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 Why does my partner's stool smell?
My partner's stool smell. Her stool smells foul like sewage. She can't control it and farts more than other people. This is not a joke.

She does not eat artificial foods nor ...

 Person that said ring worm is a fungus,,,go get a medical book.?

Additional Details
ok ok im human .i make mistakes,**** happens....

 Anyone else scared of vomiting or seeing other people do it?
And why do we find it so scary?...

 Drug users - how can you cope?
Is anybody unfortunate to be related to drug addict? My brother has just started taking heroin after using "recreational/social" drugs for 10 years. This is devastating for my mother. H...

 What do you do for your migraines?
I used to get migraines a lot. I suffer primarily from "classic" migraines.

When I get a migraine, I first go blind in one side of both eyes. I then get a circular "...

 Why do you think choking is dangerous?

Is someone an alcoholic if they dont drink in the day just evey evening, alot of alcohol is consumed every evening. Also blood tests show very high liver function, but, this person does not wake up ...

 6 yr old - Hyperactive, ADHD, spoiled, etc?
What is the best way to find out for sure? He gets bad marks in kindergarten. Mean to his older brother, but then loves him. Has a very short fuse, very short tempered. How do you know if he is ...

 I need a natural cure for strep throat?
anything will help i just got it and i am feeling like crap but i really really need something that will help get rid of this i dont have the money to go to the doctor so a cheap cure would be ...

 Why can,t i show people how to cure herpes?
for less than 50.00$ and in two weeks it can be done....

 What is happening inside my intestines which cause those terrible griping pains associated with diorrhea?

 Is there a way to get rid of herpis?
in a natural way (Herbs) no surgey. i got it when smoking hookah i don't think the fcukin waitress cleaned it well....

 What is good for indegestion when your pregnant?
I'm 3 months preg and I have bad indigestion (at least thats what I think it is). I didn't have this with my 1st pregnancy so I'm not sure. My stomach burns REALLY bad very often, ...

 Ive been feeling dizzy and slightly sick all day today what could it be?
im definatly NOT pregnant and havent been doing anything stressful, ive also been eating ok and drinking water. Does anyone know what it could be?...

 Plz can anyone tell me why stomach rumbles when i m hungry and how to get rid of it ?

 How do bush do like the black pepole from new orleans?

Additional Details
real he don't like black ...

 Where do head lice come from and why is it that whites are more prone to infection of the parasite than black?

 About smoking ciggaretes? why does it make me vomit?
Im not a smoker ... I smoked for the first time last week , I smoked 3 malboros .. I felt dizzy , lightheaded , sleepy and I trew up very badly I thought I was becuase of what I ate , but I just ...

 My 21 yr old son just came in this morning after a 5 day crack binge?
He says he will not go into to rehab! ( He was in from 11/23-1/2/08 )Should I throw him out? I was sick to death with worry, and I am sick still.Right now he is sleeping it off, what do I do?...

 If someone has only one x chromosome what disease does she have?

Additional Details
okay im not dumb i know xy is boy xx is girl but a person with only one x and nothing else is my question. and its ...

How could a supermarket employ such a person??
I went to Brighton on Saturday and popped into Somerfields to get some booze. As I was queuing there was an employee you was a complete mess. He had black rotton teeth, scabby chapped lips, cuts and sores on his forehead, greasy, unbrushed messy hair, and his uniform was all dirty (not dirty from work) but dirty as if he hadn't washed for a while. How can a supermarket allow an employee to come to work in a state like that? He was didgusting - I have seen cleaner looking homeless people than him!!!
Additional Details
Excuse my typo's please!!

Maybe he was homeless and was trying to get his life together and make an honest living. Shame on him.

And how did you enjoy "Pride?"

bad career move

I bet he wasn't that impressed with your appearance either. Do you think he went home crying to his PC? Grow up.

Pleasant Peter Perkins
Somerfields have a meritocracy policy. If you talk a good job...they assume you do a good job.

Before you complain...we actually apply the same test to our MP's!

I'd rather that than an employee fresh off the boat that can't even talk the f*ckin' language, yet the employer still puts them in positions where they have to talk and listen.

Maybe the manager is a meth head as well, you never know.

He speaks highly of you too. lol

Lovin' Life
That's really messed up. I can understand why you'd be offended but maybe something was going on you aren't aware of.
You can complain to customer service but this person might be trying to get their life back on track and that might make things worse for them.
I definitely wouldn't want someone like that working around my food!

Dr Frank
Take it up with the supermarket manager.

I hope you said something to the manager. That bloke needs to be told to smarten himself up

eugh who wants someone like that round their food

dont know much
I think you must be referring to me as I fit the description given.
I would just like to say that I do wash .. in fact I washed on my birthday last month.And as for the uniform being dirty have you seen the price of soap powder in somerfield , even with staff discount I cant afford it on the crappy wages I get and they dont wash the bleeding thing for me.
The scabs are caused by having to be nice to customers like you as I have to bite my lip when you start moaning.
And for your information I am the customer service manager so don't bother coming and asking for the manager to complain about the state of the staff !

Ask customer services! They might not know he looks the way he does.

Everyone has the right to work somewhere and its not like people are lining up to work a crappy supermarket job. Also how is this guy supposed to get his teeth fixed? He's probably getting crappy pay.

you dont know whats going on in his life, hes probably depressed from working there

because supermarkets hire annnnnnnyyyyyybbooooodyyyyyyy

because they treat people like $hit and give them $hit money so they know they won't last long so they always need people, and people always need jobs and they can't get hired anywhere else so they go there

I know what you mean... went there a few weeks back to be served by a gum chewing - lip smacking so called employee.. My pet hate is Crap customer service.. and lip smacking.. Did any one see those undercover documentaries about Sainsbury's and tesco??? :(

I would never hire someone like that.
I dont think i even want to be served by someone like that.

evon stark
he was a mess in your eyes..but maybe he was doing the best that he could and thats better than some people do

Maybe you should lay off the booze for a while.

This statement: "How can a supermarket allow an employee to come to work in a state like that?" is a MUCH more appropriate question than your original one: "How could a supermarket employ such a person??"

Would you suggest he not have a job at all?

That said, what makes you so sure he is not homeless? I agree that the store should have standards, but you sound a little self-important. Maybe empathy would be more appropriate here than your self-righteous indignation at having to look at a person whose appearance you don't like.

Ever have something really really bad happen to you and then be in public (store or something) and watch everyone go about their day around you and think, "wow, no one even knows the hell I"m living through right now." Well, keep in mind as you judge others that you have no idea what is going on with him. Be decent to others; we can't all be as perfect and important as you!

i doubt he was hired like that . he was probably hired years ago and didnt look as bad. or he was probably hired by a family member

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