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tylor c
Is it possible to choke on your vomit?

Yes, it is very possible.

Yes, it is possible to die from choking on ones vomit it is called aspiration.

Yes, this happens a lot to drunks.

A few celebrites have even died this way. If you get drunk and pass out on your back with your head looking up, then you might choke to death.

That Dude
that is how jimi hendrix died
i know someone is going to say "uhhhh actually he inhalled his own vomit" he inhalled it and it clogged his throat, in other words, he choked on his own vomit.

Yes it is very possible. This happens often when people have seizures or when a person was laying down when they started throwing up. Choking on your own vomit could also be deadly. If you are having a problem with this you should probably see a doctor.

Dallas S

oh yeah...that's why when a drunk person passes out, you make sure they're sleeping on their tummies!!! :-)

Neil L
Absolutely. Many people are asphyxiated by their own vomit. That's one of the reasons that epileptics are placed on their sides during a seizure.

yes & what a sick thought


Yes, in fact it's a very popular way for rock stars to die.

Jayne S
Yes, people have died that way.

people have died...

Yes. For example, if you are unconcious or having a seizure or something like that, and you're on your back, you can vomit and choke on it.

The Zing
yes, you can drown in it too. thats how a lot of drunks die

of course you can & die from it!..quite often drunk people do this!

Yes, especially when you've been drinking or getting stoned.
Several celebrities have died this way.
Good luck

Yes...those that do usually are passed out drunk or have seizures...I had to give mouth to mouth with someone having a seizure and they stopped breathing because they choked on their vomit...At the time I didn't think about it..but afterwords..Mouthwash was the norm for the day.

Yes, dont do it. If you do... call 911 or see a doctor immediately.

yes it is if it gets caught in your hole in your mouth where air goes down to you lungs.

Yes. A friend of mine died from aspirating his own vomit back in the 1970s. He passed out drunk on his back, vomited, choked on it, inhaled it, and drowned.

Debi in LA
You're lucky if you only get away with choking. You usually drown and die from it.


it is very possible

Bored Enough To Be Here

Any thing's possible.

are you serious??? yes its possible!


Yes, it is called aspiration and it can kill you. Bon Scott from AC/DC died this way as did Jim Morrison.

unfortunately yes

No, everything coming up from your stomach is too small to obstruct your airway. It is possible to aspirate vomit into the lungs, which is a serious condition that can lead to pneumonia and other respiratory problems.
Large amounts however would obstruct the brochioles and smaller airways in the lungs, so people who do this could possibly "choke" on it

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