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Is Autism just a nice way to say retardation?
When my son started school, the coordinator kept telling me to list me son as retarded instead of autisic. Either way i love him to death Its a question that has bothering me a long time.

turn tables

Autism is a type, but not a general reference, say mentally challenged.

A lot of people who have autism do have some form of mental retardation as well, but not all. Maybe the coordinator told you to list him as that because of some procedural thing that helps him get special ed or something. (I used to tutor an autistic kid and also used to work at a care facility for people with mental retardation)

Oh, and btw, all these people who think autism is Rainman are severly misinformed. But, I'm sure you already know that.

Mental retardation means they have some kind of.. defect. Autism is one of them. My sister is autistic, i don't let it bother me. She is mildly, so she can talk and maintain a conversation. Don't worry.

Smarty Kat
30 to 50% of all kids with autism are also retarded.

That means 50 to 70% of all kids with autism are NOT retarded.

Even if your child has autism AND retardation, it is still essential he be listed as both. Teaching a child with Down's syndrome, for example is significantly different from teaching a child with autism.

The coordinator may be trying to avoid putting your son in a classification that will give him more paperwork & requirements.

If your son has recieved a proper diagnosis of autism, do not let him convince you to list him as otherwise!

Laurence W
Autistic children are born most often to very bright couples.

Research "Asberger Syndrome". I have not read much recently, but the kids are so engrossed in learning and thinking, even as very young children, that they may stop listening and responding. Sort of like a chess computer program not responding while it researches the perfect move. As it goes over millions of possibilities the computer is unaware of time.

Well these children need to be watched carefully when young, and engaged in games and efforts to talk so they don't just think. Some of the best research centers are located near large universities and computer companies, because the nerdy types who may work there in the past never met anyone who would marry them. Now they work, meet and sometimes marry. Their children are more likely to be autistic, but it can be managed and their minds engaged so they are bright, even genius level intelligences, but somewhat socially handicapped adults.

Some kids are slow. Give them time at home. Teach them with love, patience and humor. What could be more important than your own child.

I have a nephew that asked me if he was retarded in the 8th grade. He wasn't, just lazy. He's now a gifted musician, computer programmer and database analyst.

At the school, there are probably more programs for the retarded than for autistic kids. But there is a huge difference. One is very slow, the other is thinking so fast he can't hardly stop to communicate. Don't just love him. Talk to him. teach him, even if he does not seem to respond much. Play him classical music.

Absolutely NO. Autsim is high functioning. They can do lots of thing better than the average bean, yet social skills is where they have problems, watch "Rainman" with cruise and hoffman

No, I don't believe they are even close.

They are two different things.

What is the difference between Autism and Mental Retardation?

Most people with mental retardation show relatively even skill development, while individuals with autism typically show uneven skill development with deficits in certain areas - most frequently in their ability to communicate and relate to others - and distinct skills in other areas.

It is important to distinguish autism from mental retardation or other disorders since diagnostic confusion may result in referral to inappropriate and ineffective treatment techniques.

Personally I think retarded is old term that any person with a slow or different learning rate were classified. If teachers or social workers are still doing it they need to do some learning of their own!

The mentally disabled people I know are very child like in their concepts of the world even though they may be well into adulthood. They learn through repetition and can do jobs such as cleaning, laundry etc. with little supervision. They also are very sensitive and notice small things that are different. My cousin can tell you almost anything from life but not from schooling and is a wealth of knowledge. They also can sense feelings others have and are very outgoing not at all scared, again acting with somewhat of an innocense of what the world can hold. The autistic people I know it is hard to tell often if they are learning because they can't or don't react or interact with people as easily. They also can get very frustrated with themselves or others and unfortunately sometimes end up restrained to keep them from hurting themselves or others.

Do more research on autism, I think one of my friends is active in an online group of parents, maybe that would help you. My guess would be a yahoo group and look for autism. Whatever your son has he can only fair better by you being his advocate and learning what you can and passing that on to his teachers and doctors.

Innovater Jill
I know autism isn't a form of retardation because I HAVE it.

Everyone with autism is different. Some are high functioning (mildly affected) and some are low functioning (highly affected). I'm in the middle with moderate.

I had low functioning when I was younger, but I have improved dramatically thanks to social counseling. If you aren't already, see if your state provides support programs for children with autism for free.

Many behaviors of autism are caused by frustration. Most of frustration is caused by lack of ways to communicate. Try to figure out what your son does before he is frustrated. Does he make a certain noise when he sees something he likes? Does he aviod eye contact and then cry when you try to look at him in the eyes again?

The coordinator seems like a retard himself/herself. If your son was already diagnosed by a professional then he/she shouldn't have even made a suggestion like that.

Report this to the school district.

I wish you a wonderful life with your son.

bummer101467 <2HeartKnight>
Ask him if for his reasoning. There maybe something like budgetary reasons. Maybe they don't have trained people for autism. I also would research alternative schools that may be a better fit to your childs needs.

THE COORDINATOR IS IGNORANT AND UNFEELING. I KNEW AN AUTISTIC CHILD WHOM I BABYSAT FROM INFANCY TO ABOUT TWELVE YEARS. He was an awesome person and I loved him dearly. I am blessed to have gotten to spend so much time with this wonderful person.
Anyway, autism is NOT metal retardation. Autistic people are sensitive to some things that most of us are not, like loud noises, etc.
Your son is a very special person and he relates to this world and communicates in a very different way from most of the rest of us.
Saying he's retarded is cruel, yet born of ignorance.
Please, enjoy your son and love him. Don't let people make fun of him or pick on him, or you either.

christian m
no autisim is an advanced brain function not a delayed funtion
it the opposite!
brain works too much and too fast for the person to have control of it

Autistic is NOT retarded... They r just in a world of their own.. They are quite intelligent if u have the patience to teach them properly and they can LEARN with the corrct teaching methodology.. YOU should seek a professional help ando for assessments to find what's best for your son's well being and learning.. Good luck!

oOo GINA oOo x
Autism is completely different from Mental Retardation. Children with autism are in fact very smart but lack communication skills and will never completely mature. Individuals who are mentally retarded have issues with their brain that keeps the brain from developing properly.

I recall hearing somewhere that autistic children usualy have higher IQ's than the average child. I know of someone who has a child with autism 2 years of age and this child unlocked the front door and walked a few blocks down the street until a neighbor noticed him. This child must be very intelligent to do something like that at age 2, whereas I dont think a child who is mentally retarded would have thought to do the same. About a year ago I believe they had a show on the MTV program "True Life" and it followed the lives of teens with autism which was pretty interesting.

I also have an aunt with down syndrome who is considered mentally retarded. She is almost 40 years of age but still behaves like a child and finds interest in childish things like watching scooby-Doo cartoons. So yes, they are very different

No autism is completely different from mental retardation.

Shopaholic Chick
it is 100% different!!! contact your childs pediatrician IMMEDIATLY!!!! you should also report this to the school administraor and the state ASAP!!!!

the school coordinator is trying to get your child classified under different laws due to no child left behind - DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN - you child will NOT recieve the benefits he needs if this dishonest person gets away with this!!!

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