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I keep having seizures, what should i do?
i think i have epilepsy. it'd make sense cause my older sister does. my parents know about hers though. she's had tests done and is on medication. i don't think my parents know about mine cause i usually have seizures in the middle of the night/early morning (between 1am &8am) &my door is usually closed. i don't really want them to know though, cause i really don't want to go through all those tests my sister had to &i really don't want to be put on medication (i hate doctors &hospitals).
i had my first seizure when i was 17 &i'm 19 now. i'd say i have a seizure at least 3 times a month, like, bad ones to the point where i black out. they're scary as ****. it always feels like i'm falling or something before i black out. sometimes i can snap myself out of them though if i tell myself to just breathe &relax. but still... it can't be good. &i've got a constant fear of them now which doesn't help. what should i do?? is there anything besides drinking plenty of water that can help??

sandra t
go to a doctor!
guy you can like die...
or crack your neck..
meds are good sometimes

you should go to the doctors. doctors really help. I had these really weird watery bumps that my parents couldnt find out wat it was. I went to the doctor and i figured out i had a disease. I was really really freaked out about it at first but ever since i went to the doctors i've been fine. If you take that medicine i'm pretty sure it will help you.

I really recomend that you go to a doctor..There is a GREAT head doctor in Arizona, where my mother goes for the same problem. You should definatly contact him.

here is some information on him:


Epileptologist, Director, Arizona Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Associate Professor of Neurology

By taking into account the medical, social and occupational aspects of epilepsy, Dr. Labiner provides comprehensive care and physician consultations to help patients with difficult-to-manage epilepsy, including diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment when appropriate. His research interests include the study of epidemiology and genetics of the epilepsies, neurochemistry of underlying epilepsy and the issue of genetic susceptibility to seizures.

Dr. Labiner obtained his MD degree and completed his internship at the Medical College of Georgia. He completed his neurology residency at the Neurological Institute of New York/Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Dr. Labiner went on to a fellowship at Duke University Center for the Advanced Study of Epilepsy. Dr. Labiner is board certified in Neurology. He was cited in The Best Doctors in America, Pacific Region (1996-97).

may not be a seizure may be a panic attack which can feel similar but require a lot less medical intervention,if it is true epilepsy then you need the doctor to make sure you are safe,you could have one crossing the road or walking down the stairs without treatment, there are various kinds of epilepsy so please do get a check up or you could put yourself in danger or end up with far more medical tests etc through injury.

What in the hell sort of stupid question is that, go to a doctor as soon as possible, did you not realise that by time you had written that silly question you could have had another seizure and ended up seriously injuring yourself, don't be so lazy, and don't be scared, you can't put it off, and you should seek medical advice quickly, and that does not come from random people around the world on yahoo bloody answers!

Luisian P
well my mom has epilepsy and she has to go to the doctor and all but one thing you can do is drink plenty of water and relax. read a book. dont watch too much tv and if your a girl then epilepsy is kind of normal it all has to do with girls puberty. like penouse and stuff. but still you need to go see a doc or something emial me for questions

Seriously dude, GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can die from seisures! You really need to see a doctor

First of all you should have told your parents in the first place but since you didn't tell your parents as soon as possible!!! I have a friend who has seizures and they can be very dangerous!! She won't be able to drive because of the seizures probably..... its very serious you probably could go to the doctor to ask for medicine or something!! Just tell your parents don't keep that a secret toward them that is deffinetly not good to do!! I hope I helped!!! Good luck!!

please see a neurologist!
Mine started when I was 13 (i am 27 now and i have grand mals).
I almost died during my last one. I was actually in the hospital for surgery on my leg. Thank God i was in the hospital because i almost went into cardiac arrest. Listen, what would you do if you were in the shower. It happened to me this year and i should have drowned. and i know someone who had epilepsy and died in his sleep because he was sleeping in a way where his pillow smothered him. maybe he was laying on his stomach. I might be scaring you but maybe thats the only way to get you to think this is very serious. Even if you dont have grand mals. driving is bad too. i drive. which i probably shouldnt but the meds are good enough. they allow me to have a physical aura before it happens. ask about Ativan it can stop them before they happen and it halpes you sleep.
ALSO, you are an adult. just go in to your primary doctor for a check up and tell her you dont want you parents to know. and she should be able to help you and she HAS to by law respect your privacy.
sorry this is so long but if you do end up being diagnosed with the disorder and dont take the steps to make it under control they may get worse as the years go on. They did for me. and i have had about 20 since i was 13. :(
Good luck.
email if you want: [email protected]

If you want to be a decent, responsible human being you will get the tests done and be on the medication. What if one happens while you are driving? What if you kill a little child? Do you want to live with THAT for the rest of your life? You could even go to prison for it. Grow up! Start acting like a responsible person. If you have a medical problem, ignoring it will NOT "make it go away."

