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Is there any way to stop eyesight from getting progressively worse?
It seems that every year, my eyesight gets progressively worse. Are there any proven methods to stop this or even improve eyesight?

KaBoOm said thy monkay
I had the same problem a few years ago. I was almost legally blind. One option (if your over 18) is lasik eye surgery (where they remove the top layer of your eye). I always thought this sounded gruesome, and never tried it. I hear you don't feel a thing and your eye sight is very clear without contacts or glasses afterwords. Many people swear by it, so you may want to try that.
What I did was use this kit: Natural Vision Improvement Kit made by Meir Schneider, Ph.D, LMT. It's a great natural way to improve vision if you stick to it. It took me a couple of years to get the hang of practicing his methods everday, and then another couple of years for it to work fully, and I often still do his practices. The kit contains a few cards that explain the procedures and have photos of them, plus a small but helpful book explaining what vision is and why we lose it among other things. This kit was relatively cheap, and I bought it at my local Wild Oats. You can purchase it: http://www.amazon.com/o/ASIN/1591792568/105-0544794-3804425?SubscriptionId=10YYZWRFWPWEVBCTR502
This worked well for me, but I'm sure it is all depending on our own eyesight for how well it affects you.
Also, eating a healthy diet contributes to your eyesight, as does reading in good light and not staring a computer screen all day long. But I did those last two things for atleast 5 years beforehand, and not doing them will help prevent it but will not heal the damage it did to my eyes.
Good luck!

The best thing to do is to check your optician. The digression in your eyesight can be related to high sugar levels, driving at nights, extensive computer use etc. So the best thing to do is to visit your doctor. if you do not, it could result in headaches and other serious problems. Hope you can read this.

I think that when ever my eyesight gets worse it is from doing things in my glasses or contacts that I'm not supposed to so if you are near sided try not wearing your glasses or contacts for things close up and vise-versa for far sidedness. For completely fixing your eyesight I reccommend getting Lasik eye surgery to get your eyes fixed completely.

Wear your prescription glasses faithfully
Don't read in dim light or in dark places or in moving cars
Eat carrots and squash or any food rich in Vit A
I don't know how true but don't wet your eyes when they are tired (so I guess, take a shower with your eyes closed?) My best friend has really poor eyesight and I got that last advice from her. She does that to arrest her vision's worsening condition. She also said don't rub your eyes.

If you're nearsighted, you're in luck. As we age we become more farsighted. My nearsighted 70-year-old mother's eyesight has improved over the years.

I have always been farsighted and considering Lasiks. Those are the breaks!

enrich your diet with food that's good for the eyes. also, take care of your eyes by avoiding prolonged reading and exposure to tv and computers. take some rest sometime.

Or, maybe your eyeglasses aren't the right one for your anymore. wrong grade of glasses used sometimes worsens the situation of your eyes, have them corrected. hope this helps...

I know everyone says to take vitamins and eat carrots, but that is more of a damage repair for the rods in your eyes, which though yes they help you see, is mainly for seeing in the dark, so your eyes are able to adjust faster to the light change. Otherwise stay in bright areas while reading and watching tv. Don't look at a computer screen too long, that seems to be a big eye degeneration cause currently. Try to wear sunglasses with full UVA protection as that also harms your eyes as much as your skin. Hope that helps you a little bit.

I know this may sound a bit weird, but my optometrist advised me to exercise my eyes to keep the muscle from weakening. She said to focus on something small, like the print in a book, and then switch to focusing on something far away, like a tree down the street. She said to switch back and forth a dozen times each session. She suggested I do three sessions a day too. It's good to do if you are at a stop light or stuck in traffic.
Of course, taken vitamins like ocuvite help as well.

Penny D
First all all, you need to make a visit to your optometrist to find out where your vision currently stands and to get an idea if an ophthalmologist may be in order for you. An ophthalmologist can help determine if any eye disease may be contributing to you decreased vision such as Glaucoma. If you happen to have diabetes, it could be contributing to your vision problem. If you spend much time in front of the computer, you might need VDT glasses which will help cut down on glare and eye strain issues. I am not sure there are any proven methods to improve eyesight but a trip to your eye doctor may prevent them from getting worse. I worked for Vision Service plan for 12 years and have learned the importance of an annual eye exam.

