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SMOKERS;are you pissed off with all this hype about smoking?
my wife and I have been passive smokers since we were born,both sixty yrs old now.Im the only smoker now and I keep it to myself,I mean nobody gets my passive smoke.Mine and similar peoples contribution to the nations taxes are massive compared to none smokers.We are both very healthy,please you jumped up morons,bang your drums at something more needy.There are plenty to chose from.I dont like smoke when Im eating,I DONT like smoke round kids,give it a rest you out there.FOOTNOTE; I still love every one,and because I buy my own,and excluding the odd bout of flu,IVE WORKED EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE FROM BEING 15YRS,building houses for this nation,which I believe we need.GET OFF SMOKERS BACKS.

Smokers should be given a room where they could go to to smoke.They would be like kippers.They do not want that,they want the right to inflict their smoke on non-smokers and claim it as their 'right'.Consider this...if someone enjoyed spitting (for the sake of argument)..so long as they kept their noxious habit away from you ,you would n't mind so much...but if they were to spit in your face...then what would you do?
you 've got a right to smoke...fine, but I have a right NOT TO.(Your second hand smoke included).

ugh... cigarette some is disgusting. i have never smoked and never will... i went on holiday over christmas, we stayed in a hotel... the corridor which or room was on led straight to the reception place, and we were right near the door into there, that corridor stank of cigarette smoke. try walking through that with a nasty cough that makes you sound like you smoke and still breathing... i literally ran straight outside so i could breath it was that bad. people shouldnt be allowed to smoke there... it was really annoying...

Not pissed off...but somewhat concerned about the fascist manner. I'm an ex-puffer, but in those days, wasn't forced to say nay by camp adverts and warnings from governments...it was a choice between Embassy Regal, or girlfriend - who I would have done anything for, and so did it on her birthday nearly 25 years ago (gave up, I mean...). Must admit, did become all snobbish and moronic - even more so, as I didn't chew gum or spend money on patches..just went cold turkey from 15-25 one day to nowt the next...'twas someone who was 76 who gave me a whupping - and he had started smoking whilst in WW2...after North Africa, with him fighting the Italians he told me he had every right to smoke - he wasn't scared of death then..and as sure as hell wasn't scared of it 40 years later.
People now realise smokers are well in the minority now, and are trying their best to scare the living daylights out of them...with law now - whereas some time ago it used to be Pseudo-comical adverts with goo pouring out of ciggy tips. It will be interesting to see what will happen from June onwards...was in Spain not too long ago, and it doesn't seem to have become a hardship, as cafes and the like have made plans to accomodate both parties without as much as a whimper - and yes - if Spaniards felt put out, they would act far more extreme than us...but I fear the UK will become all matronly and may create heat and vex both parties.
You do what we say - or...'.

The Great Escape
I was a smoker for many years but did not smoke inside or in front of others as I had a choice whether to smoke and others have the right to a smoke free environment.

Non smokers are just after a bit of consideration. If you want to stink that's your choice but pls don't force it on others

its just the fact that it kills so may people is why people have a problem, many know people who have died of it and it makes wonder why somebody would purposely do that to themselves. Older people cant be blamed though, ou didnt have all the facts we do now about smoking and lucky people like you who have been fine, are critasized and i do agree it isnt fair.

I agree, let smokers smoke, let obese people eat. Its all the same

If you are happy and keeping your smoke to yourself then good for you. The thing is,not all smokers are as considerate of other peoples health as you are,and its not good to be breathing in second hand smoke when you sit in a pub or restaurant. I hope you have a happy and healthy new year :o)

david f
Doesn't worry me if you smoke. I only object if I have to smell it.
I've had little option but to through life gritting my teeth putting up with other peoples smoke. It's been HORRIBLE.
But I've never felt the need to whinge about it - here or anywhere else.
Now times are changing. Most people don't smoke nowadays and smoking is seen for what it is, and always has been, a filthy antisocial habit. So I'm afraid you're going to have to get used to the idea of smoking out of doors or behind your front door in future.

I am a GP and have a rather unconventional opinion regarding smoking. I hate the smell but that's just me. In Scotland we have now banned smoking in public which is great however I do believe that in a democracy we should all be given the choice of what to do with our life. If you like smoking great as long as you don't force others to endure your smoke. The life that we all lead is very much dependant on those around us when we are young. I was lucky that neither my parents or my friends smoked but had I been exposed to the opportunity to smoke then things might have been very different. I know many doctors and nurses that smoke despite seeing everyday the consequences of smoking. If you want to give up then you should be given support. If you want to smoke then you should be left alone however by the time that you stop it is often too late. My great fear in life is having a stroke and then having to rely on others to wipe my bottom for the rest of my life - it's not the massive heart attack that kills you that is the problem. Thats a problem for your family to have to deal with.

Chinese Proverb: Eat well, exercise regularly - die anyway!

tax on cigs tax on beer tax on road tax if we all give them up would it be a better place to live we are the highest tax pepole tax in the world (england) it's a load of crap ba ba black sheep ..black board and all the rest but i tell you now that they aint no black in the union jack untll they all come over we didnt have a problem and that where 's the government have to get there money back if you work on a building site why should you have to tell them what to do it's a load of b******s good luck in your answers and happy christmas .....ps wear the cross and be proud ..........piss em OFF

Yes I am fed up with them harping on and on, but when the ban comes into effect in the summer,has anyone thought about the loss in revenue smokers contribute and what they are going to slap a tax on next to make up that loss........Breathing!

