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My two children and i have just had our eyes tested and we all need glasses.are we being ripped off?
my daughter,s teacher recomended she have an eye test so my older daughter and i went and hed tests too .it turns out we all need glasses.should i be suspicious?

hi.sorry to say that it might be an hereditary thing.id advise to go somewhere else to get second opinion just in case.

I would be, go to a different person and see what happens before you get the glasses.

If you have optical insurance, absolutely be suspicious. Take your children to a different doctor and do NOT tell them about your insurance and see what happens. It's worth paying the office visit out of pocket rather than get glasses that may damage their eyes in the future. I had dental insurance and tried this when I suspected my dentist was seeing problems that were not there. A tooth that he recommended a root canal was fixed in twenty minutes with a standard filling. Again, if your doctor knows you have insurance, BEWARE!

Most insurance companies offer a 2nd opinion........also, did you go to an Optometrist or Opthalmologist? If you went to an Optometrist, you might consider going to an Opthalmologist for a 2nd opinion. To save money, have the child you DON"T think has a vision problem to go first, and then you will know if you're being ripped off....If that child indeed has a problem, then schedule an appointment for the child with the vision problem and yourself for another day.......But since a lot of time vision problems run in families, you all could indeed have a problem!

If you went to a pearl vision or walmart eye place- then yes see a real doctor. I had a girlfriend who had MS for years and didn't know because she was going to a pearl vision and just seeing a tech.

If you are going to a good doctors office- chance are you could need glasses. This happen to my mother, my eyes were bad and it ended up all 3 of us kids and her need glasses. A lot of adults need glasses and don't even realize it because they have adapted to not having them. In my mother's case her family was too cheap to take her to the eye doctors so she didn't have glasses or realize her vision wasn't a hundred percent. Only thing is as an adult- she really doesn't need glasses because she as force herself to adjust and the glasses now bother her.

If you are seeing a good doctor who has other eye doctors in that office- ask for a second opionon and swear you have 20/20 vision. They will think your a pain and a nut job but they will look at you again for free. I did this when they tried to change my prescription and I didn't want to... it worked the other doctors said I could stay with my older glasses and upgrade later.

Sharon D
Hi I would be suspicious too. is this optician the 1st one you have gone to? if so shop around i have 4 opticians in my town and i have gone to them all at one time or another when i was wearing glasses, some have told me i need new ones (then given me the wrong prescription), others have said i do not need them and told me to stop wearing them (everything fuzzy so obviously i do need them) shop around and find one you trust, i find the the big names specsavers, optical express are really only interested in your money try a smaller more family orientated one (one that has been in the same area for a couple of years) and see how you get on.

did you see what he was asking. if you had a hard time then you need glasses. You do not havr to buy them from him.

[email protected]
it depends, can u see all and read all without glasses? if the answer is Yes. well Yes ur ripped off. .

Nolan due 12/25
If you feel something is up then get them retested.

Go get a 2nd opinion. Bad eyes do run in the family. With yourself, do you think you need glasses? Do you get frequent headaches? Do you notice yourself squinting at the tv or when reading something? Have you noticed any of these symptoms in your kids? I think the best solution is to go to another doctor and get rechecked out if you're suspicious.

Mrs. Leopold Stotch
Try a diffrent eye doctor

did u have trouble seeing the different letters, if you did then you need glasses, if you are really unsure try at walmart's eye place the have free exams some times

Evil J.Twin
Yes you should be suspicious and get a second opinion. Maybe each of you go seperately, to 3 different opticians if you can. That way they won't go "oh look 3 people who we can get money from". Any good place will do their best NOT to prescribe glasses especially for children.

Yeah, you should be suspicious about them saying yall all need glasses. A few years ago i went to get a check up on my eyes, and i guess they were testing my eyes with the letter thing. Well, i saw them fine, i only missed one character, i said o instead of 0. They than said i needed glasses, but that was just ummm, not right. Since, i would see very well. I tried out the glasses, they were just making things look bad. I ended up getting the glasses, they were useless pretty much. Right now, for using the computer so many hours a day, i now use those glasses at times. Yep...so be suspicious.

If you are suspicious then you should get a 2nd or maybe even 3rd opinion.

First off....depends on whether you are nearsited or farsited. Farsited means you can see things clearly that are farther away from you. I.E. traffic signs, billboards, signal lights. Nearsited means you see things clearly that are close to you for instance, you can easily read a book. If you or your children have any problems in these areas you may need them.

ღஐ Queen B ஐღ
Depends on how your eyes are without glasses....if you can see just fine, dont get them...but if they make it better, then get them. A eye doctor isnt going to tell you to get glasses when you dont need them

shared pc
Although eye problems can be hereditary (I eventually had the same problems as my father and my brother), all three at the SAME TIME does make you suspicious. I recommend you get a second opinion and try to take each child separately.

If you genuinely think it might be a scam, you could always get a second opinion. It would be unethical for a doctor of any kind to incorrectly diagnosis you with a condition just to make money. Also, if you find that you do need glasses, you don't necessarily have to buy them from the doctor's office. You can request your glasses prescription and take it elsewhere to get your glasses.

when your mind first asked the question you should see that as a reason to get another opinion learn to go with that timing maybe easier for you.

I do not think you are ripped off. It is usual for a family to need glasses.

sometimes others need glasses, but are not in an environment where they are needed as often, so they don't realize they need glasses. This could be your case. On the other hand, you could be getting ripped off, I would get a second opinion

I would get other opinion from other doctors.

Chelsea C
if you can see and operate fine without glasses, dont get them. if it gets to the point where you're having trouble, or it's just bothering you, get the glasses

Chris M
I'd probably be suspicious too... BUT... I have worked glasses for a long long time... I knew when I was 12 years old that I needed them. I could not see the blackboard at school and could not see things at a distance. Both of my children ended up wearing glasses. We all have to wear them all the time. So I guess what I am saying is that you probably know if YOUR eyes are bad. With children it might be a little harder depending on their ages. Do they have trouble seeing the TV at a distance or reading? Do they have headaches a lot after being at school all day or reading a lot. There are several signs to watch for. (I like to have never convinced my parents that I needed glasses. They thought that I just wanted them 'cause some of my friends had just gotten them. 2 years later when I got them, I was blind as a bat!)...
You'll have to use your best judgement.

You don't need to buy your glasses from where you were tested. Just get the prescriptions and go elsewhere. You can buy glasses for under twenty dollars online. That is where I buy mine and they are just as good as the ones the opticians sell for over a hundred.

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