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Please, how do I clear out my clogged ear?
My right ear has been clogged and painful for the past 3 days now. I've been "popping" my ear with my finger and it does nothing but increase the pressure. I need some good advice because it is literally driving me insane to the point where I am beating on walls and throwing things.

Go to the pharmacy and buy those ear cleaning kits. I've never personally used them but they're pretty enticing. I think they just empty your ears of all the stuff that's built up over the years.

ear dropps. cue tips, leaning left or right to drain them or take your hand and try to pop your ear in a way that the vibration gets it out

try cue tips

Tina the cat lover
Well did you use q tips. I am not sure about this peroxide? Call your Family Doctor you might want to be seen by them . Hope all gets better......

Get a cotton ball and soak it in Hydrogen Peroxide from Walgreens (it's cheap). Lay on your side, and squeeze the liquid from the cotton ball into the opening in yor ear. You will feel the bubbles, and it may tickle - possibly a lot. Leave the Hydrogen Peroxide in for 10 minutes, put a dry cotton ball at your ear, sit up and let the peroxide drain into the dry cotton ball. Use a q-tip on the exterior o f your ear to clean any excess wax. Do this on both sides. You can repeat if necessary.

Don't mess with your hearing - go to the doctor.

try taking a dab of castor Oil on your finger and gently put in your ear...you can massge it in as well. I do this at night and by morning the pain and clogging is gone

F. Perdurabo
Just see a doctor! If you have an ear infection it is going to get worse until the pain is unbearable.


hold you nose and blow it should clear them right up if not go to the doctor

JustMy Opinion
I had this problem after I dove into a pool. I went to the doc and he charged me $60 to take a syringe thing and flush out my ear with warm water.... it cleared the prob right up!! Maybe only a doc can do it right, i dunno. I forget if my head was down or up...i think down so it came out. GL

Peroxide! But only do it once in a while. I pour a cap full in my ears (with my head laying on a pillow) and let it bubble till it gets warm, then tilt to the side and let the peroxide run out. It feels so good.

[email protected]
Half Peroxide, half water. 5 dops

I used Hydrogen Peroxide for similar pains, and it worked amazingly well. If that doesn't help, I'd recommend going to the doctor - because you don't want that **** going on longer than it has to!

um, i have a bad case of wax blockage and the ONLY thing that helps is to get my ears flushed. after that, its safe to use peroxide. by putting ur finger in there, you're making the problem worse

What the doctor would do is to irrigate the ear canal with a squirt of warm water. That would be applied with something that will force the water in, but not too hard.

If you want to try that, mix some warm water with a little peroxide to make it neutral. Your goal should be to warm the wax and flush it out.

You should not attempt to dig into your ear with any device as that will only pack the was more and will require a visit to a doctor.

what clogged your ear? in a bathroom, pour some handful of water on your right ear making your head in a horizontal position (your right ear facing upward). after you pour some water, you will feel that its coming inside.. if that happens quickly turn your head on opposite position making the water drained with the rest of "things" that clogged your ear..

It's probably a buildup of wax near the ear drum. You need to see a doctor to deal with it; even if I'm wrong, see a doctor. Your ears are involved in much more than hearing--they're involved in balance. An infection in the Ear-Nose-Throat area can become a horrendous problem.

I did the same thing you did before I went to the doctor and found out I had an inner ear infection, which is something you might have. Have it checked out and if it is that problem, Antibiotics will help clear it up.

glenn t
If it is serious enough to be painful and lasts for number of days see your GP. Ear damage is very easy to occur if you are digging around in it. Puncturing ear drum, infection etc.
He will give you directions. Can lead to further complications regarding your hearing etc. Do the safe thing and make an appt.

