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Could someone tell me what is wrong with my leg?
Periodically my right leg falls asleep,goes numb and I have no control of it when I try to walk. I have had tests done through my family doctor and apparently he says there is nothing wrong and I say o.k. Doc and walk away with my jello leg trailing behind. It is happening more often and I'm getting scared and frustrated toward my doctor.

Natural Healer
Hi Baby

Are you drinking a gallon of water a day (you are very active and that would be my major concern)? Dehydration can cause a lot of issues. To increase circulation do the following:

Here is the best remedy/cure you can use. It's called Hydrotherapy. Using hot and cold water to generate blood circulation where the body needs it most. THis process has been used for thousands of years and proved to be one of the most productive. Hot water brings blood to the surface and cold water surpresses it downward, in turn generating new blood cells into the diseased part of the body. Ideally, you also want to use pressure (like strong showerheads) to penetrate the body's depths for quicker results. Also intaking cayenne pepper is the internal king circulator. Moves blood like no other.

Get in the shower and get the water hot for a minute and then turn it all the way cold! Yelling is allowed (that's healing too)! Do this for a minute as well and continue the rotation for at least 8 rotations. End on cold. Go to bed warm and repeat this as many times to help the circulation.

Then, always use hot and cold directly on the sick or injured area - not just all over. This is essential.

Use cayenne pepper for moving the blood as well. This herb will unclog any blood clot if you use enough of it.

Best of health to you

are you sitting on your leg holding it in an akward pisotion to long that is usaly what starts it.

It is probably something small and deep near top of your leg or lower back pressure or even pinch in your neck.

get second opinion

Exercise your leg muscles. You probably just have weak muscles! But get a new doc if your scared.

Ronald L
Seek another docs opinion...maybe a neurologist. Do you have any pain, forsay in your back? The siatic(sp) nerve can be a problem, pinched nerve in your leg, poor circulation...#'s of other things, other than everything's o.k.After all, the guy that graduates last in his class from med school is still called "Dr."

lynn s
poor circulation

get a new doc

daniel T
You're probably sleeping on it wrong, or possibly you suffer from a mild but chonic vascular disease. Try a vassodilator, time Release Niacin is effective. I personally use this with good results. It can be purchased at any good health food store for about 8.oo dollars. If you try to get the same product by prescription it could end up costing in excess of $165.00 not including the doctor visit. It dilates the capillaries, (the smallest blood vessels) increasing blood flow to the effected area.

get a new doc n also do research on da restless leg syndrome thing.

When your leg falls alseep it sounds like mobility in your spine that is presing against the nerves that sends messages to the brain. If you have that you may have serious problems, but only a catscan can detect it.

You might have a pinched nerve. Ask your doc to schedule a MRI

[email protected]
You need a specialist, if your doctor didn't recommend one, he is incompetent.

Neil L
Dump the doc... that's the kind that doesn't belong in medicine. He should have referred you to another doctor / specialist.

Could be many things. If you have diabetes it could be related. Diabetes sometimes leads to nerve damage in the legs and feet. If you don't have diabetes, you should be checked thoroughly for any blood clots in the legs and lungs. This can cause numbness and pain in the legs.

It could also be restless leg syndrome. This is hard to diagnose, but there is a good medication available. Ask your doctor if you should try it.

Ask your doctor about Peripheral Neuropathy. This a condition of the peripheral nervous system which often effects the legs. Tingling and Numbness are the symptoms.

Linda W
Since you stated you have already had tests performed by your family doctor, ask him to refer to you to a orthopedic doctor for further testing. My leg was going numb and tingling and my doctor sent me, i was diagnoised with a herniated disc that was pinching off a nerve. There is something wrong, and you know your body better than anyone else does. Insist to either be referred or ask him to order the test, you definitely need a EMS, electrical muscle stimulation test. Please get these done soon before you fall and injure yourself.

They others are right, get a second opinion. It could be blood clots too.

Go to a neurologist.

Go to a specialist. I have a similar problem with my right arm, and close relative of mine has the same problem with her left arm. Her doctor diagnosed it as "takayasu syndrome," which I think is the closing of an artery. My doctor diagnosed it as "thorasic outlet syndrome." You may need an MRI if this is a case of a pinched nerve (like in my case). Good luck!

ask for a second opinion

this may sound a bit random, but if possible get someone to massage your lower back (hip area, etc) and your leg. this will help the blood circulate better. i also recomend a second opinion, as two heads are better than one!! try not to sit bunched up, sit with your legs out :)

hope it helps!

Wisdom Reanimated
Could be a siatic problem. It is definately a nerve issue but may be innocuous.

Tell your doctor you are really getting frustrated and worried about your leg and that you would like to see a specialist and ask who he would recommend. It sounds as though you may need to see a neurologist or a cardiovascular surgeon. Wish people would tell their age with questions because the solutions and possibilities differ with age and other health issues.

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