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Ethel S
How many times can you urinate in a day?? I'm worried I may go too much, been 7 times in thes last 46 minutes.

that's a bit excessive call in to the triage sister and if she thinks you should see the doctor she will arrange it

fairly smart
over active bladder, weakened pelvic floor...
For any & all fixes or cures, go see a doctor...

Cascade Ranger
You may be suffering from urinary Tract Infection... what you're experiencing is a common symptom of it, namey frequent urination.

Diabetes, pregnancy, and prostate problems are other common causes of these symptoms.

Other causes include:

* Interstitial cystitis (an ongoing inflammation of the bladder that is much more common in women than men; often difficult to diagnose and treat)
* Diuretics and many other medications

And, less commonly:

* Radiation therapy
* Bladder dysfunction
* Bladder cancer

Common causes of nighttime urination:

* Drinking too much before bedtime, especially caffeine or alcohol
* Enlarged prostate

It could be caused by drinking alot of caffeinated drinks like coke and coffee and tea, they are diuretics that cause you to urinate more frequently. Unless you drank alot of water recently, which would account for the frequency in the last 46 minutes, it could be an early sign of diabetes, if it continues and your vision is being a bit blurred you should contact your doctor and get a urine and blood test done.

If this is accompanied by extreme thirst, it would sound like diabetes.

I would see a doctor as soon as possible.

need more information..age general health etc. Most common cause are infection (cystitis ) or possible kidney dysfunction or prolapse..we could go on. Go see your GP

lana k
Sometime when this happens to me I have not emptied my bladder the first time, or I have a UTI. This can be caused by many things . Medication usually antibiotics, not drinking enough water etc.

I would contact my physician and have him take a urine sample. It could also be caused by deterioration of bladder function to do with aging. This can be very serious!!

The no. of times of urination depends on the amount of fluids you take. More fluids u take more is the no. of times u hv to urinate. Also weather & disease can affect the frequency of urination.
7 times in 46 min is highly unusual for a normal person. So drop in to ur doctor's clinic & get a complete evaluation.

well, have you drank anything in the past hour?
when i drink coffee or tea, i go 4-5 times in an hour sometimes.
7 times is a lil excessive, but i guess it all depends on how much and what your drinking. anything with caffeine is gonna make you go more than usual!
i hope its not something worse...ive had a urinary Tract infection once that made me want to pee like 7 times in one hour, but i knew something wasnt right, it wasnt like i just started peeing more.
well good luck i hope you can slow the flow....lol.....

polyuria is one symptom of diabetes mellitus
although many things can cause urinary ffrequency, you might want to check with your healthcare provider and report your symptoms

Have you had any medication changes??

Have you been tested for diabetes?? That causes frequent urination.

I was on meds. last year that caused a problem like this. Once I stopped that prescription the problem went away.

Check with your Dr. about the problem. Unless you are on diuretics or a flushing program that sounds like somewhat of a problem.

Sexy Red
Sounds to me you have a water infection,i get these alot and always on the loo.Older woman dont seem to drink enough water,as they think they will be always on the loo.You need to drink plenty to flush ll through,have you any other symptoms ,bck ache,stomach ache,stinging when having a wee,smelly urine ? If so you have a water infection see your gp and he will prescribe you antiobiotics.Good Luck

According to something I read at WebMD yesterday, the average person urinates 6 or 7 times.. a DAY.. if you've done 7 in less than one hour, how do you have time to type in a question? Between squirts?
If ya ain't just pulling our chains, call your gyno right away and get things checked out.

i'd say call or go to a dr. there could be a medical problem.

average is about 5-7x/day...depending in your activity...the more you are on the go the lesser you go and the more you drink the more chances you urinates....it is worth to have a check by your doctor especially if u noticed it for quite awhile...you may have an unstable bladder!

Sounds like you've got a dose
of something nasty

It could be an infection. Go see the doctor

That does sound a lot.

I would take a water sample down to the doctor and ask him to shed some light on the problem.

You don't mention if you are on water tablets, or if it hurts when you pass water.

I hope the doctor can help.

it could be diabetes as this is a symptom of being diabetic. Your body tries to flush out the extra glucose/sugar but if you are urinating alot make sure you keep drinking alot of clear fluids to stop you from dehydrating. Go see your G.P or Chemist and they can rule out diabetes very quickly.

Michael M
If you really have this problem does it also happen through the night? go see a doctor.
If it is long term you have more than one problem because you are also loosing body elements like Potassium that your body will need to replace for Potassium eat a banana a day don't know about the rest

There is no set amount of times, but 7 times in 46 minutes is a cause for concern.

The most likely cause is diabetes, but the only sure way to know is to see a doctor. The sooner the better.

Good luck.

thats loads of drinking too much

3 times a day more than that you may have bladder control problems

It sounds like you have a urine infection. You can get antibiotics from the Dr to clear it, but you should also drink as much water as you can. This helps to flush the infection out.

You may have a condition called "irritable bladder syndrome". Or, if you are taking medicine for high blood pressure, the medicine likely contains a diuretic. Diabetes is another consideration. Please seek medical help from a reputable medical doctor.

kitty fresh & hissin' crew
As many times as you have urine to go around. As long as it's not hurting, URINE luck!

ooo now, this could indicate
1) a urine infection - drink Cranberry juice and go to your doc
2) cystitis- visit your doc
3) it is also the first sign of diabetes - do you have a family history of it? have you been feeling more thirsty recently? do you wake up with a dry mouth and needing to urinate first thing in the morning?

Visit your doctor they will be able to investigate it further.

[email protected]
This can be something as harmless as a a nervous response or something more serious including Diabetes. You clearly need to get professional help one way or another.

Good Luck.

super spud
12 times a day

M Double
You may be a diabetic. It's your body's way of gettin rid of excess glucose. Check with ur DR

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