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If somone has a family history of alcoholism, drinks daily, but is never violent when drinking?
or drunk, could that person still be an alcoholic? Is emotional unavailability a sign of alcoholism?
Additional Details
Fantasia: To answer your question, yes it is affecting my life and I'm not even the one doing the drinking.

Thank you all for your answers, they have all been very helpful (so far).

Not all alcoholic are violent. However, just because some one drinks everyday doesn't classify them as and alcoholic either.

Kimberly W
i know how u feel i would say yes but they know when to stop before they get drunk

Shopaholic Chick
YES - all alcoholics are not violent - my grandmother was an alcoholic - she was never violent

people drink to dull thier emotions - hence the emotional unavailablilty -

tell this person what you feel - and see if they want to stop drinking - people can only stop if they WANT to -

if they do not want to stop, i recommend you distance yourself from them - for your own sake.

A big sign...And yes the only difference between a drunk and an alcoholic is that an alcoholic will admit they have a drinking problem. :-)

I think alcoholism is defined by the amount of alcohol you drink. so if he drinks one glas a day he is not, if he drinks more than 4 he officially is.

Jen S
Yes, if u can't stop drinking for long periods of time, then u can very well be an alcoholic. I come from a full family of alcoholics, and I can't stand drinking, the kids in our family never drink, we just look at our parents. U might be a drunk that lectures instead of being violent.

Yes they are considered alcoholic.

It can be but there are many signs , i suggest you speak to your GP.

A person that drinks even just one drink a day is an alcoholic...Alot of people drink cause its to fill a void in their lives...some drink cause they just like to drink ..and others ....are so addicted they have a hard time stopping.

Yes! Drinking daily and not being able to go a day without drinking is a sign of alcoholism. Not all alcoholics are violent. It still is not a good thing! Drinking every day damages your liver among other vital organs and can eventually kill you.

As for emotional unavailability, that could just be the personality of the person, or it could be the alcohol.

Theresa L
just because acts of rage don't come with the drinking doesn't mean your not addicted I am a person of recovery and if you drink to more then socially then you to might be a addicted soul

Kelly V

my family has a history of alcoholism. I drink on the weekends. but I drink to get drunk. I am a happy drunk and very lovable. I don't consider myslef an alcoholic because alcoholics drink their problems away and they drink in the middle of the day. Emotional unavailability could be a sign of alcoholism.

Yes. You just described me to a tee. Good work! ;)

There are numerous signs of alcoholism and yes, emotional unavailability is one of them. I think alcholism is most actively defined when their drinking inhibits them from a normal and healthy life. If this person has a history, their chances of becomming an alcholic are greater. If they never get drunk, act out, miss work, abuse people...then chances are, they have a pretty good grip...but that can always change...

Pretty Hot and Tempting
Yes to both your Q's.

Yes, that person could definately be an alcoholic. And to answer your other question, yes, emotional unavailability can be a sign of alcoholism.

Yes, they still are an alcoholic, but at least their not nasty.

A drunk is a drunk violent or not. don't get me started.

That person is an alcoholic. Not all alcoholics are violent. There is also what is called a functioning alcoholic. A functioning alcoholic doesn't even have to drink everyday, but does drink often. Many young adults are functioning alcoholics.

yes I have known alcoholics who weren't violent when drunk

alcoholism is alcoholism. justifying it doesn't make it go away. people always tend to minimize there drinking by saying, i never do this.....or i never do that.......i'm not homeless.......i'm still have my job.........etc etc. the alcohol is numbing out everything so the person doesn't see what is really going on in there lives. emotionaly unavailable is a sign that the drinking is numbing the feeling to a point of oblivion. a person doesn't have to be violent or lose everything to be an alocholic. a family history tells you that the alcoholism is a taught pattern that is being handed down as a way to deal with life issues. chances are part of that pattern is not being taught about feelings.....why the unavailability....not being able to even identify what feelings the person is having. skid row is just a space between the ears.....alcolism has no address.....with out the people the street is just another street. there can be a skid row on beverly hills. i've seen doctors, lawyers, street people, mothers, elderly, teen agers.....all races come into get treated for alcoholism and drug addiction...might of guessed.......i'm an addictions counsellor....who is a recovering alcoholic and addict

possible, the drinking daily part is a sure sign

If you have to question weather you are an alcoholic maybe they are go to the world website for alcohlics anonymous

What happens when the person doesn't have a daily drink? Can they function without drinking. Violence is not a sign of alcoholism just a problem with some drunks and the way alcohol affects them. Emotional instability is also not necessarily a sign of alcoholism.
If they can't be without a drink and have to drink frequently is more likely a sign of possible addiction to alcohol. Family history and genetics play a big role in a person's potential to become alcoholic.

Yes indeed they could be, and probably ARE an alcoholic. Drunkenness and violence, though side effects of alcoholism, do not define the disease itself. For more information please contact your local chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Yes , that person could be an alcoholic but not necesarily. Yes, emotional unavailability could be a sign of alcoholism.

Does the person have to have a drink or not? Thats probably the the definition of alcoholism.

You are describing a person who may have an alcohol abuse problem.
Some of the problems linked to alcohol abuse include not being able to meet work, school, or family responsibilities; drunk-driving arrests and car crashes; and drinking-related medical conditions.

Alcoholism has more symptoms,
such as
physical craving when alcohol is withdrawn
loss of control once drinking has begun
physical dependence leading to withdrawal symptoms
tolerance leading to a need for greater and greater amounts of alcohol to achieve the same result

yes daily consumption of alcohol is alcholism,

Dawn A
yes if you need even just one alcoholic beverage a day it is considered that you are an alcoholic. not everyone gets nasty or violent from getting drunk that depends more on the person's state of mind and personality.

is up to him, i am one but i am also crazy as fuuk..

That person could definitely be an alcoholic. One of the most likely predictors of alcoholism is a family history of alcoholism. And anyone who needs to drink daily is an alcoholic, whether they are able to admit it or not. Emotional unavailability is one of the characteristics of alcoholism.

Here are some links that may help you.

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