You need to get over the fear and get the testing done. My mother works for an epilepsy clinic. She tells me stories all the time about people who had a seizure and fell and hit their head and they died! I'm only telling you this because you need to get yourself checked out. You may need meds to get this under control. No one wants to read about you in the obituaries!!!!! Please. get yourself checked out.

God Bless.

Go to the doctors they are the ones with the best answers

Go see a neurologist. Having seizures can be dangerous, even deadly, so get it looked at. For your sake and for the sake of your family and friends. I am sure they would not want to loose you.

Daniel M
how would you like to kill someone? If you are driving and you have a seizure, that's exactly what could happen. Let's see...tests, or killing someone? I think you should endure the tests or NEVER drive again.

See a Doctor! and wear a medical bracelet with the diagnosis on it at ALL TIMES! My cousin had bad seizures that were increasing in frequency and he finally went to Duke University in N.C., They implanted a De- Fibrillater to counter the seizures and it seems to have helped a lot.
He also is on a Very Restricted Diet, but you need to know what foods you need to avoid.
If you can tell when they are about to happen by all means LAY DOWN IMMEDIATELY
> Word is dogs can detect seizures before the happen> check it out.
Early detection (brain cancer) can save your life!

you have to see a doctor

Seek medical help. Seizures can be caused by epilepsy or many other things. Are you a heavy drinker? Do you abuse drugs? Have you suffered a head injury? Are you exposed to a toxin? this list can go on and on. Seek medical help.

no one cares for hospitals and doctors however,for your safety please let your parents know what is going on with you.i hope the best for you.

You have no choice I saw someone of their epilepsy medication have a seizure and crash their car through a fence into a house a few months ago (he lived). You must and I mean MUST get over your fear of doctors and hospitals and see a doctor about seizures or you will end up having one at a time when it hurt you badly or kill you.

I'm sorry that's happening to you, but you need to get to the doctor and get on prescription medication for it. Drinking water isn't going to stop seizures.

Yepp.. there is something you can do..Go and get diagnosed properly whether you want to or not...Its a must..I put it off for a long time..There is a condition you could have called "psuedo epilepsy"..Its where you do actually have a genuine fit but it doesnt register in the brains natural waves(doesnt pick up on scans) This is particullally scary as its still an illness but it can be controlled with therapies and medications. Please beware though that some doctors refuse to believe this is a real type of fit.(ie faking seizures) I mean why would we do that?? I have this condition and fortunately am getting the help. The fear you have also will not be helping as any type of stress can trigger them.I have been known to get them at night too..If you go into hospital..and black out through them then they know its 4 real and you need help in controlling them.You may have another type of epilepsy as im not a doctor and because of your family history.Be brave and go and get it checked.Then you can get treated and get on with your life. There is no stigma attached to people with this.. Also look up "Pseudo epilepsy" on google.It gives more detailled imformation.
Look after yourself

luan r
im sorry i cant give you much advice, i once had a friend who had this, she blacked out and when she woke, she didnt know where she was. you must see a doctor as soon as possile, they can give you far better advice than we can. i feel for you deeply, i hope you can cope with this. all the best.

Bill C
Get over your fears and go to a doctor before it gets so bad that you won't have a choice because someone will be strapping you to a gurney and you'll be forced to go to the hospital.

I don't usually like typing in all caps, but I need to make this clear:


Why do I have to tell you this?

Karmens Mommy
go to the hospital and get some help

Go to the doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see a doctor

go to the doctor

go to the doctor!

go to the doctor

You really, really need to tell your parents about this and get to a doctor. The only way you're ever going to get your seizures under control is by being treated for them. You'll probably go on medication, but that's ok, it's better then having seizures all the time. It's really dangerous that you're having them and no one knows about it. Please, talk to your parents and see a doctor. There is nothing you can do yourself to control them.

Take care of yourself.

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