Kristina B
i've heard that hard contacts are supposed to improve your eyesight, but they're pretty uncomfortable. i need a cure too, lol. you could always try lasic surgery. good luck!

It has to do with the shape of your eyes changing. They actually make contacts that you sleep in that make your eye shape better to improve you vision over time. This is the same concept as lasik surgery.

Reshaping your eyes will help vision but the biggest concern you should have is macular degeneration. This can cause blindness. Steve Wynn (of the Wynn hotel) is a blind billionaire as a result of this disease. It's very avoidable with proper anti-oxidents.

If interested, contact me. I know of the best anti-oxident on the market. It's highly recommended by tons of physicians.

dont read in the dark,
dont sit too close to the TV,
the usual.
oh, & put warm teabags on your eyes (when they're closed!!!)
and go 2 da eye doctor once a year (maybe even twice)

I heard that you need to let your eyes rest from wearing glasses daily, and that they have the ability to heal themselves slowly.

Don't strain your eyes; reduce the time you watch monitors and don't read in the dark.

My mother recommended me to take an herbal supplement called Ocuvite and that she swears by it because she hasn't broken out her reading glasses in over 2 yrs.

What I did to help atleast slow down the process was wear gas permeable contact lenses. They are hard contacts that help hold your eye in shape. Each time that your eye worsens the shape of it gets more "football" shaped. Wearing the gas perm lenses will help keep it from misshaping. Hope that helps!

Marianne T
Yes, there are several things you can do.
1) Buy a bottle of Ocuvite, which is an eye vitamin. It is inexpensive and you can get it at Walmart. Take one EVERY day. It will help your eyes immensely. It feeds them the vitamins and minerals they need.
2) Begin doing eye exercises. This takes some work but is well worth the time. My brother was in the Navy over 30 years ago and was told to focus on an object close that he could see, then look beyond that object and try to focus. Then bring your eyes back to the first one that you can see clearly and then to the far one. Eventually you will be able to see the far one with concentrating on focusing. Then take it one step further and look even farther. It works. I have 20-15 in my left eye and 20-20 in my right eye. I know because I just went to the eye doctor today and she wanted to know what I have been doing. I have the vision of someone about 30 and not someone almost 56.
20-20 in my right eye

as most of the answerers here said always read with proper lighting. i started to read novels and books when i was in high school and got hooked and became a voracious reader ever since. wished i had listened to my mom when she keep on reminding me to read with proper lighting and don't read while lying down on the bed.
we can't stop the faiure of our eyesight as we age but we can just slow the process by eating the food for our eyes (carrots). always have a yearly eye check up to prevent our eyesight from getting worse. adding to the strain to our eyes of course is our work in the computer everyday and video games for the kids and adults.
contact lenses personally doesn't apply for me for my eyes are sensitive to any foreign object, so contact lense is not for everyone.
luckily for us, we now can avail of the Laser where we can have a 50/50 vision for five years. my brother undergone this procedure and it's worth it.

Its nice to see you having posted a serious concern of yours but i would request you to please consult a doctor - an opthalmologist. there can be any reasons for your progressive loss of vision and an eye specialist is the right person to track it down. there are different disease condition of the eyes like glaucoma- which damages the optic nerve and one loses vision very progressively. this is associated with pain redness and dizziness. if you have a hereditery eye disorder then you need to regularly use glasses as prescribed by your doctor.
but on the other hand if you are a TV wizkid then keep off the TV and have good green leafy veggies.
above all meet your doctor

people say wearing glasses helps which it does but i have always needed to wear glasses to see far away I'm near sighted. you ever wear your glasses for like the whole day long then take them off at the end of the day? i have... i think i see way worse from wearing glasses and contacts for that matter my advice and I'm not a expert so this just works for me... is to avoid wearing glasses and contacts and just wing it. you are what you are.
dont read unless your in a fully lit room dont be on the computer in the dark and i heard eating carrots are good as well. hope it helps

Sorry, folks, carrots have nothing to do with improving one's eyesight. That's a total myth that was started by the British back in WWII. See the links below for more info.

