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 How come when I walk alone in the street I constantly feel like somebody is following me?
Is is some kind of phobia?
Additional Details
No I did Not do anything wrong if I did I would so say it here....

 This may be a stupid question..?
but, can the blood vessel in your eye burst from excessive drinking (alcohol)?...

 What if I havent had a bowel movement 5 days after anorectal surgery?

 Could someone tell me what is wrong with my leg?
Periodically my right leg falls asleep,goes numb and I have no control of it when I try to walk. I have had tests done through my family doctor and apparently he says there is nothing wrong and I say ...

 Woke up this morning deaf in one ear, whats the best thing to do?
it happens to me every now and again but takes ages for my hearing to come back, whats the best thing to do?...

 Anyone got any tips on surviving the dreaded winter?

 I suffer from arthritis in my knees neck and back and find it difficult to sleep at night as the pain wakes me
can anyone offer help or advice ...

 I'm always tired and exhausted?
I don't know why I am and I need suggestions of whats wrong with me, I used to only be tired when i was just sitting and i was fine when i was working out but now im like tired all the time...<...

 How do you know if you have an ear infection?
I think I might have one, cus' i have a really bad pain in my ear. If you know what one feels like, then please tell me! Answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks! =]]...

 My stoumack hurts alot and i feel like throwing up what should i do?

 Is Autism just a nice way to say retardation?
When my son started school, the coordinator kept telling me to list me son as retarded instead of autisic. Either way i love him to death Its a question that has bothering me a long time....

 My son has an ingrown toenail. He was given antibiotics. It won't fix the problem. What do I do next?
I took him to the doctor last week. I can't see how a prescription of antibiotics is going to fix the problem. It won't stop his toenail from growing into his skin.
Additional D...

 My step-sister has crushing chest pains?
She said she's been having "crushing" type chest pains like your chest is caving in I assume. What causes this? She says if she has it again she'll go to a doctor.

 What can I do to prevent colds?
I get about three per year, and they tend to last for about a week each. This seems a lot more than most people, and I have just recovered from my annual Autumn term cold. This really gets to me. I ...

 Whats the best way to get candle wax out of a carpet?

 Whats wrong with my ears?
lately it's been harder for me to hear, ever since i had a head cold. im better now and not stuffed up anymore. but i find it harder to hear. it feels like my ears are clogged up (i even cleaned ...

 When did people realize that smoking could kill?

 Is it possible to have young alzheimers?
OMG my memory is shot to hell. I cant remember what I said to some people that took place a few days ago. small details mainly but, damn. its been really bad. im only 27 years old!! wth?! i dont ...

 Do you think smoking should be baned forever ?
its a bad ...

 What does it mean if 14 year old repeatedly chews on batteries?
Can this be sign of a specific mental illness and what health problems can it cause? hould child be taken to doctor?...

If you had a week to live, what would you do?

give this week to my love......and still with she.....all time's

Respiratory Therapist
I would go skydiving, rocky mountain climbin, 2.7 seconds on a bull named fumanchu. I would love deeper, and spoke sweeter. This is how i live i hope that someday you get the chance to live like you were dyin. Really i would do all the crazy stuff along with tell every girl that i ever liked that i liked her just to get it all off my chest. i would make sure that everyone knew how i felt about them. I would go to church.

Get off the internet and do something more useful for once!

jing g
the best use of life is love..

i went sky diving rocky mountain climbing went 2.7 seconds on a bull named full man chew

see another doctor, hopefully 1 week was misdiagnosised and i really have longer.

i would spend more time wiht my family and friends.

pray, go to hawaii w/ my family

V for Vendetta ♪
travel around the world...enjoy every second with my family...

I wouls spend a lot of quality time together with my kids and family. Beach walks, Night time talks. Lots of LOVE!!
Scarey thought.

Fool in the Rain
I dunno, I definitely wouldn't be going to work at all.

