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 Someone boiled a frog in our works kettle we didn't know and used it we all feel ill now are we going to be OK
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 Anyone ever had a stye?
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How come when I walk alone in the street I constantly feel like somebody is following me?
Is is some kind of phobia?
Additional Details
No I did Not do anything wrong if I did I would so say it here.

You could be not happy with yourself and self concious.

simply sweet
uh, because your walking alone! try walking with a group more often, you will feel way more safer i used to have that same problem too.but i don't think it's some kind of phobia!

Hannah R.
Some times we feel like we are bing followed but really it is like an imaginary connection between you and something else--for example my friend recently was in an accident involving a four wheeler; her thumb was ripped off but she still feels like it itches where there is no thumb at all. This is just like the way people feel that someone or something is following them.

You're WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beacuse you a are a paranoide *****

Hey can I join you on some of that?

maybe your guardian angel.


Congratulations, you're a perfectly normal human being.

you might just be very parinoid. when your walking alone, try not to think "omg i think someone is following me! omg what am i gunnah do!" the more u think about it the more worried about u will be. try thinking about something u will do whenu get to that destination, or what ur going ot do when u get home. If you own a cell phone, if u r that nevus about being by urself, call someone and talk to them before or on your way to were ur going. either that or u can just invite a friend with you if were ur going is not extremley personal.

yeah, i think it is a kind of phobia.

take it easy, no one is following u. lol.

Either someone is really following you or you're just a nervous person. I've also heard that strong electromagnetic fields (or something like that)can make you feel that way. Do you walk under a lot of power-lines?

Or if you believe in the spirit world, it might just be you're guardian angel, I feel like someones watching me all the time, but I just put it to a dead relative coming to visit and watch over me.

well, they are. It`s just a matter of time. ha ha. It`s not many places left to be alone on this little planet. But if you mean you are alone in a dark alley, I believe all our worries like dark places, and we project our fear for the unknown more easily when we are exposed to "danger".

I used to live way out in the country, next to a very old small cemetery, when I would go outside to hang clothes I could feel these women looking and commenting on the types of garments I had, It never made me feel uncomfortable, I just felt it. I know that sounds too strange. phobia that is my answer

God is always watching, that always makes me feel good.

God bless

Maybe, or maybe someone is following you!

It could be that you are paranoid or have an anxiety disorder, has something bad happened to you in the past? Maybe you have post traumatic stress syndrome. These things will need a doctors help. In the meantime, look around you to see if there is anyone, and make sure you stay in safe places so that even if someone is following you they wouldn't be able to do anything anyway. Good Luck.

u r paranoid?

The shadow knows.

Caffiene Junkie
Have you done something wrong lately? Usually when you feel like that, you did something wrong and you feel like it's gonna come back and bite you in the butt, or you're going to get caught.


Stop smoking that chronic, and you'll be less paranoid...

It's paranoia and you're just begging to be mugged. You have to walk with confidence, like you own the street and be aware of who's around you, without being paranoid.

[email protected]#$%^&*()_+
From what I hear Its sounds like youre having paranoid dillusions see a therapist

andy in greece
It's me. I'm watching you now. Look out of your window. Can you see me on the corner?

Is it whan there are other people walking down the street in the same direction you are, or when there are not such people...? It sounds like it could be paranoia. Do you fear harm from these people? Do you feel watched when you should have a resonable expectation of privacy? Have you spoken to a counsellor about these anxieties? That might be a good place to start. Good luck!

if you are in a position to discuss this with someone you feel happy talking about it to (whether a medical person or not) it might help you to rationalise what to you seems like an irrational thought....

There are times when I think I am being followed, usually in a part of town when i would not like to be... this is driven by fear of attack rather than any psychiatric issues as we were once attacked in a bad part of another town and I got a broken nose and arm....

Don't worry about worrying... I don't know where you are in the world but a search for a group to discuss your problem at may help as there will be people there who you know will listen whether they do it for a job or they do it to share with others their own life experiences

I don't like wasps and earwigs BUT I also don't like tuna in olive oil ;0

Be happy .... have a google around for local groups with professionals in attendance

Next time you think you are being followed turn around ... no one there? turn around the next time BUT before you do think .. "hey there was no one there last time" ..then take a look... the third time you might not have to turn around ;)

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