the bathroom and the whole toliet was full of blood. Not a little bit, but like it was that time of the month. And it isnt. There was nothing there when i wiped in the front but a ton in the back.. ANyone have any clue what it could be ?

r. d. naples
Lady, go to a f*cking doctor!

Jubal S
Ulcerative collitis maybe

? Ulcers..............? Does your family have a history of stomach problems or ulcers.........honey I don't really know as I'm no doctor................you may need to go. .......Go.
Have a great and speedy healing....!

Rebecca L
You could have a tear or hemmaroid up too high to check yourself. Go see the doctor because any injury in your colon is at a much higher risk for infection.

michele w
You are a mother aren't you don't you think your son or daughter needs you please get to the emergency room quick! I'm a nurse I should know. I'm 40 years old. RN

This could be a cyst ,acolo or ovary problem. Please go see your ob/gyn right away! you could be hemoraging (?) also.

See a doctor. It could be a tear, or a small hemorrhoid you missed. Anyway, you should get it treated. Prescriptions are much more effective than over-the-counter stuff.

Dan C
I would go to the doctor asap. I'm assuming it's fairly red blood and not dark meaning it's fresh. You could be bleeding internally, due to a number of things. Bare in mind, I'm male and I have no medical degrees, but a whole toilet full of blood I assume is like more than a cup. In any case I still feel it might be a good idea to see a doctor or maybe check on that doctor web site which I unfortunately can't find now :( but googling it I found several sites that might help. http://www.webmd.com/

Caduceus of Hermes
Any blood in a bowel movement should be addressed immediately. Go to your doctor and get evaluated. Your issue needs immediate attention!

David T
It could be something with the prostate or colon. GET CHECKED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to write about you in my obit column.

I'm sorry but I can only suggest spending some time on www.webmd.com and go see your doctor. I'm not sure on how serious it is and I hope it's not. Good luck.

Super Fantastic
yup sounds like you are a victim of the Antarctic Treaty System. get some ice

go to a doctor immediately!
-good luck and hope everything is okay!-

You can have a hemmroid higher up internally that you can't see. I have had this happen. I have had it checked by the doctors and that is what it was. I notice it happens during high stress and poor diet phases. It goes away too. It is scary though isn't it!?

your born then you die
no but you should go to the Dr (and while you going you might wanna wear a pad on you butt incase it starts bleeding)

John P
I suggest that you go to a doctor or walk in clinic as soon as possible and let them examine you. You need to take care of this now!

first of all i would call a doc or see one a.s.a.p.something is not right

duh face
doctor! look it up on a medical website.

maybe something kicked off in your body that did that on you might be highly constipated

You need to go to the doctor now. You could have a colon problem, a bleeding ulcer, or hemmroids. The color of the blood is important, is it bright red or dark red. Go to the ER today. If you have a baby you owe it to them to get it checked out.

french fry

Make an appointment with your doctor. This isn't something that you want to leave untreated.

visit a doctor asap don't waste time

you could have torn the skin around the anus. it'd be like a cut, and it may be inside so you wouldn't notice it, but it takes a longggg time to heal because every time you go #2, it's stretched out and reopened. the thing is though, you don't always see something when you have hemmroids. i would bet that it's hemmroids and you just don't know it.

If you have alot of blood like that when going to the bathroom you might want to go get check out ASAP. It could be something serious.

Mizz Zero
I'm so sorry you're going through this! I wish I knew enough to give you some answers. All I can tell you is that bleeding from that area is very serious. You NEED to see your doctor. Get on webMD or google "blood in stool." There are a lot of answers on there, but only your doctor can know for sure. Good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Creative Rainbow
I dont know what it is but I was consult a doctor asap and make an appointment.



I would definately go to the doctor it sounds serious. Good luck.

Richard T
If it was very bright red, probably a little tear, it will heal by itself. Try to keep it clean (sits baths). If it was darker - you have a problem, see a doctor.

Many diseases and conditions can cause rectal bleeding. Common causes include anal fissures, hemorrhoids, cancers and polyps of the rectum and colon, diverticulosis, abnormal blood vessels (angiodysplasia), ulcerative colitis, ulcerative proctitis, Crohn's colitis, infectious colitis, ischemic colitis, and Meckel's diverticula.

You need to see a physician immediately to assess the position by performing a colonoscopy test. Without proper testing and assesment it is difficult to tell. Pray it should not be coleletral cancer, in which case it will be a difficult proposition. Do not worry and feel shy. Consult your doctor ASAP-

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