Make sure that I have everything in order for the loved ones I leave behind, such as life insurance policies, someone to take care of my son, make a list of my valued possessions and who should get them upon my departure.
I would also try to do everything that I have always done along with my closest family and friends if possible.

post on yahoo answers asking what I should do with my last week ;)

Gee, that's hard. First I would lend some money from mafia or gangsta' in large numbers. Having fun with it. Date as much as I can. Get the finest restaurant. Get laid with some chicks. Heh...he.. Are you serious with that question?

2.tell off my boss
3.follow my want to do list
4.kick the neighbors dog
6.do whatever i could get by with

tell my family im sorry for being a brat
tell all best friends how much they mean to me
spend more time with my dog.
do as much and as best as i could at school
spend more time with my bf and tell him how much i love him and that i appreciate all that he has done for me and im so glad he came a long in my life.
and practice as much as i can on my insturment. then pray to god i go peacefully.
* and if u have a week left im soo sorry for you, take care. live life to fullest.

all the things i want to do but are affraid of the long term consiquences

I'd do exactly what I'm doing now. Smile with people, help people in need, work, hang out with family and friends, call everyone I know and tell them how important they are. This way I could leave some good behind.

There's a certain bank here in the greater Cincinnati area( which shall remain nameless...I'll just say it's name is two numbers, the first being larger than 4 but less than 6 and the second being larger than 2 but less than 4 )that is horrible to deal with ( unless you're an extremely wealthy customer) they have in my opinion screwed over almost as many people as the government. I would secure the largest loan from them that I possibly could ( cash in all life insurance policies & Annuities, sell my home..or give it away )....blow all the money having a ball..and die without making a payment...and leave them having NO way to re-coup a penny.

getting as much girly action as possible

spend time with my son, get all legalities taken care of, did I mention spend ALL my time with my son.

if i am to have only a week to live.. i would start preparing :- 1. my family to face my death with courage ,2. my funeral.. how i want things to be done..,3. call up all my friends and family and bid them farewell for i will be on my way earlier before them and tell them not to cry for every human have to leave this world once... be it early or later.. i am only going a bit earlier...and get the best within the few days of life so that i would not die regretting...

Pray and be with my family

¤Rep. Hernandez™¤
If I had nothing else to do than just come to this earth for a week because I want to rest, than I would just eat ice-cream and that's all...well...sleep also.

i would not put it in here that is for sure

I would be very sincere, telling all my dearest ones, how much I have loved them!
I would plant a tree, so, something I did would remain!
And I would see everything I could, knowing that sooner than I realized all those beautiful things as nature gives us, sky, flowers, birds, animals and so and so and so, sooner will be vanished for me, forever!

Texas Made!
visit all my friends and family....and be with all the women i can!

Spend it with my family...doing things that I never have done before..And Pray.

Day one
The first thing to do is to write farewell letters to my friends. I guess I would share some insight about how I feel about my unavoidable death. Also I would record my feelings in the last week into my journal.

Day two
Draw out my entire savings. Use half of them for donation, and the rest would spend on buying gifts for my friends or purchase my own coffin. I guess I wouldn't spend too much on my coffin in the end, a humble wooden box will do just fine.

Day three to Day six
I guess I would live and work as normal. Since death is not a big deal to me; I would definately to take the chance to help other people who are struggling with life's problems. I guess I will not forget those experiences.

Day seven
I guess in that day, I would spend it with complete solitude; no human company. I should prepare myself; packing up all of my personal belongings. It will be a day of reflection to me, to recall all the things that I have done, both good and bad. I might feel regret for certain things that I have not done, but that is ok I guess.

I think I would stay close to my cat, it will be best for my cat to be with me; to go through my last moment. I would talk to her in the same sooth calming voice. So that she won't have so many question in her mind. Few hours before my departure, I would send all the letters that I wrote on Day One. Then would I retire to my bed or my coffin, let my cat calmly sleep on my chest. I guess I would let my favoriut music play throughout my last hours. With my cat and my journal clutch in my arms, quietly waitting for my last breath.

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