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 My step-sister has crushing chest pains?
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 Whats wrong with my ears?
lately it's been harder for me to hear, ever since i had a head cold. im better now and not stuffed up anymore. but i find it harder to hear. it feels like my ears are clogged up (i even cleaned ...

Ive got a pea sized lump behind my right ear?
its not sore to touch but is giving me pain down my neck

you might be run down and need a course of multivitamins go to the doctor to get it checked

I dont know but it doesn't sound good....

That's a lymph node, so don't worry, maybe your body is having an inflammation somewhere that the lymph node became bigger and hurt. But you may need to ask your doctor as soon as possible.


Aramide J
go see a doctor asap...my cousin had something like that..and now shes like a bit deaf!!!!it affected the nerves there or something!!

susie q
My brother had this. Go see a doctor. They can fix it fast. Don't wait or it WILL get painful.

avril h
i would get rid of him

paul FBG
Your health is paramount.Go to see a doctor.Don`t leave it and do nothing.
It could be simple and straight forward (earpiece off your ipod
under the skin) or something more serious...Don`t delay ...make that call....but quickly.
Hope your worst fears do NOT materialise.
Sometimes you need to have somebody on your side !
I am. Best of luck !!!

Scott K
The chances are that it's an ingrown hair that's become a cyst. Go to the doctor and have him lance and remove it.

It may be serious, but I am not a doctor. You should get it checked out by a professional. My only guess would be a boil, which means that you should wash you hands more often.

my friend had one ... he got it removed..

visit otolaryngologist

It is probably a blind pimple or small cyst. they are common in that area. your doctor can lance and drain it.

C. M.
this is called at atlas... i know it sounds like a map. .go to your local chiropractor. he'll put your neck back in place. i have the same issue all the time... good luck.. also .. .do some arm stretching exercises and STOP poppin your neck...

Could be a cyst. Best to have your doctor check it out.

Noone i
It sounds like a cyst or a mole gone awry. Best to have it checked, whatever you do, do not put your left hand in an electrical socket while you dip your right hand in a toilet and recite Froggy Went a Courtin...it could be bad!

u either have a swollen gland or a pulled muscle lol

Shelly M
Hm, it could just be a bump from scratching it against something, but i'd advise you go to the doctor and get it checked out, just in case. Even if it's nothing major, i'm sure your doctor can give you some medicine to stop the pain and make it go away.

i have one of those too! go see a doctor, dude.

[email protected]
Okay I will never understand why anyone would go on the net for medical advice. GO TO THE DOCTOR!

If the question is "What should I do?" DUH!! Get to a doctor asap.

MK <><
you need to see a doctor my friend as it might become an abscess later...

lymph noide if it gets any bigger or sore see a doctor.

I had that and went to the doctor because it became infected. Its not anything serious, but you should have it checked out because of the pain.

If it is behind the ear lobe then it is just a swollen gland! Should go down in a few days, if not see a doctor!!

I'm a nurse, see a doctor.

A cyst?

1.We all have lymph glands behind our ears. The fact that it is swollen could mean that your body is trying to fight off an infection. (cold virus?)
2. It could be a blocked sweat gland or oil gland.
3. If it is bothering you a few days from now make a doctors appointment, but it will probably be gone in a few days.

first of all...DO NOT PANIC! it's most likely a cyst or a plugged hair follicle. go to the doctor and have it checked out. please dont try to diagnose with a site on the web. you will only freak yourself out. go in tomorrow and get it checked. good luck! im sure you will be fine.

what's the question?

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