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My daughter breath smells like marijuana.?
Recently I noticed that my 4 year-old daughter breath smells like she smoked marijuana.
We never used this at home (or any kind of illegal staff), so there is no chance she was around it.
Is this any medical condition with this kind of sign?
Thanks in advance,
the Worried Dad.

Free & Sassy
hmmm.. that is wierd i would definatly get that looked at!

serena emory; {22}
I'm just a 13 year old, but I did want to say, don't be worried and good luck with everything.

How do you know what marijuana smells like??

i would defantely get this checked out with a doctor, only he/she can tell you what is wrong

I am sorry i don't know what it might be a sign of but if i were you i would take to the doctors if he can't find anything i would take her to the dentist.

Sorry i can't be of anymore help.

Tune Your Damn Zune
Her friends probably do it.

milifis frikngret
its a four year old they eat anythingthey can find i ate a junebug when i was three so what ever they see they will eat its probably just a combination of things she has been munching on from around the house shouldnt be anything to worry about unless she recently was at a babysitter

maybe shes getting her stuff from school and then tokin up in the bathroom

Army Gal
Wow. Can she get tested for drug use? Not like she's using, but more like has it in her system? If you know for sure, it will be easier to solve.

Dad try this play a game. hey girlfriend you smell really good what you been eating ??? Dad wants to get you some more ..
It's called child sociology .. If this is unsuccessful talk to some of her friends .. You should be able to get over on them .. They are only 4 years old ...

Really weird. If you've never been around it, and do not know what it smells like. The only alternative is to have her arrested under suspicion. And If you are sending her to pre school. Have it raided bt A.T.F. agents and have every one of those free spirited kiddies busted before it spreads to kindergarten. You have to be vigilant and nip things like this in the BUD. (;-}

I change my name72
Maybe she gotten for a friends mom or dad.If she did not then you might have to take her to the dentist she might have a absented.

Bored Enough To Be Here
breath smell can in fact be a symptom (for example, a diabetic attack can cause sweet fruity breath), but i don't know what a marijuana smell would mean. i'd find another way to describe it and talk to her dr.

well if i were you, i wouldnt think that she smoked marijuana. maybe it was something you fed her. or maybe check up on her.

contact a doctor and he should know what the issue is.

I suggest you consult with her pediatrician and have her breath checked. This could be an indication of some abnormal metabolic process going on with her. Best to consult a professional.

probably just a councidence.. yeah i cant spell that.
i think my boyfriends breath smells like baked beans.
which i hate btw.

no need to worry ...its all good... she is not old enough to smoke...make sure to check the day care she goes to ..or the nanny who looks after her...

also the other kids you may have....good luck...I really hope/believe she is safe...

No, are you sure it is not you that you are smelling?

how old are you?????????!!!!

i hope it's nothing serious anyways i think it's better to go and check(to the doctor) again i hope it's nothing bad bye bye

lol...poor kid. take her to the dentist or the orthidontist...

My husband doesn't smoke and he comes home form work smelling like it once in a while (he runs a deli, so I know its the food really). And I know for a fact he doesn't smoke, cuz I used to when we first met, so if he did we would have together. But, how often does your daughter brush her teeth? What kind of foods is she eating? This may play a factor in it.

It could be the food she is eating.

St♥rmy Skye
dental problems?

Ms. Angel..
how do you know what marijuana smell like?(just kidding)
Take her to her pedriatic doctor. They can test her blood and find out what it is.

Good luck,

She may be suffering from a simple case of halitosis or even gingivitis.

Has she ever been to a dentist yet? If not, you should find a good pediatric dentist and get her lil teeth checked out and address the problem with him, I'm sure they'll be able to help you out!

Good luck!

it could be something to do with her stomach, get it checked out as soon as possible

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