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How do i deal with morning sickness?

[email protected]
HI , there is'nt a lot you can do and it is horrible but look on the bright side when you are sick it means your baby is healthy ! ok here are a few things that could give u temporary relief fresh lemon to sniff , Ginger biscuits b4 u get out of bed .Green Tea (this worked really well with me espech with a hint of lemon) aqua bands theeese are for people who are travel sick u put them on your wrists and it may ease it, sip water throughout the day eat little and often ,if u use public transport take boiled sweets or lollies with u and if the worse happens make sure you have a plastic bag just in case ! i hope this helps and it will soon become a distant memory good luck : )

Try some simple yoga

do not rush out of bed take crackers or saltless biscuits while still in bed and then go back to sleep(if u wish) or take a small walk outside and then have lemon tea if you like.goodluck

i was very bad for mornign sickness, what worked best for me was Ginger biscuits, Ginger being an anti emetic. herbally Ginger works wonders.

If you are a man - panic

Go to bed in the morning and awake in theevening. All will be OK.

Go for a nice refreshing morning run... i find that when i have a headache or cold, sometimes a run actually does help!

Really light food (nothing too greasy or heavy). Try dry crackers, plain unbuttered toast, mild herbal tea (decaffinated) and water. Its important to keep hydrated if you suffer morning sickness.

puke away

weak tummy, smells like smoke or melted cheese made me sick

dippy blonde
Try giner fresh grated into hot water, sickness bands you wear on your wrists for travel available at Boots, Ginger biscuits all helped me a bit, good luck its horrible but worth it.

Congratulations on your new little bump! I would say maintain your fluid intake at all times of the day - but specifically in the mornings try dry toast and maybe bananas (if you like them)! I found the 'anti-heartburn' remedies helped also. Take heart, though, this WILL pass!
Best of luck to you and bubba

geclicasial_ matter
osho's dynamic mediatation in the morning or kundalini in the evening, other meditations also help... visit tapoban.com

The Seitz
by throwing up, and making your poor husband do inane things for you, ( I'd also talk to your OB/GYN or your Pediatrician)

try dry toast without butter first thing in the morning. good luck.

eat some Ginger

Get up slowly in the morning and keep plain soda crackers by your bed. Nibble a couple of them before you get out of bed. I don't know why, but it helped me when I was pregnant.

papa bear
sleep during the day and wake up at night.!!!!! im sorry,couldnt help it.....

Get your husband/partner to bring you a cup of sweet tea and a Ginger biscuit and eat/drink them BEFORE you even raise your head off the pillow. Then slowly get up and breathe at an open window for a short while. You poor thing. The best news is that it doesn't last long. I also found that apples helped with my morning sickness.

I hate morning too, can't they start them at like 7PM

Have you tryed Ginger nut biscuits of lemonade that's meant to help.

Eat a Ginger biscuit before you get up out of bed. Drink lots of water (boiled and cooled warm water will settle in your stomach better than cold water) and eat little and often, light snacks are best. Ginger anything is great for morning sickness!

Good luck, I hope it doesn't last too long!

Elizabeth Dreams
my wife ate dry toast

Ana F
Dried crackers and tea really helps me...


Answer to ur question is, U CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
Dear just pray tht these days will pass soon, well u dont hav muh to deal with it, cos it dont stay fr long just 2-3months.well try to eat sour thing in afternoon time tht helps th sickness.well dont feel bad Dear its sign of having a gud healthy Baby.

In the old days, Dr. said eat soda cracker's, but they don't make them with soda anymore. My daughter sprinkled baking soda on her crackers and ate them with milk. helped a lot.
You poor thing, but have hope because it usually doesn't last too awful long. Good Luck

Go to Doctor.

morning sickness is obviously caused by pregnancy. Your stomach is being pushed and pulled in ways it doesn't want to be pushed and pulled in. Some things that might help....When you wake up, try stretching with your hands over your head and push your feet down from your body. Do this a few times before you sit up can help. Also, try to be less active in the mornings if its at all possible.

wake up late.

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