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Hypothyroidism? Anyone have it?
Does anyone have hypothyroidism? I was just diagnosed with it. I've had a hard time losing weight since having my son 2 years ago. The doctor gave a prescription for medication. Will this help in losing weight? Has anyone else dealt with it?

knowledge hungry
i've had hypothyroidism since i was 2, I am now 15 and have been taking pills since then. I believe the prescription i'm taking is called Levothyroxine. Without this medication i could be seriously obese and have major internal problems due to the hypothyroidism. This medication doesn't help me lose weight, instead it keeps in check my average weight. So right now at age fifteen i'm at perfect weight, am healthy, and have nothing to worry about. I've just have to take my pill every night.

With Hypothyroidism, you have to work much harder to lose weight and stay healthy. Your metabolism is much slower than average/normal metabolism. The medication will increase your metabolism and give you more energy.

Dusti 777
I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about a year ago. I am on Levothyroxine (50 mg). As soon as your system settles down and gets used to the prescription, you should begin to lose weight. Of course you still need to exercise and eat well. It may take a few months but everything will stabilize.

Good Luck!

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid when I was 12. Later in my early 20's I was told I have an autoimmune disease where my Thyroid is attacking itself like it is foreign. I've been on Synthroid, & Levothyroxine. I have a hard time losing weight.

I was once given thyrolar2 which has since been removed from the market, but I lost 40 pounds in 2 weeks on that. Wish I had some again. I don't tolerate heat or extreme cold well, and my hair is usually dry & brittle. I found using hair moisturizer helps alot. I feel tired more easily and sometimes am forgetful but I seem to function much better if I go to bed earlier so the added rest helps.

There really isn't any easy way to get the weight off unless you walk regularly & eat better.

Gaynell K
what kind of medication did the doctor give and how much mg. read the prescription medication or ask your doctor. virgin coconut oil is good for hypothyroidism,it also helps in losing and maintaining weight. stay from Soy products

My mom has it but the doctor told her it wasn't responsible for a larger amount of weight gain. She takes her meds faithfully everyday and has also started taking Kelp supplements. She gets cranky and cold if she misses a few doses.

my friend has it and has a lot of trouble losing weight as well. However, the meds do help since they regulate the way your body functions. i would stick to a healthy eating plan and exercise regularly to boost up your metabolism. You should see results in no time!

yes but some times its about your meals and exercise amounts also how active you are

Anyone who has been diagnosed with hypothyroidism should become aware that there is another disease often associated with this condition . . it is a type of cancer called sarcoma. The current recommendation is that anyone diagnosed with a Thyroid disorder should be screened for a sarcoma and anyone with a sarcoma should be screened for a Thyroid disorder.


I have hypothyroidism and was diagnosed when I was about 12. I had been overweight all of my life for no reason (I ate healthy and was very active). I was put on Synthroid and expected to lose weight. I soon realized that Synthroid wasn't going to help me lose weight but in fact did help me maintain weight (I wasn't gaining anymore).

So I went on Weight Watchers and lost the amount of weight I wanted to lose and with Synthroid, I've been able to maintain my weight and haven't gained at all.

Hope that helps :)

Kris L
Yes, I have hypothyroidism. The medication will even out your Thyroid, but you will still need a GOOD DIET and EXERCISE PLAN to lose weight. You also MUST be careful, because hypothyroidism causes other BIG health problems ... get your cholesterol checked IMMEDIATELY and every six months for the rest of your life. Have an EKG done now, and get one AT LEAST once a year ... and BE SURE to take your Thyroid medication AT LEAST AN HOUR BEFORE you eat ANYTHING if you want to get the 'full effect.' You'll still be 'tired' in the afternoon and may need a nap, and your joints will ache a bit more ... ALL of this is from the hypothyroidism, and if you miss one pill that day will be 'harder' and the day after if you miss again will be even harder ... and it will probably take 5 our more years for your Thyroid to 'settle down' and stop 'adjusting' so BE SURE you have your THS (blood) checked EVERY SIX MONTHS for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. You will also NEED THOSE PILLS for the rest of your life, so be sure that if you move to another state, travel for longer than a month, or change doctors that you ALWAYS HAVE YOUR MEDS!

the cats' mother
Yes it will help. 65 per cent of women of child bearing age
have hypothyroidism. the treatment is very simple and has
no side effects at all. You should notice a real increase in your energy level. If you were having problems with dry hair and skin that will clear up and if you are trying to lose weight it will be easier. I have had hypothyroidism since I was 17 and am 60 now.

