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real he don't like black ...

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 My 21 yr old son just came in this morning after a 5 day crack binge?
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 If someone has only one x chromosome what disease does she have?

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 My 3 year old sons urine smells very much like ammonia?
has anyone experienced this or know what it might be? he takes in as much fluid as he always has so i dont think he is dehydrated....

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 What is hemophilia the disease?
i need more ...

 What are the chances of a person with Tourette’s passing on the disease to their offspring?

Second hand earrings for pierced ears, are they safe?

Robyn D
I Wouldn't Use Them Myself, But If You Had To, I Would Steralize The Post That Goes Through The Ear Over a Cooker Or Naked Flame.

I'm not sure... but I definitly wouldn't. If you do, get cleanser for Claire's or somewhere and clean them off. They will be better then.

Dave B
ideally use a pressure cooker. If that's good enough to clean surgical gear then it's good enough for yo earrings.

err no that's not a nice idea to me but that's a personal thing

please be very careful,you can pick up lots of infections from these earings.

no way

woould you allow a doctor to inject you with a non sterile needle?

Yes, but make sure they are clean

Lil lady
yes just clean them well. let them sit in alcohol for about 10-20 mins

Clean them real good with rubbing alcohol; they will be safe.

Pink n Wise
Soak overnight in surgical spirit...very cheap from Superdrug. I wouldn't unless I knew where and whom they came from.

I wouldnt wear them, but if you clean them with alcohol they should be OK;

Janice E
Should be ok if you wash with soapy water first and then surgical spirit.

yes as long as you sterilize them

if you sterilise them thoroughly

clean them in surgical spirits first then you'll be ok you can get it from boots

sure, you just put them in cleaning solution or alcohol

Yes but you must sterilise them before you use them.

If they are sterilised yes, either boiling water or sterilising fluid

sure - just wash them with alcohol or peroxide first...

Viv T
You can sterilise them but nevertheless, secondhand earring are not receommended unless they are clip-ons

yes, but you need to sterilise them in boiling water and i use that sterilising fluid that you get to clean baby bottles

Rich goldie
Only if they have been very careful sterilized.
Just get new ones they are not all that much more. Be safe and clean.

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