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My son and meth?
I have been dealing with a meth addict son for almost 8 years now. it consumes my life. his teeth are rotten and black. the teeth problem alone is enough to kill him. how do i not let this effect me daily? i am now raising his two kids..It kills me that he does this, i have tried everything...

Take him 2 a doctor

Chicken 123 kick me
Ok Im 12 And All But Whatever . As Hard As It Was My Mom Turned My Bro Into The Police And That Straitend Him Out

Electronics Expert
family therapy????

Call the cops. he is your son, but it will make him stop.

Zelda Fitzgerald
He has to hit some kind of "rock bottom". So call the cops, call a lwayer, do something to save his life and your own. Right now, and for the last 8 years, he hasn't been his actual self: he's just been an addict.

Get him help. Good luck

he either wants help or he will die, if he doesn't want help then there is nothing that you can do for him.

intervene and be harsh if needed.......from your post, hes already heavy into it.......meth mouth can kill you.....in these times, only a mom can help.....don let him wither away even if he wants to.....

Salaam Alaykum,
I saw my husband in Finland disintegrate before my eyes. We met in Florida and he is from a wealthy family...his mom lived in Florida and that was to get him off meth...it wasn't available in South Florida..like western cities like LA.
Anyway I moved with him to Finland and thats when I saw
him change into a monster from the kindly peaceful man I married. I don't want to sell you a pipe dream. The only way
I have seen a possible recovery as this drug is so extremely addictive is a lengthy at least a year in prison. It gives their brain a chance to recover. Consider moving to a state where Meth has not a phenomen drug yet...sadly there are few left. Best Wishes and Good Luck...

How old is your son? You may just have to let him go and take care of your children. He has chosen the lifestyle and as long as you have told him you will be there for him if he needs you - let him go. You cant help someone if they arent open to accepting the help.

Take care of yourself

take him to rehab! or kick him out the house but keep the kids. it might make him realize his problem if not sorry to say but he might be so addicted that he has no more feeling

sorry and good luck

Beau M
Sit down with him, and tell him to get his act together. If he gets all frustrated, and ignores you, tell him where do you think your life is going. Don't raise your voice, and for sure seek professional help. Or call a meths addict hot-line - 1.800.480.5965 - you need to have your son seek help, or you won't have one, his lifestyle will kill him. I am sure it would make you feel terrible to leave his kids, and that is where he knows you will keep caring for them, and that you won't leave. You could call child services, and take the kids with you and leave him, but that would also make you feel bad. Try not to threaten him, since he knows you will stay with him, for his kids. But you need to talk to him, get professional help, and you need to ask him, what is going to happen to his life. You need to make him realize that he will die. Bring up his kids in the conversation. But seek professional help! 1.800.480.5965

He must realize by now that this is an issue with you, so I'd tell him to seek help and quit or cut him off. You've dealt with enough stress.

I agree w/ Phoenix; he needs to be arrested and rehabilitated. If you can't take it anymore, call the authorities. You can't manage this problem any more. Plus, he shouldn't be around the kids in his condition. Bless your heart, I'm sorry you're going through this. My prayers go out to you and your family.

My heart goes out to you and your grandchildren. Has he been in treatment? That's the first step and I know he most likely refuses help. You don't say how old your son is. Since he probably refuses help, then all you can do is take care yourself and those children. Please contact Al-Anon immediately. Call them on the phone. Go to meetings. Get support to help you get through this. They will help you learn how to deal with it, but you have a lot of hard work ahead of you (emotionally). If you can afford other help, that's great! Al-Anon has no cost except to rid you of the misery.. Set yourself free of your son. He's made his choices and now you have to make your choices. You have to become very educated. It's your main weapon to fight this. I pray for you and your son and grandchildren. I truly hope you find the strength you need to get through this and help those children to grow up strong and clear-headed.

Mr. Bugsme
He needs to get help. Until he's willing to get off the junk, it's going to eat him alive. Meth is the worst thing ever (I think maybe even worse than crack). I'm sure you've suggested counseling/treatment to him already, but maybe give it another shot.

rabble rouser
I'm so sorry... I know how hard it is.

I myself am a recovering addict (4.5 years clean) and I can tell you that the one part that still sorrows me to this day is the disappointment I triggered on my family.

The 12 step programs work wonderfully for someone who wants to get better and thinks that they can.

You may have to express some tough love and cut him off socially and financially.... it will hurt you and help him.

You could also consider going to an Alanon meeting and getting some literature (it's for family members of addicts and alcoholics).

I'm with you - I hope everything gets better for him and you and your family.

But one thing is important to remember - you are not at fault for his choices... you have no control over him. You only have control over your own actions.

I agree with getting him arrested and not letting him know it was you. He needs a MAJOR realitity check. I give you credit for taking care of his 2 kids, but seriously, they cant grow up with a father like that. Have you talked to him about it? Going into rehab? Telling him this is hurting YOU and his children? This is a very hard habit to kick, they have meth clinics to wean you offf meth, but he really needs to want this.

Talk to him find some way to break it to him that its dangerous and don't let anyone make your life miserable just don't worry it is his problem

Get him on Intervention

Josie A
take him to a doctor and theripist maybe you might need to go to a theripist too so you can be more calm and happy


Contact the A&E show intervention, they have professionals to help.

sometimes the only way for them to grow up is to NOT taking care of them

it seems that he knows you are there for him no matter what, so it's time to step down and tell him "it's your life live it"

you deserve to live YOUR life happily

even though he is your son, the fact that he has two kids show that he at least thinks he is grown up enough to be someone's daddy, then he better start acting like one

and seriously

kick him out ofyour house and do NOT take care of him

it's time he takes care of himself

omg i really do not know what to say to that....maybe get him some help...this must be hard for u ... i really an srry

Phil M
Well, you wont like the answers but here goes it. Call CPS, and get custody.

Tell your son he can go to rehab or you're going to call the cops. Give him a couple hours to make up his mind.


Its gotta be hard for you but in a real world with real problems are drugs are one of the problems ..First suggestion would be find out wheres hes getting it from and report the dealer or dealers ..that might stop him from being able to buy it ..do some invesgation of your own read up on it theres are tons of online refences just type it in the search browser and hit search ...third talk to family doctor about admiting him into a rehab if he has a serious addiction you being mother are aloud to admit him without his concent the only thing is how long will they hold him there for ..i hope you find the answers your looking for and good luck and happy hoildays ...

Phoenix Princess of Darkness
Get him arrested.

Meth is not something easily acquired in prison.

I'm not kidding.

wow Mia.
I'm very sorry.

Turn your focus to his children. Do the best you can with them. Your son may be lost.
Your son needs professional help, way more than you can provide, and he cannot receive help until he faces his problem and seeks help voluntarily.
I wish you strength in this.

thts not good

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