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 Do you smoke?
yes or no?...

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I fancey my doctor, should i tell him?
or will he just up my medication?

Would'nt matter,It is against medical ethics for a doctor to be in any sort of relationship with a patient.He's probably happily married anyway.

why does everyone fantasise about their Dr's?

I would say no.
I felt the same way about the surgeon that saved my life (who by the way was the same age as my parents) so I did a little research. It is actually very common for people to "fall" for their doctor especially if he/she has helped you through a particularly tough disease or situation.

Are you both single? What meds are you on? Maybe he'll give them to you for free!

yeah its ok to tell him, he has to just stay professional , whatever you say, he or she would probably like the compliment at least , it might make their day if you are attractive

you can't get with your docs though, however cute they are or however much you want to, you just can't

maybe a hug if you are really hittin it off, thats all you're gonna get though

go for it. he may like you too and then you can be a rich Drs wife.

He will drop u like a hot potato.

if your doc is single yes go ahead tell him

If you really want a relationship with your Dr you must first find yourself another Dr as he cannot see you if you are a patient of his,have you really thought this through or is this just a fantasy

no he may decide not to treat you

Depends on why your seeing him in the first place and why this problem would need more medication.

Suzanne G
no. it would put him in a difficult position. admire from afar, and find someone else.



find out if he's married without asking him, then don't try for a date in the office, no taste. find out some interests of his. this is a start. then if you start, find a new doctor.

Alexa K

do you know that it is illegal to have a relationship with your doctor? so if you want to be with him.....change your doctor first...

Please don't get disappointed, but it's a common fancy among many people. Wait for a month to see whether it's just an infatuation or stands the test of time. If it does, and only if your Doctor is a bachelor, propose.
P.S. Hope you are of a legal age to marry!

Stephen B
I dunno! What's his specialty? Does he make you sing Aretha Franklin???

Black Orchid
No way ! don't tell him its just infatuation
For one thing he could be stuck off if he started anything with a patient
It will ruin your relationship with him

if he is married forget about it

tell him if you like and hope he like you the same way. if so and you want to take it further professionaly he can not tret you so you would have to be assigned to a different doctor and maybe a different surgery in your town.
but professioanly and ethically doctors and nurses are not allowed to date patients they treat.
what ever good luck in getting that date.
oh and there is always a chance your doctor will up your meds.

"Ask Dr. Stupid"
Go ahead and try but be sure to have a back up doctor incase things do not work out

Before you send him any love notes, learn how to spell "Fancy" since I am sure then he will see you as an educated person and instantly fall in love with you.
Oh, also when you talk about yourself, the letter "i" should always be capitalized "I" and capitalize the title of a professional.

To correct your sentence "I fancy my Doctor, should I tell him" will make you seem like you have an education, I am certain He knows how to spell corrctly too.

Just, but wait until he's into the gyno exam


[email protected]
Keep it to yourself unless you want him to tell you to see another doctor.

you can tell him, and he will be flattered, but doctors cannot and will not get emotionally involved with there patients, trust me on this one.

As your Doctor he is obligated to treat you only as a patient, if you truly want a different type of relation with him then you first need to find a different doctor.

Stephanie B

Oooooooooo! lol! yes. ( :
im sure he wont take it in any bad way,
he is intelligent, you might just flatter him ( :
- to the rest of you, take it easy.

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