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Sunshine Hell
Is it possible to have young alzheimers?
OMG my memory is shot to hell. I cant remember what I said to some people that took place a few days ago. small details mainly but, damn. its been really bad. im only 27 years old!! wth?! i dont smoke alot of pot, i dont do any other drugs so why am i having such a hard time remembering stuff??
Additional Details
what i mean by not alot of pot. i prolly only smoke once every few months.

back in the day however that was a different story...eeek!

well yes it is possible.. but i have only heard for pediactric alzhimers!! but thats all i know good luck with your memory! =)

go to freewebs.com/marisarox99 !

Johnny A
yeah you can get alzheimers really young its sad

i swear i got that ****.
i can't remember anything anymore.
well i mean i was in a car accident though.
nothing major though.

Zoe Dot
define not "a lot" of pot...

There are a lot of things that can affect your memory and most are more common at your age than Alzheimer's disease.
Smoking pot, even small amounts has been shown to have an effect on the memory. The severity of the effect is individual to each person, but there is certainly a lot of evidence out there to show it does have its effect.
More likely than that though is a much more common factor these days and that is stress. We all have it in our lives to varying degrees and most of us do not process it well and internalize most of it. We have stress in our relationships, our commutes to and from work, our jobs, our finances, our health, the health of our loved ones, etc. It just goes on and on. Life in the new century is loaded with stree. It causes the release of harmful hormones into your system and ruins your ability to concentrate.
Most experts say that our diet is our best defense. Nutritional supplements or eating foods high in Omega-3 - fatty acids such as fish, nuts and seeds promote healthy brain function. Vitamins such as your B -complexes B6 & B12 and Folic Acid protects your neurons and antioxidants can clear up the free radicals which damage cells and thus deplete the exchange of oxygen. If you do not eat properly, getting in all the recommended daily allowances, you can always take a good supplement with these nutrients included.
You also need to exercise your brain. Just like your body, the brain needs to be exercised. You can do this by taking a class in something you are not familiar with, learning and playing a strategic game or working the old brain teaser puzzles we are familiar with from our childhood.
I have included an awesome website below; I found it very helpful in not only explaining what is going on, but helping me rectify the situation. Good luck!

devilish truth
your fine I'm the same way. the other night i almost drank ketchup by mistake. i mistake my co workers all the time. 27 years old (which i am too) is a very busy age and yet very focused. school, work, hobbies, very little relaxation and free time.
just get some sleep, hit the gym a little and eat healthy. don't worry so much......you'll only make it worse

the pot is not the issue, you would have to smoke like 10 joints a day every day for until now fo rit to affect you

Buttercup B
what was the question...i forgot.

My guess would be either you need to get more sleep, or you need to sharpen up a bit. Reading really helps. If you read, its forces your brain to be more active. Like a workout.

there is such a thing as early onset alzheimers, but it's really really rare and inherited and stuff
you're probably just forgetful (:
i took a bump to the head a few months back and i often forget where i am now haha

I don't know but I'm 16 and I can't remember some really easy things that happened like 5 minutes before. It's weird because it's only if I think about remembering them then i forget them. I can remember almost everything from my History class, so I don't think it's Alzheimer's, but my grandmother does have it. I don't take drugs.

due with # 4 October 2008
what are we talking about? Oh yeah, Easter...it's a lovely holiday to get Christmas presents and to eat turkey and says our thanks! Then setting off the fireworks...oh man! My favorite part about the Easter holiday is that Columbus made it around the world!

its the pot......man i hate it when ppl like you think you can do drugs and not have ANY side effects! jeezz

its the pot.

or.. maybe your jus goin through some stressfull times and you cant seem to remember certain things. I'm sure it'll stop but maybe go see your doctor if it gets really bad.

we all have our time of forgetfullness. : )

Lots of things can affect your memory.....

Vitamin B-12 deficiency

the list goes on...

right now I can tell you it's probably the pot. And now i'm not saying this because i'm being mean...I'm saying this because I use to smoke occasionally a long long time ago, and if you've smoked it does effect your brain. My memory is shot too. And, I know a lot of people who are the same way. But then again, i'm no doctor. I'm just tellin' you like I see it. Don't forget, stress, a lack of good sleep and a full schedule can also mess with your memory. If you have other things on your mind, you can easily forget stuff.

Wang H
go to the doctor.

if u remember this answer :)

I doubt it. You sound like you have a concentration problem. The medical term for it is CRS: Can't Remember $hit

Wait -- what did I just say?

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