Susan S
I agree with you. I get tired of people telling me how bad it is for me. I don't walk up to fat people and tell them how bad it is for them. We have to pay higher premiums on insurance.Why don't people overweight it is now the #1 killer.And if they say I wouldn't live as long then I should be able to retire sooner.I have tried to quite several times. I know its not good for me.Its proven that's its an addition,other addicts get help from gov. why can't we. As far as the smell it may stink but people don't have to back away from me from a reaction. when people where their perfumes to strong i will have an allergic reaction eyes swell coughing fit. so lets ban anyone from wearing to much perfume.

here here!!

francis g
im a non smoker but i am afaid local gov't are running amuck banning anything that their contributors want. first smoking, now thwe trans-fat thing, next it'll be diet coke only folks. is it up to local gov t to control our diets and health? hell no!!!

when nonsmokers stop chewing gum and spitting it out on the pavement, when those who drive cars, stop polluting the atmosphere buses and transport in general especially those who use diesel . people who leave tons of rubbish on the streets from takeaway restaurants and the like . People who drink and smell like pubs. People who don't wash and inflict this smelly bodies on all around them. when governments stop killing the world with nuclear fuel . Should I go on . And since I have my own flat and mostly confined my smoking to that when I am out and about I look for a place as far away from people as I can find like to try to be considerate of others and that's more than you can say for the rest of them. nagging will only ensure that I continue to enjoy smoking and if you don't like that tough .

I used nicoderm Cq back in the late 80's to quit & have never gone back.

Couldn't agree more mate, im sick to death of the bleeding hearts whinging on and on about smoking, last time i checked we still have the ability to act according to our own free will. The smoke Nazi's are a pain up the backside, another bunch of whingers that want the whole world run to suit them.

To all you people who whinge about smoking - you'd be whinging a whole lot more if your pay packets are thinner because all smokers quit, the government would have to put between 4 and 6 pence in the pound on income tax to make up the shortfall in revenue.

Still want to ban something because you dont like it?

Jo C
i totally agree with you. what right has anyone got to tell you what to do with your own body i smoke but i wouldn't say I'm ignorant with it i smoke in one place in my own home my house doesn't stink of smoke i don't smoke if I'm at someones house who doesn't smoke i go outside when I'm at a restaurant so whats the problem i put up with loads of things i don't like but the government don't ban them people need to worry more about the state the country is in more than people having a few ciggies. sorry for the bad punctuation i went on a rant lol

lewis l
if people dont like smokeing and someone is someking near them they should bugger off its there problem

Frank G
Um were not criticizing you personally, we are criticizing the effect smoking has on the body. If you want to smoke go right ahead, you sound like a great bloke!

country girl 006
I agree with you 100%. In my state of Texas, they just passed a new bill and it has added a $1 tax increase per pack of cigarettes. To me, this is absolutely ridiculous. Why not add a tax on to a can of beer? To me, any type of alcohol is far more dangerous to society than smoke. Get behind the wheel of a car after you have smoked a cigarette and what happens? Get behind the wheel of a car after you have drank beer or any type of alcohol and what happens? Seems to me the answer is obvious concerning which is more dangerous! I do not smoke in my house, around my children or in any bar, restaurant, or public place. I respect other peoples feeling's. Before long, they will tell us we are not allowed to smoke freely on our own property. How about telling us we can't drink alcoholic beverages on our property! To me, that kills more often than smoke does! I am tired of being put down for smoking! It is not any more harmful than alcoholic beverages or prescription narcotics. Get over it!

Being a smoker myself and being made to feel more allienated doesn't help either, i'm always discrete when I smoke - I WILL GIVE UP WHEN I'M READY, NAGGING US SMOKERS STOPS US FROM GETTING THERE - so put that in your pipe and smoke it (pun intended)

Matt M
You sounds like a nice bloke I would invite you up to Ohio but they recently banned smoking in all restaurants and many other places

Well said that man..........!............god helps us from june onwards....it isn`t going to stop there!

well said mate!!!!

tell it how it is!!

i quite agree, i recently went into hospital, a couple of years ago u could smoke in the hospital, then u could only smoke outside and when i went into hospital this time, i was told that i had to go and smoke out of the grounds next to the main road !! who the hell am i hurtin smokin 'inside; the grounds, now i hear that from next year some time that the government are going to restrict ppl from smokin outside.... full stop !!! how f***in stupid is that, next they will be tellin us to pay for the fresh air we breath.

cant understand it really because the amount of tax they get from ppl like us is huge, u would think they would promote smokin lol

happy new year anyway

I am no longer a smoker but i have smoked in the past for about 10 years. One day at work a lady came up to me while i was on break and started preaching to me about what smoke does to your body and others bodies. I just wanted to kick her.. lol but i told her to back off im on break and she doesnt need to be so close to me it is her fault she was breathing my fumes ....i was very secluded away from everyone. The lady turned out to be the guest at the hotel i was working at. i just dont get it. it was none of her business. it still pisses me off till this day.... i have not smoked in 2 years

If you are as considerate of a smoker as you say you are...then I like many others appreciate it. But, let me ask you a question....please clarify this for me...

"How are yours and similar peoples contribution to the nations taxes massive compared to non-smokers?"

Taxes are based soley on income...not on smoker/non smoker status...unless you are talking about the excise tax on a pack of smokes...then its really your own fault that you are paying more in taxes on products...because as you plainly point out it is your choice and you choose to smoke. Can you clarify this for me...Thanks and Happy New Year.

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