Tyrone S.
take some Beta Carotene, Vitamin A and Eyebright herbs.

The instructions at this site are a bit hard to follow, but I've been doing the exercises and I can tell they really help (basically I can tell when I HAVEN'T been doing them). This is for presbyopia (old age eyes), but there may be other exercises to use for other conditions.


'Carrots are good for your eyes.'
"False. Broccoli, spinach and other green leafy vegetables are much better sources of Lutein, the nutrient that helps reduce risk of eye disease."

Keep the lighting conditions around you uniform. If you are on the computer, use computer glasses. While reading, use reading glasses. Keep a good posture while at the computer. Do not look stare at anything that looks fuzzy or requires constant focusing effort. When your eyes feel tired, take a break and do some eye exercises. Eat carrots. This will slow down the worsening. There is no method to improve eyesight except to get the surgery.

Take care of your eyes.

Use good lighting while reading.

Sit a good distance from computer screens and televisions.

When reading, hold the book at a reasonable distance.

Talk to your eye doctor.

If you wear glasses, try contact lenses.

I will tell you this. Carrots do not help eyesight any more than lettuce will.

Hello; There's a school of thought out there on eye health and exersize that says if you succumb to glasses, and every few years, your eyes get worse, your prescription changes, so you change with it... They say that if you allow your eyes to get weak, they will atrophy like a muscle (become weaker). I know the eyes aren't muscles, but this makes sense, becuase the lenses, and how they focus are based on muscular movement.

I have a very slight prescription, and for the last ten years I have not worn my glasses. My latest prescription is less than the last one. My eyes have not been weakened by eyeglass usage; it seems they've been strengthened!

http://health.learninginfo.org/eye-strengthening-exercises.htm This is one such website, and there are several more! I'm not an Optometrist, and cannot advocate for or against what they say, but there it is... I will say, there's a lot of things in this world, & about ourselves we still do not understand!

It depends on the cause of vision loss. You should ask your optometrist (regular exam/glasses doctor) about why your vision loss is progressing. You might want to ask him/her if you would benefit from a visit with an opthalmologist (eye specialist/surgeon). Their exams are much more detailed and can possibly answer questions and give solutions that your regular doc isn't familiar with. Good luck to you!


Make sure to have your eyesight regularly checked and wear the appropriate strength glasses or contact lenses (it would seem, as other poster says, that contact lenses are better than glasses)

Make sure you eat a varied and healthy diet of mainlly fresh vegetables and fruits - you need to get all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc... you need.

Practise relaxation, meditation and visualtisation

In the 1920s, a professor W. H Bates MD, wrote a book entitled 'The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses'; in it he explained what causes eyesight to deteriorate and gave a range of exercises to prevent and cure the problem.

Many swear by it, although conventional medicine/ophtalmology dispute his findings. I have personally found that some of the techniques help with eye strain from looking at the computer for too long...

I'll give you a link to the unabridged book and a couple of sites that recommend the 'Bates method' - maybe it can help.

Good luck

♥ Crys ♥
My eye doctor tells me that If I don't wear my glasses like I should I'll make my eyes worse. And they do get worse and I don't consistently wear my glasses, so maybe he's right? Do you wear your glasses or contacts all the time?

firstly take good care of ur eyes
dont read in low light
keep proper distance between eyes and book while reading
wear glasses if u doctor has recommended
eat a lot of carrots or drink pure carrot juice its the best for eyesight
turnips if eaten raw r good for eyesight too
aniseed +almond grinded with sugar and mixed and taken a spoon daily early in the morning all three things must be in same quantity ..this is a local pakistani medicine i ahve used it and its very effective my Elder brother got rid of his glsess thru this ..try if u feel like..

You need to wear contact lenses rather than glasses. If your eyes have to strain across the gap between them and your glasses, it weakens hem. Contact lenses sit on the eye itself, eliminating the problem. It may not stop the deterioration of eyesight completely, but the rate of progression will be significantly slowed.
My optician recommended that I use contact lenses for that reason, as I was having the same problem as you, and it has made a difference.
If it stops for a decent length of time (I think two years is the required amount) you can have laser surgery and eliminate the problem altogether!

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