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Is saliva a drug?

Amanda L
saliva? never heard of that being a drug.. maybe ur thinking of SATIVA?

☆Life Lover©☆
Its...not an intoxicant.^^

For the most part, it's a flowering plant. However, in the Central Valley of CA young teenagers are beginning to smoke Saliva and say they get a quick high.

I think you mean SALVIA.... Yeah it's a psychoactive herb that acts upon the central nervous system and alters brain function and causes temporary changes in your perception, mood, consciousness and behavior.

Beth R
see this website all answers in one website

saliva is the secretion from your mouth. it lubercates and keeps the mouth moist, and it seccreates more when your are sick or hungery. no.........saliva is not a drug....

Deadly Pepper- A Gorgous Killer
Of course not. Saliva is just another name for spit. Its just something that forms in your mouth. Lets just say that its not a drug that can harm you. LOL!!!!!!

Dara S
saliva isn't but salvia is

ur spit is not a drug

No... Saliva is the spit in your mouth!

Wide eyed wanderer<3
Saliva is spit

I dont think so...cause Saliva is the enzyme which helps in better digestion of the food.

No it is the secretion in your mouth that starts the digestive process of breaking food down. In other words it is the "spit" in your mouth.

Master Sarcasto
No, but Salvia (Divinorum) is a plant with psychoactive properties, because of the active ingredient Salvinorin A, a kappa-opoid receptor agonist. Saliva? No. Salvia. Yes.

yes, don't swallow it!!



no saliva
is spit

No, it's the liquid in your mouth that keeps it from drying out. Are you sure you mean saliva?

No, but I think you might mean "salvia", which is a plant often smoked or eaten to give mild hallucinogenic effects.
In which case, yes, it is a drug.
I think it is legal most places however.


Ann N. Cephalic
No, saliva is your spit.
Sativa, as in Cannabis sativa is a drug... or an herb, however you view it.

Animals or humans don't produce any kind of drugs.

loopy loo
no, its spit

Lyss Lyss;;
Our Spit?

no, are you sure you dont mean salvia?

its salvia and yea, it makes u hallicinate..but its like not a illegal drugggg

I don't think so...unless you have MANO or HIV or STD

on the other hand....SALVIA is a drug and similar to marijuana


You should TOTALLY try to smoke it, it's unbelievable.

Oh, and I think you're really really smart.

The Robster
No, but salvia is.

it a plant that people use to see in to other worlds
i have to try it sometime
i always thought a drug was something you need a chemist to make
plants grow for our enjoyment
free the weed its not a drug

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