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 Someone boiled a frog in our works kettle we didn't know and used it we all feel ill now are we going to be OK
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 Anyone ever had a stye?
I went to the optometrist (eye dr that cannot do surgery or prescribe internal meds) today due to my eye being tender and kind of swollen and a bit itchy and she confirmed that it is a stye. She ...

 Why does my partner's stool smell?
My partner's stool smell. Her stool smells foul like sewage. She can't control it and farts more than other people. This is not a joke.

She does not eat artificial foods nor ...

 Person that said ring worm is a fungus,,,go get a medical book.?

Additional Details
ok ok im human .i make mistakes,**** happens....

 Anyone else scared of vomiting or seeing other people do it?
And why do we find it so scary?...

 Drug users - how can you cope?
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When I get a migraine, I first go blind in one side of both eyes. I then get a circular "...

 Why do you think choking is dangerous?

Is someone an alcoholic if they dont drink in the day just evey evening, alot of alcohol is consumed every evening. Also blood tests show very high liver function, but, this person does not wake up ...

 6 yr old - Hyperactive, ADHD, spoiled, etc?
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 I need a natural cure for strep throat?
anything will help i just got it and i am feeling like crap but i really really need something that will help get rid of this i dont have the money to go to the doctor so a cheap cure would be ...

 Why can,t i show people how to cure herpes?
for less than 50.00$ and in two weeks it can be done....

 What is happening inside my intestines which cause those terrible griping pains associated with diorrhea?

 Is there a way to get rid of herpis?
in a natural way (Herbs) no surgey. i got it when smoking hookah i don't think the fcukin waitress cleaned it well....

 What is good for indegestion when your pregnant?
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 Ive been feeling dizzy and slightly sick all day today what could it be?
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 Plz can anyone tell me why stomach rumbles when i m hungry and how to get rid of it ?

 How do bush do like the black pepole from new orleans?

Additional Details
real he don't like black ...

 Where do head lice come from and why is it that whites are more prone to infection of the parasite than black?

 About smoking ciggaretes? why does it make me vomit?
Im not a smoker ... I smoked for the first time last week , I smoked 3 malboros .. I felt dizzy , lightheaded , sleepy and I trew up very badly I thought I was becuase of what I ate , but I just ...

Jhn J
Do you think smoking should be baned forever ?
its a bad habbit

i hope so. i hate the smell and it gives me a headache. =[

Yes it should be. Its a nasty habit that can kill you and the people around you. It doesnt bring anything good only bad. If you think its cool to smoke, you must think its cool to get lung cancer.

yes. for sure

of course... why we have to spend money to buy the lung cancer? think bout it... =)

i think everyone should make their own decisions. why do you care is other people want to smoke?

It like alcohol but, that got banned and it was bad.

Tracy J
Absolutly not. Smokers do not bother anyone. They're kind enough to go outside, etc. It's no one else's business what smokers do. There's many problems with non smokers as well. Pretty much, smokers are having all of their freedom taken away because these nonsmokers have to open their opinions up to the world. My personal opinion is that if they ban smoking, there will be only more smokers. Why do you think so many people get into drugs and minors into alcohol? It's because society tells them it's not right, therefore they want to do it. Yes, smoking is a bad habit, but it's the individuals own decision. Biting your nails is also a bad habit, but they're not trying to make that illegal....yet.

Laura C
yes.. but not in the near future... but i also think that more help should be given to those who want to stop smoking

Oleg A
people love it

why was it invented . .

yes and i am a smoker it is hard to quit a substance that is so readily available and your kids see you do it and are more prone to doing it not to mention pre-addiction from second hand smoke i do all i can to never smoke around or near my kids and i believe i smoke mostly because my parents did even in the car with me which is against the law now in my state so yes it is very horrible and getting way more costly

Yes b/c of the chemicals they put in cigarrets are carcinogens. That should be illegal, even if people have free choice to smoke they do not always no about the poisons. Especially teens, who do it to be "cool" and their minds are not fully developed until age of 25 to really know what they are doing. I recently saw an ad on a DVD that showed a wrinkled man dying of lung cancer, it was scarry. That add should be everywhere!

Yes, because its a horrible habit thats hurts the people who do it and the people around them. It damages your lungs and can easily cut your life in half or worse if you have asthma. Smoking can also cause cancer, and if your pregnant can cause your baby to have asthma. I would know I have asthma. Everyone has their opinion, but thats mine.

Liz N
Yes, it should be banned. It a very bad habit: it destroy the health and smells bad. I don`t smoke and I think it is not fair that we, not smoking people has to smell such a disgusting thing.

I don't smoke and I don't like sitting next to someone that smokes, but everyone is free to do whatever they want and pay the consequences for it. So to answer your question, No, I don't think it should be banned. I don't want laws to goven everything I can or cannot do.

People usually want only the bad habits banned that aren't their bad habits. If they don't smoke but they do drink, then they want smoking banned. What about drinking? Alcohol related deaths and abuse are much higher than for smoking. Obesity related deaths and costs through inflated insurance rates etc. are growing higher every day. How would overeating be banned. And the list goes on....

Banning bad habits just doesn't work. They tried it with liquor and whoo--so not helpful.

so is drinking, and no one is doing anything about that


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