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If you throw up black stuff what does that mean?

theres something wrong. O_o blood isnt black, food processed and spewed up isnt usually back either

Okay i had the same problem this morning. I was throwing up blood and blood that was old. I did drink the previous night, and felt so horrible. Maybe partying too hard. Or maybe the bulimia i have might have something to do with it. I dont know.....Mine stopped so you should be okay......good luck.

Dangggg....it means you NEED to see a doctor...are you serious?!?!?!?♥

i think thats a hint of liver poisoning....maybe....i have no clue.

You need to see your doctor. That is not a good sign.

Please go to the doctor. Any medical questions should be directed to the doctor first!


black coffee ground like stuff is blood. Seek treatment soon.

: )
You might have eaten something that was black? haa but goto the doctor if your that worried

I'm not sure, but I'd be going to the doctor ASAP. Just go.

Kylie <3
i have no idea but i would get that checked out


I went to www.ask.com and typed in your question. it seems that it is blood...i would go to the doctors if i was you....how sacry, but i would research it really fast. if you start to feel bad then i would go now!!! some of the links say ulcer. look it up and feel better..

i have no idea, but it can't be good. go to a doctor as soon as possible!!!....maybe you'll die..well hopefully not..good luck!!

you are all in my heart forever
your sick

Crocodile Dundee

But I know from experience that if you inhaled any smoke from a fire then you can vomit it up. But if it's chunks of black stuff then I don't know.

probably blood ... that ain't good.

Y R U ON YAHOO!??!?!?!?!??! GO 2 C A DOC NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (don't worry you'll be fine)

Ms. Le'Kia
Check out this site:http://en.allexperts.com/q/Pediatrics-1429/black-vomiting.htm

What does it mean? That depends on what the black stuff is.

u need to seek medical attention!

if you didnt eat something black then you need to see a dr asap.. it could be bowel backing out. sounds nasty but it can happen..

then u are in trouble

!!Just Peachy!!
I will have to say go to a doctor! Black is never good!

Not who you think ....
Ummm ........... if you didn't eat anything black I would suggest a doctor pronto! Good Luck!!

Tinker butt! ♥ ♥
that you either ate something black prior to throwing up, or
you need to go to the doctor/hospital.

Taylor's Dad
It may be partially digested blood. You need to seek medical attention NOW!

Jennifer L
It could indicate bleeding in the GI tract, which is extremely serious.

if u don't have the flu or food poisoning, or haven't eaten anything black, it COULD be old blood, which turns black when vomited or passed through bowel movements. THAT is a serious problem and a dr. should be notified IMMEDIATELY! BUT, if you have the flu, did u take any Pepto-Bismol? it will turn your tongue and stomach contents black.

It could very well be bile or blood, BOTH of which you SHOULD NOT be throwing up if you are a normal healthy person.


You mean vomitng black stuff. Bleeding inside the stomach. The blood turns dark brown like coffee grounds.
Ulcer, cancer or gastritis due to medicines etc. may cause bleeding inside the stomach.

Possibly Blood and bile mixed together.
See a doc soon!

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