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 How many times can you urinate in a day?? I'm worried I may go too much, been 7 times in thes last 46 minutes.

 If somone has a family history of alcoholism, drinks daily, but is never violent when drinking?
or drunk, could that person still be an alcoholic? Is emotional unavailability a sign of alcoholism?
Additional Details
Fantasia: To ...

 Is it true that we cannot bathe after eating? why?

 When you cry does it make you feel better?
Like you make you feel lighter?
Additional Details

 I want to sell one of my kidneys so i can get to hawaii, is that possible, would someone actually pay money fo

 Getting rid og hiccups?
ive had hickups off and on all day..(is this normal?) but how do you get rid of them!!? Ive drank soo much water that doesnt work.

please, any home remidies?...

 Do you smoke?
yes or no?...

 Am i going to die?
lately iv been feeling so tired a rundown i sleep all day and i wake up tired i can sleep for 15 hours and wake up tired i feel weak and out of it and just all around sick i feel like im jumpy im ...

 Do I have a eating disorder?
Ok for the past week ive been getting pains in my stomach right above the belly button and it hurts like crazy. And recently i havnt been eating and I honestly am not feeling hungry but ill eat at ...

 If you were being raped and you had Aids/HIV would you tell the person before?

 Is it possible to have a stroke and not know it??

 How do i know if I have Depression?
ok here's what's been happening so far

- my doctor knows and does think i have it but i am not sure of anything so i need more opions

- i cut have cut and still do

 Did I "overdose" on Pepsi?
Can you overdose on Pepsi? I don't mean a lethal one, but...
The only thing I can think of having done is drinking too much soda.
I've been sick for several days with the ...

 My pet rat bit me, and i dont know if it has rabies, Should i get immediate medical attention?

 Hypothyroidism? Anyone have it?
Does anyone have hypothyroidism? I was just diagnosed with it. I've had a hard time losing weight since having my son 2 years ago. The doctor gave a prescription for medication. Will this help ...

 Was their ever a case where a baby was born through the anus, is it even possible? If so what is the disorder?

 How do I cure a UTI at home? With no meds?

 After smoking marijuna,How long does the drug stay in the system, before you can take a drug test?
I have to take a drug test, and have not used in marijuna for 3 weeks. Will I be able to pass a drug test?...

 How do u feel?
if u get home, and your computer does not work, and you can not get on Q?A.. do u feel the withdrawals? frustation? lost?...

 Why do I feel tired all the time?
I have been getting tired alot lately, I seem to sleep more that normal and its been going on for about 2 weeks now. I have been to the dr. and had all kind of blood work done and CT scans. I thought ...

DO you smoke?

Mike Oxmaul
weed... oh and cigarettes too.

Col T

Nashville Guy
unfortunately, yes

Prof. Dave
Only when there is alcohol involved.

Yup, surely do. I smoke cigarettes when I feel stressed. Bad habit, but hey, it's better than me biting people's heads off.

Anu T

no cuz its stupid

Ashley P
No, I dont smoke anything.

No Cigs!

no..never have

Susan - ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
Absolutely not!


No I don't.........

No.And I never will.

Lovely Dove
Nope. Tried it, but it sux.

No. A survey?

no....never have

No, I gave up 8 years ago

no, i sold drugs, and sometimes smoke weed, but my girl friend said that she would leave, so about 6 months ago i stopped, and i went lose her for something stupid like smoking,

No. If I wanted to kill myself, I would do it much quicker - maybe a gun or something like that.

Veneta L
Quit about a week ago for the 10th and final time, nasty nasty habit -- and it is a bit.. to quit!!


no it is a disgusting dirty habit.

Tried it once when I was 13 and never touched it again.

Only when I'm on fire! (Although, that is just a theory and so I don't know for sure if I do . . . :) (; . . . ). lol

I have a history of 2 kinds of asthma and hay fever . . . I don't need help not breathing lol

Blue Rain
Do I wanna die?


Interesting you said that. My brother just died from cigarettes. HE was only 33.I have never smoked.I was the one+ they attacked when, i said it was wrong. MY granny told me to not start and i listened to her.BUT my DAD has died,my step dad died of smoking my brother died of smoking.ITS a sad thing. :(

Unfortunately, yes, I do. I wish I did not even start!

No I do not smoke. Used to, but quit about 3 years ago.

no,especially not ciggs.GROSS!

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