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How do you know if you have an ear infection?
I think I might have one, cus' i have a really bad pain in my ear. If you know what one feels like, then please tell me! Answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks! =]]

You vomit blood.

go see the doc

bad pain is a good start. the fluid will build up and break through the eardrum if you dont get it treated now.

You havent felt pain until you feel that.

I love Abercrombie
ear hurting, lots of gunk. Can't stay in the water is probably, a swimmers ear or infection.

ears blocking in and out,pain

If it's constant pain, it's an ear infection. I would know what one feels like, because Between the ages 3-7 I had eight ear infections.

Usually you will have a fever around the ear, being it will feel hot, sharp pain that doesn't subside.

If youve been swimming or even sometimes showers can do it. Go in have your dr look in there they will be best able to tell if you have.

Bless your heart! I hate having those. Sooooo uncomfortable and irritating! Hope this helps you sweetie.

Ear infection symptoms are usually associated with upper respiratory infection, a cough or runny and stuffy nose. Infection may stem from trapped moisture in the ear or minor injury to the ear canal. Swimming, bathing, allergies, or even cleaning your ear with a cotton-tipped swab can lead to discomfort, bacterial growth, and infection. Ear infection symptoms arise most often from swelling in the eustachian tube (a small tube that connects the ear to the nose). When the eustachian tube is swollen or irritated, moisture and pressure are unable to pass through the nose and onto the throat and the ear's ability to regulate its environment is hindered.

Ear infection symptoms include:

Severe earache
An itching sensation or pain
Hearing loss
Ringing or buzzing in the ear
Blocked or full sensation in the ear
Thick drainage from the ear
Vision problems

Sometimes: Vomiting and it hurts to eat (tenderness)

And, it can easily affect your sense of balance. I tobble, when I get one and reach out to grab onto a chair or wall, or something to prevent me from falling.

There are some remedies if you're just experiencing the inner ear infection, such as trying some allergy ear Drops, which are now available at your local pharmacy or WalMart, Target, Walgreens, etc. That does help at times, but what really does the trick for me is, and don't be afraid to try, I did and I'm so glad, is Hydrogen Peroxide. Get yourself an eye dropper and put in about two drops in each ear. It will fizzle and make noises, but will soon subside and believe me, you'll feel some relief within a few minutes. Do this several times a day until your symptoms seem to be less. I found this information out in my aromatherapy book; just happen to stumble upon it while trying to find a recipe for a cough and congestion.

If you start to experience a fever and headache and vomiting, then you do need to seek medical attention, as you definitely have an infection which requires antiobiotics. Sorry to say, but it's needed to help you rid yourself of these little nasties. But try the peroxide first!

Hope you start to feel better soon.

If you have a Ear Infection, which i have,
To My Understanding, It will hurt Bad, You Might Get Drainage some,
You Can Buy Babys ear Drops For Pain ( i did ) & seek Doctor.
I had to put a Cotton Ball In My ears, when I went Outside, Keep the Wind From Making It worse, also My Doc Gave Me a Meciation By Mouth To Take, Use a Heating Pad, to. Dont Use Bobby pins To put In Your Ear, That Will Worsen It, also Advill Helps pain To, Hugz

when u lay on it, or touch it, it feels like you have ran into a semi, or a tattoo, can hardly bear te pain after toucching it a day or 2 afterwards....thst really SUX! u cant really do nuthn bout it, but u wait till it gets a lil better, then try to use a qtip, or this ear wax remover, thats in a green and yellow bottle, at walmart or some kinf of store like that....

feels like pain in your ear
theres different types
ive had one that hurt so bad i thought i was going to die

You have an ear infection when germs get into the middle ear and the area fills up with fluid (pus), which contains germ-fighting cells. When the pus builds up, your ear starts to feel like a balloon that is ready to pop, which can really hurt.

Between your middle ear and your throat there is a passage called the eustachian tube. The eustachian tubes (you have one on each side) keep pressure from building up by letting air move in and out of your middle ear. When you were young, especially before you turned 3, the eustachian tubes were very small and less able to keep germs out.

The eustachian tubes get longer and usually work better in older kids, but they can still cause problems. If you have allergies or catch a cold, the eustachian tubes can get blocked up and let germs get in the middle ear. Then the number of germs can grow inside your middle ear and cause an infection.

You do not catch ear infections from other people, though you might catch a cold that then leads to an ear infection. If you have an ear infection, you might have ear pain, a fever, or trouble hearing. If you have any of these problems, tell your parent so he or she can take you to the doctor.

antony j
if you have an ear infection it will be sore on one or both sides go to the docs n get it checked out

It hurts very bad sweet oil will take care of it though just a few drops but better go to the doc

your ear will hurt either to the touch, or just on the inside. it might also be red

You sound as though you have a sever ear infection and I would be seeing the doctor as soon as possible. Did you all know that in winter time the meningitis germ enters into your system via an ear infection?, so treat ear infections with the up most respect in winter times especially. Cheers and good luck.

either go see a doctor or your ear really hurts and ur ear is kind of red!

last summer i had 5 ear infections!
they hurt like hell!

If you have a really bad pain that hurts to even lay on it chances are you have an ear infection, but only a Dr. can tell you by looking in your ear.

Pain and itching can be signs of an ear infection. Also, any discharge from the ear. If it is very bad, you might have a fever. I would want to call my doctor right away so she could take a look and see what is going on in my ear. Do not put it off.

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