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How long will it take for me to walk without a walker or cane after total hip replacement?

i was in a similar situation, and 2 months i could not step at all on that foot and after that i walked with a crane for another two months.. so everybody is different.. it`s hard but it`s worth it

to be honest with you dear sir or miss, it could take a month or it could take weeks it really all depends on how you take care of yourself,and how you listen to what your doctor had told you to do and it also depends on your body's healing system,but anyway thats all i can tell you my friend besides that just beleive in god and he will heal you sooner then you thank.
thank you
and may god bless you

Mopar Muscle Gal
depends on your age and health before surgery
Dad is 78- and is 6 weeks after hip replacement surgery to repair broken hip.. walking with a regular cane
PT says he will need to use it for 6 more weeks

It took my father a couple of months. It took another 3 months after that for him to walk normally again.

However, this permanently cured his crippling hip arthritis and returned him to normal functioning. Remember that as you are going through the rehab.

That would also depend on the type of surgery done. Now there is the Minimally Invasive Hip replacement Surgery. They will get you up as soon as possible,after the surgery in order to avoid blood cloths. Work well with physical therapy, and it truly depends on your desire to walk without any support. I still have my cane in the car, just in case I may need it during icy weather, however I have not used it. in the last 3 years. Best wishes may God bless you with a speedy recovery.

took my mom about 5 weeks. She has had both hips done now and is doing great. There is still some pain (arthritis type soreness) but she is much much better than before the surgery.

I know a guy that just had hip replacment..it seemed like it took him about 5 weeks and thats with walking up and down stairs all the time not to mention je is 80 years pold but it probaly alldepends on how active you are.

It may be detremain upon the effort in which you give in order to strenght n your hip (effort)
12-48 weeks

It's all about determination, not time. Find and be around people which will give you the absolute positive attitude. This approach, you will heal quickly. Also, remember, work with your doctor and therapist too.

Tenn Gal
I think it all depends on you and your age and how bad your hip was before surgery.
They had me out of the bed the next day and started therapy right away. It was about a month when I could walk with no cane. Again it depends on many things. There is no set time for everyone.

Not sure but there's plenty of mobility aids to help you out while you recover--


it took my fiance's step-father about 1-2 months to fully get on his own.

That's variable. Everyone heals and progresses at their own rate. I've seen some bounce back quicker than others. Just listen to your body and be good to it. Listen to your PT. Don't overdo it.

charles o
my dad got a total hip replacement a while back. It took him 8 months to fully 100% be normal. He was off the walker and cane within 3 months, but he limped for another 4.

but, my dad's surgery had some complications, so Yours may take a few less months.

and my dad was 44 when he got the surgery, if you are younger it will not take as long.

Linda G
at Least 6 mos depending on your age

Everyone heals at there own rate, without a history, age of Soar, I would be guessing, but lets say 1-2 months

Erik N
it depends on how well you heal

my neighbor had hip replacement and she was walking with out the walker or cane (doctor didnt like it) 5 weeks after the surgery without any pain or discomfort

she "need to do some things"

My ex wife had hers in Feb. last year, then they shipped her to a rehab center after 5 days in the hospital, and that stay lasted 2 weeks.
Within the first week they had her exercising the hip/leg, and by the end of that time she was walking with a walker, then a cane.

Her ecovery has been complicated by other issues, but she manages to get around,,, and drive. She is 55 years old.

Chase Manhattan
A good two months minimum.

spring l
i donno its according to alot of stuff but its better to talk to the doctor.

Julie L
I had this surgery 4 1/2 years ago at the age of 30. My recovery was not bad at all. Because of my age I did not have to go through rehab but they may advise that for you. They had me up on my feet within 24 hours which is scary but it gets better. I was without crutches and walking within 10 weeks. Right when I went without crutches I would be in a lot of discomfort when I would walk too much. I traveled a week after getting off crutches and really was kicking myself bc I was in a lot of pain. The big thing is to listen to your ortho doc and don't push it. You will be fine. I now work out everyday and walk without a limp. I'm so happy I had this surgery.

2 years

my mother in law had the surgery in the spring. she still uses a cane now. she was not an active person pre-surgery and she did not stick with her therapy outside of regualr sessions (daily short walks, etc).

