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Bloody stool?
ok well it hurts when i take a #2 and there is bright red blood on my poo..(its been goin on for like the past month).....what is it and how can i cure it without goin to the doc thanks

Possible your poo has cut your exit hole, making it bleed.

Racist Answer Man
Bright red is of less concern than dark or black stools.

Still ought to see a doc though. It's short money for the peace of mind.

that is pure constipation, eat more fiber, or take Metamucil. A stool Softener can help and a laxative. surely that will relieve all this symptoms.

If it is bright red blood, chances are you have strained or been a bit constipated, if the blood was very dark this would suggest that the problem is higher up in your intestine, more worrying, you probably have a fissure, which is a tear, or a pile, which is a pulsating blood vessel, you can buy haemorrhoid creams, but the best thing to do other than visiting your doctor would be to buy a pack of suppositories that contain haemorrhoid healing creams to get right to the source of the problem, they are easy to use. Don't delay, if this doesn't help within 2-3 days then go and see your GP.X

Tootie Grey
You might have hemorrhoids but it might be something else. Do not risk your life by hesitating to go to a Dr. For something like this you need to see a doc. It might be nothing but if it is something serious, you need to see a doc sooner rather than later.


Barry W
It could be a number of things. You could have hemroids. It's possible that you have a fissure in your rectum (small cut). You could have something more serious like Ulcerative Colitis. I believe that you really should see a doctor and go through some tests. You should see a gastroenterologist. You might want to try preparation H. It comes in both a cream and a suppository. Try it and see if you get any relief.

i would go to the doctor before it gets worse

Go to the doctor!!!

go to the doc. the if that does not work got an special doc.

bloody stool has a number of possible diagnosis'...

It could be as simple as hemorroids (use stool Softener if so). Or increase your fiber so that you're not straining when you poo.

OR it could be as serious as colon cancer. Without knowing more about your history, I cannot tell you anymore. But it is in your best interest (if it isn't hemorroids) to go see a doctor, because if it's colon cancer that's nothing to play around with.

I would say it could be an ulcer, but you would have to bleed A LOT for it to be bright red by the time it comes out in your poo.

i would go to the doctor to be safe

cgghtb f
ya umm thats bad i would actually refer you to a doctor

Jennifer Y
You might just have hemmoroids, or sometimes, eating food that isn't clean. like meat, or cooking food on dirty services.

It could be something as simple as hemorrhoids -- I know that "sounds" bad but it is better than what it could be......I'd check with the doctor though. Also, do you take a lot of Aspirin? That can cause bleeding. You could also have an ulcer or something -- it could be a number of things but it's best to get it checked out when you can. DON'T not do it because you are embarrassed --- I work in a hospital and it happens to a LOT OF PEOPLE......a gastroenteroligist would be your best bet. I worked for one once and people used to drop off stool samples in bags.....trust me, it could be anything but it's best to get it checked just to be on the safe side. I don't want to say the negative things because I don't want to scare you -- as it IS PROBABLY something simple.

probably Hemroids, but see a dr, to be sure asap. good luck

Doctor Time

try drinking more water, and eating more brocoli and other green veggies

*TiNkSteR <3's *him*
wow u need to go to the hospital emergency..it could be numerous things.........def need to go asap it could be very serious trust me i know i had colon cancer at 13 and had to have a colectomy for 3 months and then they reversed it.

ummm bleeding like that...you really need to see a doctor

ruth r
It could be something as simple as hemorrhoids...or it could be serious...the only way to be sure is to see a Dr. GO!!

You cannot cure something that you have no diagnosis for and you cannot get a proper diagnosis without a doctor visit. PLEASE see your doctor and tell him EVERYTHING. Painful defecation and bloody stool are NOT things that should be ignored!

Doctor. Now.

Little Miss Sunshine
It probably is a fissure or a roid. You need to tell the doctor and get it examined. Sorry.

You absolutely need to see a doctor.

Although blood in your stool can be due to something relatively harmless like a small tear in your rectum or a hemorrhoid, it can also signal cancer and some other very serious diseases.

Bloody stool should ALWAYS be taken seriously and evaluated by a doctor.

It's actually a good thing that it's bright red because that means it's slightly less likely to be something serious, but it's still concerning.

Your doctor will probably visually examine your anus to check for any tears or hemorrhoids. They may obtain a stool sample to send to the lab. At this point they may decide that it's just an anal fissure (a small tear in your anus) or a hemorrhoid and tell you to eat more fiber, drink lots of water, and possibly use preparation H. They may prescribe some medication or a cream.

However it's likely that they'll recommend you for a colonoscopy. It won't hurt, they give you medication so you don't even remember the procedure. They put a thin probe up your anus with a camera at the end so they can look for any polyps or other problems. If they see a polyp, they can usually remove it right then and there.

Good luck, hope you feel better!

If its bright red it just might be a tear on your sphincter, you will need a prescibed cream to clear it up though, so im sorry u may have to go to the doc!!

GET to the Doc ASAP. It is a sign of many things, none of them good, and most treatable with early diagnosis. If you're 45 or have a family history of colon cancer, get a colonopscopy (they don't hurt).

Havas nana
Could be a simple case of having a hemmorhoid. Get it checked though cuz it can be a sign of colon cancer and you may need a colonoscopy.

I've been bleeding for almost 2 years now because I have an anal fissure. It hurts alot when I go! They can happen if you get constipated. I have to use a cream but I can't because I'm still breastfeeding. But it could be numerous things so go see the doc like everyone else said.

I agree with the previous answers that you should see a doctor as soon as possible. However, you don't need to be freaked out--it could be as simple as a hemorrhoid that is getting irritated when you strain, causing pain and bleeding. But you really do need to see a doc to figure it out. Good luck.

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