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If I drink a bottle of wine on my own every week am I an alcoholic?

Additional Details
I drink it within 2-3 days, a couple of galsses at a time. I don't call myself lonely, when I am out I drink coke. I just like drinking wine in front of the telly. Occasionally I let someone else have a glass!

See how long you can go for without drinking that bottle of wine. If it's less than a week, then you have dependency on alcohol.

May I have a glass? I love wine, and could drink a whole bottle in one sitting!!! mmmmmm!!

probably not, try not doing it for a week. As long as your drinking isn't affecting your life or those around you, you are probably fine as long as you don't increase the amount you are drinking. If you have a friend or loved one commenting on your drinking try stopping for a while to alleviate their worries.

no enjoy it,but if you want someone to help you

An alcoholic isn't defined as someone 'who drinks loads of alcohol', it is someone who is 'dependent on alcohol'. If you feel that you couldn't cope without this one bottle of wine a week then maybe you need some help.

All at once or a glass at a time? Don't think you are an alcoholic unless you sit down and drink the whole bottle yourself and do it to get drunk.

yeesh, join the party

I drink on average a bottle of wine a week and I think its great.
Some times it`s nice just to relax on your own and enjoy a glass. I would not consider myself or you an alcoholic. It`s just our treat time. Enjoy.


no just bored.

In response to Hailey D- if you are telling her not to make a habit out of it, and then tell her to make a 'schedule' of when she can and can't drink- then don't you think that woud be making it a habit? ANYWAY. To the women asking a question, it seems to me if you are posting about this on Yahoo Answers asking our opinions, you might be trying to justify what you already KNOW is a problem. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, you know you're limits (I HOPE! :) ), and if you feel that you are doing something wrong....stop. If you find in withdrawling that you are having problems doing so, then you have hit the nail on the head, and can solve what is bothering you. If you simply like a glass of wine now and then, by all means, have one- but don't use that as your crutch to enjoy a nice night in front of the TV. Good luck to you!

thats not so bad,probably do you good.

no you're not. I drank 1+half bottles of scotch per day for15yrs. thats an alcoholic. I want my mid life back but its too late, its gone forever. I haven't touched a drop for five years and I'm happy to have survived with my health and family intact.
NO...you are not alcholic, and a bottle of wine per week is under the 15 units per week guideline.
Please keep it there, I know the agony too much can bring .
Enjoy your wine, wish I could join you

My question to you is:
Can you live without having that couple of glasses of wine?
A person with alcohol dependence:
has a strong desire to drink alcohol,
has difficulty controlling their use of alcohol,
persistently uses alcohol despite being aware of the harmful effects, s
hows increased tolerance for alcohol,
and shows signs of withdrawal when without alcohol.

Do you fit into the above?

Check out this link - very informative!

Hope helps!

*~STEVIE~* *~B~*
No, but you might be if you drank one every day.

mr nice guy
no just selfish learn to share your wine.

Wine is supposed to be healthy for the heart. A half bottle per day is supposed to be the healthiest thing you can do. So its not a bad thing.

Tattoo Ted
Binge drinking has nothing to do with alcoholism (although obviously alcoholics binge drink).

As with any addiction, it is your behaviour with the substance that is the issue.

This general questionairre may help :


I think it depends on WHY you are drinking.

Hailey D
Well, if it makes you happy, go for it! Just make sure it does not become habit. I would set out specific days to do it and how much to do it.

no if you drank everyday and had to have a drink then you would be an alcoholic.

Nothing wrong with enjoying a glass or two of wine. Go to www.aa.org , take the test online to see if you are an alcoholic , I suspect your not. However ,if your are it is good the you found this out early before you ruined your life and the lives around you .

No, alcoholics drink like non stop my sister was one so I would know pretty much if ur an alcoholic ur drunk half the time

I'll i need is you
Ask yourself that question?
Can you control the drinking. If you can't stop, and it has become a habit, it's almost as bad as smoking.
I wouldn't say your an alcoholic, but I barely know you, so you have to make that decision i'm afraid by yourself


herbal ashtray
no....god no.

Hi Tinkerbelle, I am a recovering alcoholic(20 years sober). Do you have any other symptoms? For instance-Do you think about drinking at all? Is it affecting work, relationships? Can you stop for a long period of time-say 6 months. How does it make you feel doing without it? Can you take a drink and then stop and not have any more for a couple of days?
Please email me if you want to ask me anything.

The Transporter
That's a small glass a night with a night off. That's like calling me an astronaut when I loose off a few rockets in the back garden on Guy Fawkes Night!

if you are dependent on alcohol and cannot function normally...then thats when you have a problem....

Woody Black
Theres no amount that makes you an alchoholic - If you cant control it or its interfering with your life - Then your an alchoholic

**edit **

further to your Additional Details : No, I dont think you are.

Dr Frank
One bottle of wine a week is within the unit guidelines for a woman in a week. Just be careful it does not creep up!


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