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 This is Urgent!!!!?
I am Sam. What should I do?????? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!...

 I need a doctors help its an emergency!?
Ok my cousin is 2 and he took a longer nap than usual and when he woke up he was running a 102 temperature and we asked him what was wrong and he kept saying toes toes!! and he was like holding his ...

 Help Me Everyone Please?
my friend, who cuts herself, need alot of help. yes she's also the one who was raped and is now pregnant (see my other question) she called me on her cell phone and told me she was in her room ...

 Very personal question..?
So, Lately.. i have been having pain when i go to the bathroom ( #2) and i thought maybe it was it was hemmroids. But i checked (cause i learned how after i had a baby) and there is nothing there. A...

 What comes after anorexia?
hey i wanna know what comes after anorexia, i had i since april, but ive never been fat, but i did it just to fit in a dress now i cant stop and i eat 7 or 8 times in a week, everythnig light so, im ...

 What is wrong with me?
this is how I feel bad tempered all the time cant be bothered with anything tired but cant sleep fed up with christmas told boss where to get off can anyone ...

 My two children and i have just had our eyes tested and we all need glasses.are we being ripped off?
my daughter,s teacher recomended she have an eye test so my older daughter and i went and hed tests too .it turns out we all need glasses.should i be suspicious?...

 What disease kills more people than any other???

 How come when I walk alone in the street I constantly feel like somebody is following me?
Is is some kind of phobia?
Additional Details
No I did Not do anything wrong if I did I would so say it here....

 This may be a stupid question..?
but, can the blood vessel in your eye burst from excessive drinking (alcohol)?...

 What if I havent had a bowel movement 5 days after anorectal surgery?

 Could someone tell me what is wrong with my leg?
Periodically my right leg falls asleep,goes numb and I have no control of it when I try to walk. I have had tests done through my family doctor and apparently he says there is nothing wrong and I say ...

 Woke up this morning deaf in one ear, whats the best thing to do?
it happens to me every now and again but takes ages for my hearing to come back, whats the best thing to do?...

 Anyone got any tips on surviving the dreaded winter?

 I suffer from arthritis in my knees neck and back and find it difficult to sleep at night as the pain wakes me
can anyone offer help or advice ...

 I'm always tired and exhausted?
I don't know why I am and I need suggestions of whats wrong with me, I used to only be tired when i was just sitting and i was fine when i was working out but now im like tired all the time...<...

 How do you know if you have an ear infection?
I think I might have one, cus' i have a really bad pain in my ear. If you know what one feels like, then please tell me! Answers are greatly appreciated! Thanks! =]]...

 My stoumack hurts alot and i feel like throwing up what should i do?

 Is Autism just a nice way to say retardation?
When my son started school, the coordinator kept telling me to list me son as retarded instead of autisic. Either way i love him to death Its a question that has bothering me a long time....

 My son has an ingrown toenail. He was given antibiotics. It won't fix the problem. What do I do next?
I took him to the doctor last week. I can't see how a prescription of antibiotics is going to fix the problem. It won't stop his toenail from growing into his skin.
Additional D...

How do u feel?
if u get home, and your computer does not work, and you can not get on Q?A.. do u feel the withdrawals? frustation? lost?

I go to bed

ITSNmIdemiUrgiCbLOod ;)
lol totally.. this place is so my life

Funky Munky´s back
Yes very much so, I take all night trying to find out whats up with it, then it's too late to go on it. ARGGGH...

depends on if i really wanted an answer to that question.....

Angel Makes Peace
No, I just pick up a good book to read.

hello angel!! :) anyway.. i wouldnt be sad if i cant get onto answers but if i have a question then i will just go to another computer. if all of them suddenly feel like goin against me then i will... wait. till my comp is fixed. i am not addicted... but if my comp cant work i will already feel irritated. :))

I will be ok ........ maybe a lil upset........but not for more that 10 minutes..........

linda c
no and you need to ge out more love.

mySelf & I
It's addicting uh....I know how you feel.


ugly horrible

umm never happened but i would feel any of those things cause i barely go ti Q?A so i could wait tell computer is feeling better

Chronicles of Narnia
No not really. bcuz usually when I'm bored im on here. Unless I wanna read my Bible instead. (ok maybe sometimes lol) God Bless =)

well then i go to my next addiction. the tv

dddnnnnntttttttt no really

How do I feel ????? ummmm... oh I see.. lol. awww poor Angel , I really hate it when that happens.. I am a delicate little flower sometimes...I may throw a little tantrum..or even a big one.. get it fixed.. quick..

yes sad aint i

hip lady wants YA fixed
lost with nothing to do

Hrithik's fan4ever :D
NOPE. if thats what u feel, u r addicted!

joined answerholics anonymous (only cos i liked the sound of it) but it wasnt for me so i quite and now i have to go cold turkey!

★ ☆ xAngelpop-x ☆ ★
I feel drained!!

Fsedf F
depends if i have a Q i really want to ask

Yes, I would feel very lost. I hope you have a nice day!

No, because Q?A doesnt mean that much to me... i have more important things to think about lol

mmn lost, and frustrated lol i really do

um..nope, i just go on youtube and watch funny videos,and draw anime ^^

No - it wouldn't bother me much ... I have lots of other interests that I am involved with.

angel1^[]^1 baby
feel like going to a friend or relative house to borrow their Internet.

bummed out!

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