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My son has an ingrown toenail. He was given antibiotics. It won't fix the problem. What do I do next?
I took him to the doctor last week. I can't see how a prescription of antibiotics is going to fix the problem. It won't stop his toenail from growing into his skin.
Additional Details
The doctor told me he was too young to have his nail removed. I think that's rubbish! He's 7 and a half.

kent r
use less products for once the doctor isnt always right.

see a podiatrist (foot doctor) as opposed to a general practitioner

at the end of his toenail cut a V shape in the centre. my mom always told me to do this and it always seemed to help. it's supposed to make the toe nail start to grow inwards to close up the V.

also, my mom used to soak a piece of bread in hot water and let it cool down, then she's put it on our toe and wrap it on the infected area. it's supposed to help get rid of the infection. sounds weird eh? but i never died from it and my ingrown toenails always went away! ;)

Sammy G
Well i've had an ingrown toenail three times...the same one all three times. first two times i went into the hospital...and they just cut a section out that was meant to grow back again, i can't say that worked very well. however the podiatrist was excellent! mine permanently removed a portion of my nail, so it still looks normal but i've had no problems since! you could also try putting peroxide on the infected area, i found that helped mine a bit...and was also recommended by the doctor, so it's safe :) hope that helps!

ric from nj
I would cut nail on the side that hurts.

Also look into the fit of his shoes. You might need a pair with more room on the sides.

daryl c
go to the doctors and have them remove it , they give you a local in the toe and take it out. i was told by a doctor to cut a small v in the top of my toe nail this makes them grow in not out . i have done this for a number of years and have not had a ingrown toe nail since.

the Dr may be thinking of the trauma you son may go through,both my sons have had this procedure,one had it done in hospital the other had it done in the surgery.both went through a fair amount of pain recovering.but then the Dr should be thinking of the pain your son suffers with the ingrown nail,i know my sons had a hard time just wearing shoes.seek another opinion.

This will help to answer your question, just click on it.


I didn't know about the age limitations because my son did have
both his great toenails surgically removed because of the painful
ingrown nails.....

AT first it was a conservative treatment of antibiotics so I thought
but later found out it was to get rid of the infection surrounding the
toe before the procedure.....

by the way my son was l5 years old...good luck

cut it back,out the skin

friendly face
My GP removed my two big toenails one at a time about a fortnight apart. They take about 12 months to grow back but I haven't suffered since. They are removed with a local anaesthetic.

Monkey brains
I HAD THIS AND MINE WAS PAIN FULL go to the doctor fast and try to get surgery to fix it trust me if you don't have it you might need it amputated.

i was given antibiotics and it didn't do anything! go to a specialist in podiatrists.


mine grew in due to the antibiotics and they just need to have a 20 min sygery and then the problem is done (may need to take a few days off his or hers feet because it may be unconftable to walk on it.

Its aim is to kill any bacterial infection present. But if you cant cut it out, another trip to the Docs will be required where they can cut it for him.

Steve B
You may need to get the nail cut away from the toe down the problem side/s. After this has been done you can control the nails without the need to go cutting them out. Both of my big toenails are ingrown and i control them by using sandpaper to sand the top of the nail. This relieves the pressure on the side of the nails. When the toenail has grown out again I simply just sand it back again. I have had minimal issues with mine.

Neil L
The doctor needs to trim the nail.... call his office.

Podiatrist. He will surgically remove the ingrown portion of the toenail. It's great fun. Especially getting the shots between your toes.

Hi deeceejay

My wife had the same problem. She was never told the toenails would grow back. At least not normal

The only real solution to your problem is to have the toenail removed. If you don’t remove it completely, it will keep coming back. If your doctor says your son is too young for this kind of operation, he may be right.

My recommendation is this. Get some second opinions. Find other doctors that will answer your questions about this subject. If they all give the same answer, then maybe your family doctor is being honest with you. At least you’ll be giving your doctor the benefit of the doubt.

If they all say it is okay to get the operation, then I’d be thinking about changing doctors.

Good luck

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