Yes. I have Hashimoto's thyroidosis - meaing my immune system attacks my Thyroid and causes it to malfunction.

The doctor gave you a replacement for the hormone that your Thyroid isnt' making. It will balence out your metabolism and make it "normal" again. It's not a magic cure all, you won't take it and then the weight will melt off. But if you diet and exercise, you'll loose weight like anyone else.

To "KC" have you tried a different medicine? I'm that one ina million who is allergic to the fillers in Synthroid/Levoxyl, but I've had great luck with armour Thyroid.

Claudia F
The Thyroid medicine and the generic one, i have been on for years, many many take the medication. The purpose of the medication is is to bring your body where your need a certain dose in order for the medication to give you a normal reading during a blood test. That's why the check your blood.
Hope it helps. I forgot about the weight part. You my drop a few, taking more than you are supposed to is dangerous. But, this is not a way to looks weight, sorry

The medication that your doctor has prescribed for you will most likely work.

Your Thyroid is a major endocrine and exocrine glad that controls everything - height, weight, the shape of your hands or feet, etc.

Hypothyroidism is when your Thyroid is running slow - or has not completely developed and taking a toll on your body. Thyroidal problems are more common than you think!

What you can do about it: See you doctor regularly and take the medicine he is prescribing!

YES tons of people have it. I am hypothyroid. I take 0.5 mcg of Synthroid which might be bumped up because my TSH is going up and I have a goiter in my neck, can't see it, but can feel it. Its serously not a big deal. Get your blood work done regularly and take your damn medicine. Losing weight will happen once you get your Thyroid regulated and make an effort at it. Good Luck

Ayden aka AJ
My gf has it and she is currently having trouble losing weight but since she has started to take her pills she has been loosing 5-11 pounds a week. she gains a pound or so back at times but if u diet along with taking ur medication it should help u. hope this helps

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after the birth of my last child. That was 2 years ago. I take Synthroid. The symptoms I had was my hair was falling out by the handful, i was fatigue all the time and weight problems. Since being on the Synthroid though, I have just kept on gaining weight. I cant seem to lose it no matter what I do.

Testika Filch Milquetoast
I have it, too. It's lots more common that you might think. I don't believe that the drug alone helps weight loss. My father was ordered to take a small amount of a prescription by his doctor to help with his weight problem and it didn't seem to help at all.

dawn m
I have been taking medication for hypothyroidism for several years. You must take your medication EVERY DAY and ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. I take mine early in the morning. Iron and Calcium products will block adsorption completely. It takes 6 weeks for your levels to adjust to a new dose so results of physical improvements come slowly. Your Thyroid controls your metabolism so be very careful to follow your doctors orders.

what is the name of the medication, if it is supposed to increase the production of Thyroid hormone in your body it will help you lose weight just a bit, because the Thyroid hormone speeds up your metabolism

Yes I have Hypothyroidism also,my doctor put me on a synthetic prescription ,but he had to change it because of the side effects I was having,so he put me on the natural form called Armour Thyroid and it worked just fine with no side effects.Hypothyroidism is a serous condition that can cause many other conditions.If anyone believes they may have this please ask you doctor for a complete blood work up ,if you don't they will only give you the standard test. Symptoms of Hypothyroidism
irregular heart beat
Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
Coarse, dry hair
Dry, rough pale skin
Hair loss
Cold intolerance (can't tolerate the cold like those around you)
Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
Memory loss
Abnormal menstrual cycles
Decreased libido

The TSH replacement therapy you are receving may help you loose weight - the Thyroid does control an unbelievable array of symptoms. TSH replacement (Synthorid) warns against trying to utilize the drug for weight loss.

