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Blood sweat and gears
If an alchoholic suddenly stops drinking can it harm their health?

Good Grief! An alcoholic (long time daily heavy drinker) can die from suddenly stopping. They should have a qualified medical consult and possibly be hospitalized and medicated.

They could have what's called delirium tremors - which I suppose could be pretty harmful to someone's health - but I think if someone is an alcoholic it's better for them to stop the drinking, get treated if they end up with DT's and be way better off in the end.

No... his body will react... but...

the sooner he quits the better off he'll be.

It can not harm them,it's only that they just fell it because,what they have doing before they will not be able to do it.

Texas Cowboy
They can go into DT (dilerium traumas). A bad one should see a doctor.

nope, sooner they quit the better

one word detox. They can go through serious pain with that.

Yah ... It can be harmfull

Stop it in ... discrete gaps ... not suddenly

The withdrawal period can be dangerous, especially if they can't control their emotions during this time.

Alcohol withdrawal occurs in 3 stages: Stage 1 - minor withdrawal, Stage 2 - major withdrawal and Stage 3 - Delirium tremens (DTs). A Stage 3 withdrawal is a medical emergency and has a mortality rate of 2% to 5%. How severe the withdrawal symptoms (which stage) depends on how long the drinking has gone on and how much alcohol has consistently consumed. Stages 1 & 2 probably won't have any long-term effects.

If you want the symptoms of all three, e-mail me at [email protected] and ask for them.

NO! as a matter of fact, it will greatly improve thier health.

NO-they might get a little cranky for awhile

only in the aspect that the detox is not going to be easy creating high levels of stress and anxiety.

I don't think it can harm their overall health, but they will go through withdrawals. Symptoms are/can be - shakes, fever, nausea, hallucinations, hot flashes, and others. It depends on how much they drank. Until all the alcohol is out of their body. They should drink water to keep themselves hydrated. If the person is a very heavy drinker - drinking until totally drunk on a regular basis, they should consult a doctor or possibly check him/herself into a detox clinic.

Certainly not! It's the alcohol that does the harm. Stopping cold turkey is the only way to do it. There could well be withdrawals, especially for heavy drinkers, but it won't harm your health (will only feel that way for a while).

No, but they will go through some serious withdrawal. That, can be harmful.

When I stopped the first time (in 2001) I suffered from the DT's for a few days and my digestive system went crazy for about a month. I took up drinking again 3 months later.
When I gave up last august I did not get DT's but did suffer from severe depression, fatalism and morbidity for around three months. My other problems (such as OCD) became far worse for a long period afterwards and I suffered from terrible insomnia too. I was also very prone to terrible joint and muscular pain due to problems with my salt levels and circulation caused by my body re-balacing itself to adjust.
None of these problems seem to have been long term though.

It can cause them to go through withdrawal symptoms called the DTs (Delirium Tremens - which means "crazed shakes") which can be no fun for the drunk or the folks trying to keep him from leaping out the window.
Physically, the withdrawal symptoms are comparitively mild, but the mental symptoms, depending on the state of alcoholism, can be pretty fierce.

It seems his/her health could only start improving from that moment on -- provided he/she takes proper nourishment.

(I'm not a doctor.)

It does not damage more than alcohol.He needs only emotional support.

No, but they will go through withdrawl symptoms which will make them feel like crap.

with drawls are inevitable. They include but not limited to;
nightmares, shaking, stomachaches, vomiting, headache, mental stress, etc.

Also any kind of addict is likely to find another substance to take the place of the old. EX. An alcoholic may start to take pain killers, or even over eat. Many drug addicts become alcoholics after they stop using their drug of choice.

It is far better to stop drinking than to do it to avoid these things.

My advice is to see a doc for medication to ease symptoms and professional help.

Yes, that is what killed hank the drunk dwarf from the Howard Stern Show. Your body goes into shock.

No. I did and was fine. It's not like hard core drugs that sometimes have to be weaned off.

i was told that stopping drinking cold turkey can kill you, and that it was about the only thing that would. quitting heroin will make you sick and maybe wish you were dead, but its not fatal.

stopping drinking can ONLY be for the drinkers best interest.
nothing phsyically harmful (long term) can happen.
unlike the continuation of alcohol consumption

Yes and no. Your body over time builds up a tolerance on the alchohol. If you suddenly quit drinking, your body will go into shock without the alcohol it is dependant on. But that does not mean you should keep drinking. Your body is better without the booze than with it.

[email protected]
yes you could go cold turkey and get very hot and sweaty

no but they will suffer from other complications that do harm their health, some can be helped with Chlordiazepoxide or more commonly Librium. but they have to go on a reducing regime of Librium to withdraw properly.

No b/c it is simply an addiction that one must over come.

Heavy drinkers can have harmful reactions if they stop cold turkey, which is why there are detox centers that will provide medical supervision and medication to alleviate tremors and other side effects. These side effects are not just psychological; they are physical. The benefit of stopping drinking far outweighs these issues, but there needs to be medical supervision. It is not simply an issue of them being in a bad mood because they don't have booze.

Alcohol addiction is not simply something that someone overcomes; it is a life threatening illness that remains throughout the rest of a person's life. The alcoholic can learn to live with the disease and remain sober. There is not a cure but there is treatment.

Folks, please be cautious when tossing out advice that can jeapordize someone's life!

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