Louise L
The last time I had this surgery, the walker lasted about a week, and the cane I got rid of in a month or less.

keep your head up, you can do it. just take 1 step at a time.

ive had 4 knee surgeries from sports so i feel you. gl bro

Like she said..it is very individual. However, you can ask your doc or his nurse or therapist in the office. They shoud be able to give you a rough idea of the average. I had knee replacement and they told me approx. what to expect..and were very close. You DO NOT WANY TO TRY WALKING WITHOUT ASSISTANCE BEFORE YOUR THERAPIST TELLS YOU IT IS OKAY! That is dangerous.. Hip replacement recovery time is generally less than knee replacement time. I am an R. N. and i was back at work in 8 weeks...but, again, it is very individal.. How old are you? What is your general health? Do you have arthritis? Many factors to consider. Hope all goes well for you. You can go to Webmd.com then enter "hip replacement" in the search bar...there are several good articles to read.

my sister walked without help 6 weeks after having her surgery, but some people have more problems than she did. the doctor who did hers had her up and walking 3 hours after the surgery, it was done in New Albany Ohio, they are fab!

Faerie loue
Only experience can tell. Each person is different. Six weeks, six months, depends on your effort to rehabilitate.

♥ lani s
Most patients are able to walk independently without the use of a walker, crutches, or cane by 3-6 weeks after surgery. At this time, most patients are comfortable, no longer requiring pain medication, and are returning to normal activities such as driving, work, shopping, and recreational activities such as swimming or golf.

I would say that the rate of the progress of recovery largely depends on the person. Therefore all the necessary things to follow should be strictly adhered and all the advices should be followed strictly to obtain the maximum potential success of operation and recovery. Most especially to be very extra cautious to prevent any complications that can happen. The person's strong determination on the success of this surgery and fast recovery counts a lot. General health and physical condition including the age also got some impact on the speed of recovery.

I enclosed links which contain very useful information and I hope it will help in the full understanding of issues about total hip replacement.

Good luck on your coming surgery and I want you to keep your self strong and be optimistic that you will make it and have a fast recovery. I wish you all the best.☺

I've had both hips replaced. I used either a walker or forearm crutches for at least the first month or so after surgery and used one crutch or a cane for several weeks after that. Mostly I used the crutches when I left the house and used the walker at home. It took me longer to "graduate" to a single crutch or cane after the first hip than after the second. Each hip surgery is different, even in the same person. In my case, after the first surgery, I still had a problem with my other hip so that may have slowed me down some.

Another factor that may influence the time you spend using walkers and crutches may be the type of fixation used by the surgeon. An uncemented stem MAY extend the time that you are required to use a walker. This is because it takes time for bone ingrowth to occur. On the other hand, people receiving cemented stems are frequently told to weight bear as tolerated. But, to complicate matters, some uncemented stems also permit weight bearing as tolerated. None of this means that one method of fixation is any better than another so don't be upset if you receive an uncemented stem. . If you wonder why the surgeon uses one method over another, best to ask him.

So, the best advice comes from your doctor, the best assistance in speeding your return to walking without aids comes from your physical therapist, and the best indicator of when you are able to walk unaided comes from how you feel.

It varies. After 4 months, in MOST uncomplicated cases, a patient is relatively pain-free, has full mobility of the hip, and can walk with a minimal or no limp. In most cases, FULL recovery takes about 4 to 6 months.

The success of your recovery will depend in large measure on how well you follow your orthopaedic surgeon's instructions regarding home care during the first few weeks after surgery

Wound Care: You will have stitches or staples running along your wound or a suture beneath your skin. The stitches or staples will be removed about two weeks after surgery.

Avoid getting the wound wet until it has thoroughly sealed and dried. A bandage may be placed over the wound to prevent irritation from clothing or support stockings.

Diet: Some loss of appetite is common for several weeks after surgery. A balanced diet, often with an iron supplement, is important to promote proper tissue healing and restore muscle strength. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

Activity: Exercise is a critical component of home care, particularly during the first few weeks after surgery. You should be able to resume most normal light activities of daily living within three to six weeks following surgery. Some discomfort with activity and at night is common for several weeks.

Your activity program should include:

*A graduated walking program, initially in your home and later outside
*Walking program to slowly increase your mobility and endurance
*Resuming other normal household activities
*Resuming sitting, standing, walking up and down stairs
*Specific exercises several times a day to restore movement
*Specific exercises several times a day to strength your hip joint
*May wish to have a physical therapist help you at home

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