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I need a doctors help its an emergency!?
Ok my cousin is 2 and he took a longer nap than usual and when he woke up he was running a 102 temperature and we asked him what was wrong and he kept saying toes toes!! and he was like holding his leg so we gave him some ibuprofen and he was fine for an hour and i noticed that his skin was purple and he was literally shivering cold so we got him in some warm pj's and he took like a 20 minuet nap and when he woke up he was running a 104 temperature and we dont know what to do. Please help!!

CALL AN AMUBLANCE, thats not normal, any fever or temperature above 100 should be checked out at the hospital.

Diana H
Don't wait, Get him to the ER NOW! He may have gotten bitten by a spider or depending where you live it could be a scorpion. Get to the ER NOW!!!!!!!

Hmm... you need a doctor's help and it's an emergency. I'd say the place to go would be the emergency room.

Please. Go. That sounds extremely dangerous.

I'm not a doctor, but i'd be taking him to the hospital and getting him checked out by one straightaway.

Hospital NOW! Cannot wait and see with young kids! GO!!!

I agree with eveyone else!!! That temp is very dangerous and indicates something VERY wrong, not to mention the shivering and purple skin. That indicates heart problem as a possiblity. You need to get the poor child to an ER like yesterday!!!

emergency=emergency room

Tangy AND sweet :D
bring him to the HOSPITAL NOOOOW! i mean NOW! the blood may not be flowing right you need to get him there now!


♥ Lis ♥
Go to the ER...104 temp. is pretty high. You don't want to put him in warm clothes...with a temp like that, even when it goes down you have to insist on light clothes if anything at all, even if he's cold. You can also alternate Tylenol 3 hours after you started the Ibuprofen. So, if you gave him Ibuprofen at 6pm, you can give him Tylenol at 9pm...just alternate that through the night to keep the temp down. Good luck to you.

some guy =]
you need to take him to a child doctor before it late. 104 is very high fever

Take him to the emergency room.

Dude, call the freakin hospital NOW! There is no way for you to diagnose this, you need to get an ambulance or take him there immediately, you do not want to be responsible if this takes a turn for the worse and you didn't do the right thing! The parents would absolutely want you to bring him in.


take him to the doctors..... or anything... a kid thats only 2 and that has a fever that high can be dangerous!!!

DeNee S
take him to the emergency room

Liz A
You need to take him to an emergency room right now or call 911! If his temperature reaches 105 he could go into a coma or possibly die. Get him to an emergency room or call 911 so they can tell you what to do NOW!

why did you even waste your time to type this question out? do you have any common sense? go take him to the doctor.

gosh, you are an idiot. if someone got shot in the face, would you post a question on yahoo first to ask what to do or call 911? i would call 911. its common sense.

im sorry to say this, but you are a dumbass. i dont care if i get -10 cuz you deserve you be called a dumbass, dumbass. im sorry, but someone has to do it.

go take a common sense class or something.

people are getting stupider, what a shame.

Lieutenant K
Get him to the doctor, stupid! And you know what? You're no longer allowed here.

GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!! at 2 if he is running that high of a temperature he could be really sick!!!
good luck! i hope your cousin is ok!!

go to the emergancy room at your local hospital or call 911.

Seriously, that is a child, they obviously can't tell you whats wrong, and no one here can diagnose this based on what you are saying - you might be missing something key.

Take this kid to the hospital. Bills can be paid later, take care of the kid NOW.

Juan O
call 911 rigth now!!!!

If you need a doctor's help and it's an emergency, then get to the emergency room so that you can receive a doctor's help.


Mr. Goodkat
Take him to the hospital!!!!!!!!!!!! A fever that high for a 2 year old is very dangerous, it could cause brain damage!!!

Take him to the hospital dont just sit here and wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go now!!!!!!!!!!

Call 911 Quick

Yes, you do need a doctor!! BUT NOT HERE!!! Take the baby to the emergency room now!!!! HIS SKIN IS PURPLE...OH MY GOD!!! CALL 9-1-1 NOW!!!

Putting warm pj on him when he is running a fever is only going to make it worse, no matter how much he shivers.

You sound so young, where is his mother???
Is there an adult there with you??

If not, call an ambulance, PLEASE!!!

i would say go to an emergency room, but sometimes they take hours to see you
call 911,

Kathryn F
take him to the dctor asap

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