Lay on your left side and have someone help you put a
eyedropper full of peroxide slowly in your ear. It will sound
like it is bubbling but that will tell you that it is cleaning out
any infection that you may have . Once you no longer hear
it bubbling you know that it will be done. It takes about 5
minutes or so. It shouldn't hurt you but it does sound a
little funny. My husband does this when his allergies start
to act up. Hope it helps, or just when his ears feel clogged.

try laying down on your side with the ear that hurts facing up towards the ceiling and have someone pour Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear that hurts for you, and leave it there for at least 10minutes (still laying with your ear facing towards the ceiling) then turn your hurt ear toward the ground and hold a napkin up to it so the remaining Hydrogen Peroxide drains out......... this should clear your ear (theres probably a hunk of wax in it thats bothering you and the Hydrogen Peroxide should clear it) if its not a hunk of wax it could be that your ear drum is about to pop.......which is really bad and will hurt........my little sisters ear hurt terribly for a couple of days until it popped.........i hope the Hydrogen Peroxide works for you and your ear doesn't pop! if nothing works than go to the doctor ASAP.....Good Luck!

8 Track Mind
use hydrogen peroxide

Go to a doctor. My husband had the same problem in boot camp (they didn't allow Q-tips, lol,) so he asked them to clean out his ears......

They squirted his ears with some solution of some sort, told him to lay down, and after a few minutes they drained it (he stood up.)

I'm not sure what else to do, when we drive I tell my children to chew bubble gum but your problem seems more beyond that solution.

danny boy
its prob. water if you went swinming hold your nose ,close your mouth and blow you should feel whatevers in there or the tension realease a lil then jump up and down with your head tilted to the side you feel the pain in
works for me lol

Megan B
If it's just dirty or waxy, Hydrogen Peroxide will help but if you have an infection, usually caused by water trapped in your ear, you need ear Drops. This is commonly refered to as 'Swimmer's Ear' and is easily cured with prescription drops, sometimes an over-the-counter drop will work as well. I used to get Swimmer's Ear all the time and used a drop of Isopropyl Alcohol once a day to dry out my ear and it always worked, usually takes about 4 days to clear up. However, this method IS NOT SUGGESTED BY DOCTORS.

Don't use cue tips, they wont help, wash it out w/ a wash cloth and water and mayb some soap. Dont stick your fingers in your ears.

Try taking a deep breath of air. While pinching your nose and keeping your lips tight, blow strongly but steadily against your puffed cheeks. You should feel the pressure change in your ears . Continue blowing and your ears should be cleared.

You can also try swallowing repeatedly, chewing gum, or stretching your jaw by "yawning."
Try to take deep breaths and relax by keeping calm and massaging your muscles, especially the ones around your ears and neck.
Take a hot, steamy shower. The heat from the steam should ease the pressure in your ears and relax your muscles.

If your ears are still clogged, try taking an antihistamine, which should help relieve the pressure as well as help prevent clogged ears in the future.

Answer Fairy
You could pour a tiny bit of Hydrogen Peroxide or rubbing alcohol in it. Tilt your head so the painful ear is towards the ceiling, pour in a few drops and let it sit inside your ear canal for 30 seconds. Then, just tilt your head the other way and let it run out.

You didn't say how it got clogged. Swimming? Shower? Ear infection? You can buy this stuff at the pharmacy that is specifically for swimmers ear... It's basically diluted alcohol, though. Try the alcohol thing, then don't get it wet. Stick a cottonball in it when you take a shower. Also, you can warm up a tiny bit of extra virgin olive oil (3 seconds in the microwave) take a Q-Tip and GENTLYswab the inside of the ear with the slightly warm oil. I don't know why, but it really sooths an earache. Also. hold a hot (or freezing cold, depending on what feels best to you) cloth to the side of your neck below your ear... That helps it feel better too.

I get very bad earaches too. I went to the doctor and she told me to mix, 1 teaspoon vinegar & 1 teaspoon alcohol together. The alcohol is for used to dry out the water in your ear, and the vinegar is for balancing out your ph balance. It works great and is a easy cheap fix.

Place your head on a pillow with the affected ear facing up. Instill 4 or 5 drops of Liquid Plumber into the ear canal and wait 10 minutes. The clog will be gone. It handles grease clogs as well as stubborn hair clogs.

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