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 Could someone tell me what is wrong with my leg?
Periodically my right leg falls asleep,goes numb and I have no control of it when I try to walk. I have had tests done through my family doctor and apparently he says there is nothing wrong and I say ...

 Woke up this morning deaf in one ear, whats the best thing to do?
it happens to me every now and again but takes ages for my hearing to come back, whats the best thing to do?...

 Anyone got any tips on surviving the dreaded winter?

 I suffer from arthritis in my knees neck and back and find it difficult to sleep at night as the pain wakes me
can anyone offer help or advice ...

 I'm always tired and exhausted?
I don't know why I am and I need suggestions of whats wrong with me, I used to only be tired when i was just sitting and i was fine when i was working out but now im like tired all the time...<...

 How do you know if you have an ear infection?
I think I might have one, cus' i have a really bad pain in my ear. If you know what one feels like, then please tell me! Answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks! =]]...

 My stoumack hurts alot and i feel like throwing up what should i do?

 Is Autism just a nice way to say retardation?
When my son started school, the coordinator kept telling me to list me son as retarded instead of autisic. Either way i love him to death Its a question that has bothering me a long time....

 My son has an ingrown toenail. He was given antibiotics. It won't fix the problem. What do I do next?
I took him to the doctor last week. I can't see how a prescription of antibiotics is going to fix the problem. It won't stop his toenail from growing into his skin.
Additional D...

 My step-sister has crushing chest pains?
She said she's been having "crushing" type chest pains like your chest is caving in I assume. What causes this? She says if she has it again she'll go to a doctor.

 What can I do to prevent colds?
I get about three per year, and they tend to last for about a week each. This seems a lot more than most people, and I have just recovered from my annual Autumn term cold. This really gets to me. I ...

 Whats the best way to get candle wax out of a carpet?

 Whats wrong with my ears?
lately it's been harder for me to hear, ever since i had a head cold. im better now and not stuffed up anymore. but i find it harder to hear. it feels like my ears are clogged up (i even cleaned ...

 When did people realize that smoking could kill?

 Is it possible to have young alzheimers?
OMG my memory is shot to hell. I cant remember what I said to some people that took place a few days ago. small details mainly but, damn. its been really bad. im only 27 years old!! wth?! i dont ...

 Do you think smoking should be baned forever ?
its a bad ...

 What does it mean if 14 year old repeatedly chews on batteries?
Can this be sign of a specific mental illness and what health problems can it cause? hould child be taken to doctor?...

 How could a supermarket employ such a person??
I went to Brighton on Saturday and popped into Somerfields to get some booze. As I was queuing there was an employee you was a complete mess. He had black rotton teeth, scabby chapped lips, cuts and ...

 Is it true flies bring disease?

 Would you please pray for my niece?
my niece was born on valentines day c-section and she suffered fractured skull and now she has epilepsy and they are testing her for jundaism or whatever it is. Please i'd appreciate it.ty and G...

This is Urgent!!!!?
I am Sam. What should I do?????? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Sam, I am

What is the question?

you should eat green eggs and ham
you will like them sam i am
you can eat them on a train
you can eat them on a plane.

your no son of mine sam.

nancy l
Be Sam I guess!!!

Green eggs and ham. Try them.

That Sam I am That Sam I am... Would you like Green Eggs and Ham?

i do not like u sam i am...i do not like your SPAM,CLAMS,GREEN HAM,OH WHATEVER!!!!


DJ Fizzy xx
don't worry, I've called the men in white, they should be round to pick you up in 5.........4..........3............2........ here!

We need more information. what should you do about what? Being sam?

Neal J
No your not, Sam I am

Just eat the green eggs and ham, just have them here or there, in a house with a mouse, in a box with a fox, or in a car there they are or can you see in a tree? could you would you in a train?the dark or the rain,with a goat on a boat just try them and you will see you will eat them anywhere so thank you thank you sam i am you were right we like them sam i am

[email protected]
no one gives for ur name, ur prolly jus high or sumthin cuz ur asking questions dat really dont make sense but hey thanks for the 2 points

be sam be happy

† Crusader †
You know, when you asked "This is Urgent", I really taught that it was going to be an interesting question. But I just realised that it is an urgent that you need to be in the hospital, and by the way, you simply just lost 5 points and I won 2 pts!

What should you do....Hmmm....I would go to the shore and relax...Where ya from Sam?

You should see a doctor.


Free & Sassy
Ohh I know, me and my man went to the ocean and we got a starfish named Sam and he is for if we get upset with eachother we have to grab the starfish and make each other laugh so we do not argue! he ehe he how did you know?

idk lol but have fun with being sam.....just make sure to eat ALL of your green eggs and ham....

OMG....how dumb!

GOD helps those who help thermselves.

Umm, what should you do about what exactly?? You really need to specify these things you know.

What fills right to you.

You should stop using that heading unless you have something important to say..

You are not Sam. You are Ellie ;-)

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
Start going by Samantha.

Do not eat green eggs and ham.

Creepy C
Kill yourself moron.

True Blue

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