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Is my eating disorder something to worry about?
I have anorexia but my parents dont know. in two months i went from a size 10-8 to a size 6-0(4). but i am still losing weight and cant stop. i have developed a habbit of throwing away my lunches and avoiding breakfast and can only eat half a dinner. id rather not have to see a doctor and i still want to lose weight. do you think this is bad and what do you think i should do. thats a loss of 6 trouser sizes. 10-4.
what do you think.

Jimmy d. - Floridian~``
You Go, girl...I'll give you 2 or 3 more months of earthly presence!

Yes! If you still want to lose weight at that size you need to get counseling! Get help and get over it before it gets out of hand.Good Luck!!!

i think that you have a problem not to sound mean a or anything. i am pretty worried about you you still losing weigh and you went down 6 pants sizes. Try making a new habit and eat snacks . Then work your way up to actually eating break fest, lunch, and dinner. I just want you to be at a health weight.


Anorexia is a very bad disease. You are probably not getting the correct amount of nutrients you need. Besides you don't want to get too skinny or you'll look like a walking skeleton, and that is definitely unattractive!

Baby RM
yes get help. you need to eat.

Yankees SUCK!!!!! GO CARDS!!!
Yes!!! That is very dangerous. Go see a doctor. EAT!!!!!

It's really serious. Eating disorders not only can make you skinny or fat, they can leave you prone to some really nasty medical conditions, like ulcers and cancer of the esophogos. I'e been there, weighed 38 lbs. when I was 18 years old. I'm ok now cuz I got help in time. I hope you do too. If you can't afford treatment, there's still professional help available. Try looking up "free medical" or "social services". Best of luck and Godspeed.

i kinda know how it is. make sure you eat real food. don't eat snacks or junk food. get the good stuff that's healthy for you and tastes good. if you get a crave, satisfy it with whatever you want. eat past your limit and if you feel like you're going to throw up, take really deep breaths and sit down. i do that and i haven't thrown up for almost six years. try to make it so that it seems rewarding too. like if you like dreams, eat as much as you can right before you go to bed because thats shown to help you have more dreams. drink a lot of tea to stretch your stomach so you can fit more food. make sure what you are eating has lots of calories too. don't try any diets.

Well how fast did you lost the weight? If you have identified your problem as anorexia, then you must see the doctor, and please, tell your parents about it. It is very dangerous because your stomach may get used to refusing food, and when you DO want to eat, the stomach will automatically push it out (you, vomiting). Yes, you slim down and look beautiful, but it's only temporary, because after this, you turn skeletal. I have a friend who's battling anorexia and she is constantly in and out of hospital. It's heartbreaking to see her condition, but she's improving now. Please don't sacrifice your health like that for the sake of losing weight. It's not worth it, and worse, you could die from it.

brandon *
yea tell your parents and get some concouling because that is dangerous. get some help so you your friends and your family dont get hurt. because they will.

wow there you need to stop right now. anerexia is so bad for your helath. you need to start to eat a little more every day until you are back to normal eating habbits. you need to eat at least 2000 calories a day. please stop it is so bad for you you either need to tell your parents or go see a doctor and if it gets worse then deffinatly see a doctor or if your worried just try to do it yourself. but plase just start eating like is aid it is really bad for your health.

well hon i think that you should go see a doctor so that you can get some help cause this can be detrimental to your health. or even try and eat a little more everyday until you think that you have the situation under control.

Beth J
when you look in the mirror what do you see?? you are already very thin, but you say you want to loose more weight.
loosing weight is fine but not the way or at the rate your doing it. i think this problem is seriouse. anorexia is an illness, and if you go to the docters he'll treat it exactly as if you were going to see him about a cold.

i strongly advise you see a docter even though its not what you want to do.
if you let htis coninue the results could be terrible, you may never be able to have children!!!!

Please talk to someone about your problem soon, i know its hard but if you take the first step it cn only get easier


Get help.
Look in the phone book and call a youth hotline or an eating disorder help line. They can give you advice with out having to tell your parents.

Allison R
4 is really skinny! Size 10 isn't even fat! I'm sure you're not overweight at all. Stop what you're doing. You don't have to starve yourself to be thin and lose weight. Try eating healthier foods. You should probably see a doctor, but please eat! People aren't joking when they say eating disorders are serious and can kill you!

i think that you should talk to your friends or your parents.
all they are going to do is help you. nothing that bad will come from it .
but you should most likely see a doctor.

Lion - The King of Forest
Loosing weight by starvng is dangerous to health.....OK

You know it's wrong. And you know it's something to worry about. If it was okay, you'd be fine with telling your parents and seeing a doctor.

Do you really want to lose weight in a way, that even when you stop starving yourself, you'll still have adverse reactions because of the damage you did to your body? Think about it.

any eating disorder can be fatal.....PLEASE see a doctor! you'll regret it if you don't! i'll say a prayer.

Of course it's something to worry about. You need to get help as soon as possible before it gets really serious. I had a friend who was anorexic and she ended up in hospital on a life support machine because her heart stopped =( Her periods stopped completely and now she'll never have children. There are so many things that can happen, so I suggest you go and see a doctor or a nurse or someone, even if you don't want to tell your parents.

Good luck and be careful x

iNsTaNt pUdDiNhEaD
You are damaging your health. So, you're going to have to give up on the idea of not seeing a doctor. You'll first need to get an evaluation of your current health, and then seek treatment for the underlying problem of your anorexia. You can beat this! Good luck. Take care of yourself.

You need help.
Anorexia is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get over on your own its not only physical its mental
It is a good sign that you are asking for advice. But talk to your parents, friends, or a doctor.
Anorexia is serious. It is a disease you can DIE from if it gets too serious!

I think you need to talk to your parents.

You definitely have a problem. PLEASE seek help with your life.
..........While you still have a life!

I'd say you need to talk to your doctor, as this is clearly something you are unable to control on your own. You are doing great harm to your body- you are damaging several internal organs, and you'll soon start to notice skin problems, weak bones, and brittle hair. Please get help. You can also talk to your school nurse if you are uncomfortable talking to your parents.

Come on..
You know something's wrong..
You're losing weight to fast.
Please tell your parents..seriously..you have a problem..but you can get help for it.
Don't wait until it's too late. A lot of people have died because of anorexia..

I wish you health..and some weight gain.

Debz L
I'm sorry to be so plain here but you are ill. I don't know why you would want to lose any more weight - there must be nothing of you. You need to go and see a doctor about this and you need to start eating in small regular doses. Hvae a look at this website and get some info. http://www.b-eat.co.uk/Home

yes you need to get some help. this is not healthy. it seems like you know what you need to do. talk to your parents and go to a doctor.

ahhhh duh!!!!! you have an eating disorder! i would rather be overweight and healthy than underweight and not eat at all.
Your body is not designed to disregard food and NOT EAT. Your body his instincts to eat. If you keep this up, your body will feed off of itself and it starts with the muscles and then when those are gone, it then goes to your organs and therefore you can die from it.
Think about it! You need to tell your parents immediately and see a doctor. Or you will look like skin and bones eventually and then nobody will want that or will want to see that. You need help.

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