Just a little advise. I have been dealing with hypothroidsim for 12 years due to treatment for Graves Disease. I spent eleven and a half just doing what the docotor told me to do without question...ALWAYS QUESTION. There is a really good book that I recently read and I found out SO MUCH information that the doctors had failed to tell me during the past 12 years of treating me! The book is "LIVING WELL WITH HYPOTHYROIDISM" by Mary J. Shomon (on the front it even says, "What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You That You Need To Know." There is an exceprt I would like to give you now,
"...guidelines were issued indicating that the target TSH range should be maintained between 03 and 2.- 3.0, rather than the 0.5 - 4.6-5.0" - pg 205 (from above book)
"...do not accept "you're in then nornal range" as a report of your [test] results. Ask for your speific numbers and the lab's normal ranges. Better yet ask for your records for a photocopy of teh test results page, so you can keep it in you own file. If you have specifically requested the numbers and your doctor refuses to tell you...this is a warning that you need a new docotor." - page 193 (from above book)
Ms. Shomon goes on to discuss Symtoms, Diasnosis, and Treatment, Conventional and Alternative Treatment Options, Challenges and Controversies, Specil Concerns of Hypothyroid, and Living Well Now and in the Future.
Chapter Four contains a symptoms checklist and the book it worth the money just for that reason alone. You can use the check list and carry it to you doctor, or photocopy it and send it to him.
Back to the weight issue. Ms. Shomon has also written a book called "They Thyroid Diet: Manage Your Metabolism for Lasting Weightloss
I got my copy from ebay, but I know the shelf price (according to the back of the book is USA 14.95 Canada $18.95) - WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!

Yes, I have had it for 35 years. Weight has always been a problem for me, but it is because of eating habits. Once your medication is worked out you will be fine.

I have hypothyroidism and take medication. I was diagnosed when I was about 15 and have been taking it for 30 years. I take it to keep my system and hormones in balance. Your difficulty at trying to lose weight may or may not have to do with your Thyroid but it is best to have your hormones balanced.

Mary Boo
Hypothyroidism means your Thyroid is not making enough Thyroid hormone. The Thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of your neck. It makes hormones that control the way your body uses energy.

How is it treated?
Doctors usually prescribe Thyroid hormone pills to treat hypothyroidism. Most people start to feel better within a week or two. Your symptoms will probably go away within a few months. But you will likely need to keep taking the pills for the rest of your life.


Hypothyroidism causes as a main symptom the uncontrollable weight gain, accompanied by fatigue, loss of the libido, forgetfulness, impotence, irritability and unhealthy looking nails, hair and teeth. In case you really suffer from hypothyroidism, the only thing that may help you is the mineral Iodine to stimulate your under active Thyroid.

The Thyroid gland produces in case of slowed down function weight gain and accumulation of fats, as it has a major role in the energetic metabolism. An under active Thyroid gland also leads to cellulite, accumulation of water in the body in spite of the huge quantity of calories lost; you will feel sluggish and powerless.

Although surgical extirpation of the Thyroid gland might seem helpful, doctors now know the important role of the gland in the metabolism. You will gain weight because of hypothyroidism but the symptoms will not be drastic if the gland hasn’t been removed.

The mineral Substance called Iodine is present in a very small amount in our body but its role in the function of the Thyroid gland is tremendous. In its absence we would immediately gain weight and hypothyroidism will occur. Nowadays, the insufficient quantity of Iodine assimilated by our bodies, caused by the fact that we tend to eat Iodine-less food, begins to take us to the apparition of a type of very spread hypothyroidism. By increasing the daily intake of Iodine the function of your slowing down Thyroid will immediately go back to normal.

Yes, ive had Hypothyroidism since i was 11 years old, i'm now 21...the medicine the doctor prescribed you i'm guessing is Synthroid or levothyroxin...yes, it does help... it will give your body the hormone that you are missing...you will start to lose weight, eat healthy also, get your energy back, and feel altogether better!!

I do and was put on Synthroid. TO be honest, it did not help me, but the problem was mild.
Everyone has offered great advice. If you can get your doctor to put you on Armour Thyroid as opposed to Synthroid I hear that it is better.

I have hypothyroidism. The medicine will make your ability to lose weight equal to that of a person with a normally functioning Thyroid once you get the right levels. Getting your Thyroid under control can take anywhere from a few times of changing your Thyroid medicine amount to going through a bunch of crazy testing to find out what exactly is wrong ( like in my case ).

Make sure you don't change your dosage of your medicine on your own or stop taking your medicine until your doctor prescribes so. This means even if you still feel like crap and/or are still gaining weight, just keep track of your continuing symptoms or new symptoms until you next appointment. Always keep your doctor appointments.

Do your best to exercise daily (even if you don't feel like it).

As for the person who said eat 6 small meals a day, that is the WORST thing you can do as a Thyroid patient. You need to eat a LARGE breakfast and then an average-small lunch and dinner.

The metabolism of a Thyroid patient needs to be heavily stimulated at the beginning of each day. if you eat small meals your bodies compromised metabolism won't even register that you ate something if you don't kick start it with something big in the morning. Best of luck to you in becoming more healthy.

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