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Is there a cure for autism?


Sorry at this moment there is no cure for autism. Science is developing but as of now nothing.

No, but don't give up hope at the scary diagnosis. My daughter was diagnosed as autistic and sent to a pre-school for autistic children to learn to cope with her autism. She graduated from high school on the principal's honor roll, and went on to college.


sadly, no.

no unfortunately.
there are medicines and long term therapies that help get the kids aware of the world but no real cure.... unfortunately

no..but children have been know to come oout of it..I used to be involved with these kids and brought many out....if you want ideas let me know.

Anna Banana
No, there is not. I wish there was, though. I had two friends in grade school that were autistic, and it makes me so sad.

Not yet.

No. A few - a very, very few - have managed to overcome this disability to the point that they are able to communicate effectively, and fewer still have gone beyond that and become capable of earning living. The rarest of all are the two or three who've been able to earn a college degree despite their autism.

The cause of autism is also unknown, but we certainly do know that it is not - I repeat, NOT - childhood vaccinations nor is it dental fillings. Hopefully we will learn the cause and develop appropriate preventive measures soon.

No; check out this site:


no my brother and my cousin have it. not that bad but my little brother used to have a teacher that would come and try to tach him. otherwise they both do fine in school but with other people they are not so good. but they can get extra help when needed.

not yet they are working on one but i think they found something with rats or mice about it but time will tell

there is always therapy and stuff but no real cure

I don't think there is. My brother is 35 yrs old and still has it. They tried the feingold diet and ritilan . Nothing seemed to help.

After a birth has took place, there may be no cure for autism but when planning for a marriage,you can consider for autism because most of the reasons for autism are genetic one. A few reasons may include mishandlings at the time of birth but it is very rare in this age of science. The gentic defects can be mapped in a genome to avoid life long emotional injuries. I f you are residing in an advanced country then it is not a problem to get map of genetic defects as human genome has completely been mapped and defects has been listed. I hope it will help you to solve the problem.
The children who suffer from autism due to mishandlings at birth, might be corrected by nutritional therapy.

No, but there are coping mechanisms that can be taught.

No, unfortunately. But you can make things easier for them by not changing things to fast or drastically on them. They get used to things being a certain way. Even a change in the daily schedule can cause them to "freak out" I work with disabled children and i see alot of autistic kids. They are extremely intelligent and sweet. Good luck.

only therapies for ow but can ease and relieve.

There is a broad array of autism therapies, but the efficacy of each varies dramatically from person to person. Progress toward development of medical and behavior modification remedies, for the more debilitating affects of autism, has been hindered significantly by widespread disagreements over such things as the nature and causes of autistic Spectrum disorders, and by a relative paucity of efficacious therapies thus far recognized by medical authorities.

With advances in psychosocial and pharmacological interventions, the behavioral and cognitive functioning of individuals affected by autistic disorders might improve. Intensive, sustained special education programs and behavior therapy early in life might increase the ability of children with autism to acquire language and the ability to learn. In adults with autism, some studies have found beneficial effects of the antidepressant medications Clomipramine and Fluoxetine, and the antipsychotic medication Haloperidol. In many cases, several medications will be tried unsuccessfully, and palliative drug treatments may lose much of their effectiveness for mitigating symptoms later in life. Distinguishing between beneficial, palliative and detrimental treatments is not always straightforward

Their is no cure for autism. But some stuff can slow it down.

No, but it can be controlled ,my daughter has had a lot of luck with her two autistic kids,with diet.

The Invisible Woman
There are a lot of autistic children that are living normal life's as if it never affected them. through tutors, schooling, and many different programs they have available.

My grandmother used to watch a boy who had it. We watched for over seven years as he progressed and learned and over came the autism. He is now one of the most talkative kids I know.
Here is a website that is nonprofit and looking for a cure to autism
Here are some website about programs for autistic children.

Sadly NO.

Except death.

I asked my (high-functioning) autistic friend, who tells me that there is no known cure at the current time. In fact, we are not even quite sure what causes it. Once we learn more about what causes it, steps can be taken toward researching and testing cures.

Time magazine has an awesome article this week about autism; read it.

I can't say that there is a "cure",but the good news is,there are Doctors,who specialize in this mental,emotional birth defect. If detected early,then the Autistic child will learn to communicate with us,just as normal children do,but it takes a lot of time,and patience. What is so amazing,is although they do not see the world as we do,they are able to recognize their parents,and siblings.


Lady Lara Croft
No. Why is this even a featured question?

now, there is no cure. but there are many ways to help. Research can be funded by anyone, but there are many other ways to help. First of all, people could be nicer to autistic people, instead of saying to others, "don't talk to HIM. he's wierd." That is the worst thing to do to someone, even if you think they don't understand. Most of the time, they really DO understand what is going on.
Even without medication, you can teach autistic kids (and adults) how to do things, and they can eventually be able to live more normally and participate in social situations.

If you want to help find a cure for autism, which will hopefully be found in the near future, click on one of the links I listed below, and you can donate money by donating directly, buying things to raise money, walking for a cure, or just by raising awareness to others.

Quiet Warrior

I hate it. My grandson is autistic. His symptoms are managed with psychotropes and behavior altering techniques. He is a bright loveable little guy. I wouldn't trade him for nothing.

Nurse Annie
There is no cure- only treatment. Behavioral training, speech and occupational therapy, and parent education and support can often improve a child's problem behaviors, communication skills, and socialization. Medications are sometimes helpful as well. A child with autism responds best to a highly structured, specialized educational program tailored to his or her individual needs. However, specific treatment varies depending on the range of individual symptoms, which can combine in many different ways and change over time.

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