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I suffer from arthritis in my knees neck and back and find it difficult to sleep at night as the pain wakes me
can anyone offer help or advice please

Claire U.K

Randy Q
You may want to try something more on the mental side than the physical side. Apparently the 'experts' don't really know what causes it and most reatements don't work for a lot of people.

Some mental techniques such as, but not limted to hypnotism can help. I would suggest acupuncture too. Don't question why it works, it just does. If you can't believe all the mystical side they claim when talking about it, fine I don't believe that either. The point is however it works it does.

well first you should be seeing an arthritis specialist, if not ask your GP to refer you to one, ive had it for 20 yrs and im on steriods, i know this will not suit everyone but im not in pain when im laid still, its only when i move.
And you could try eating oily fish, taking fish oils and using olive oil in your cooking to try and lubricate your joints.
If your already on medication you could try Kalms Sleep from the chemist, they are made from natural plant extracts and Hops powder, they help me but i need to take them at least an hour before bed, Anyway good luck :-)

try Glucosamine, it's good for the joints, health shops sell it.

lie on the edge of the bed, that way you will soon drop off

try Tylenol arthritis formula and use BenGay if this doesnt help try Tylenol pm

Please see the webpages for more details on Arthritis.

I know the feeling, I've tried all sorts which work for a short time but then have to try something else, try a hot water bottle or olbas oil rubbed in to the joints, I find sleeping wit a pillow between my knees help it keeps the spine straighter.

Dr Zak Han
Hi.You can try acupuncture.
About it.There are have website:

I think you should Call :Lou: the mattress expert.... 480-503-2221.

You will thank me after your talk with him....


I see some good answers already

I developes an arthritic condition after moving to a new apartment

Thr root cause I discovered was geopathic stress cause mainly by underground streams - check out GS on the web also www.curezone.org

♥ £.O.V.€. ♥
Ask your doctor to up your pain medication. Also, Tylonol Arthritis might work, but check with your doctor before you use that, because some ingredients in it could interact with your medicines you're taking right now.

according to all i've read (alternative) don't eat
white bread, pasta, sugar...take some Calcium
supplements, at least 1000 mg per day

I use ice packs. Ibuprofen is good also but sometimes anti- inflammatories can reduce blood flow to the area. Exercise should help. Look into Selenium; research into this trace element suggests that lack of it can lead to certain forms of arthritis. If your doctor can't help you get another one.

What about them about one of them bed that can be moved to help you get comfy.

I personally suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, the first year of diagnose is the most crucial. As it depends in how is treated it will later show up all the damage caused your joint by the inflamation. When there is pain, there is inflamation, corrossion + of cartilage. The best way to treat your cartilage in order to protect it, avoiding high impact on your major joints, avoiding walking when swelling and hot pain.taking msm to treat your cartilages, specially for the pain and the stiffness,it is natural, you
can take as much as you want and has no side effects.I am taking the lot steroids, painkillers, antiinflamatory and I am on a Research treatment, anti TNF tumor necrosis factor. with an injection a week.
The best?? msm. try it and you will see the difference.
it is best to buy it at its pure form unprocessed, this website
sells it at a very good price.I hope you can try it and it works, cos
it did for me.

good luck with your artrhitis.

Hey so did my granmother till someone told her to use castor Oil and rub it into the skin for arthritis it works. Try it

SNAP, I have Arthritis too, and have many sleepness nights when I am really bad! I have a hot bath before I got to bed, and I take sleepeze which is a herbal remedy, works a treat!

I have a bad back along with arthritis. I bought a pillow top mattress last year. Haven't had any body stress since then and sleep much much better at night. Only one draw back. For me, they are hard to make because I have trouble lifting the mattress. So, hubby makes the bed ;-)

get some pain killers from your doctor

As you probably already know, arthritis is the most common of diseases, and dealing with it can be incredibly hard, especially if, like you, it makes a major impact on your daily life.
The Non-steriodal anti inflammitory drugs ( NSAIDS ) offer relief to most people, but the OTC stuff you see on TV are not effective enough for serious cases. SOme of the better ones are Naproxen, and Indocin, prescription strength which can be altered by your physician as needed for maximum benefit. Beware of the 'snake-oil' peddlers. There are NO KNOWN CURES! only control. I wish you the best. G.

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