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Top Dollar
Bit embarrassing to ask but...any cures for constipation apart from laxatives?

A big jug of unfiltered organic apple juice. Just chug it and you'll be ready to go in no time.

For future prevention, take Metamucil each morning. The bonus of the Metamucil is that the fiber will help you feel fuller, help reduce the absorption of fat and all in all help you drop a couple of pounds and feel better.

gothic girl
There is only one guaranteed solution to this problem, a well proven remedy which has worked for centuries - it never fails!

Even the most stubborn cases of this unfortunate and embarrassing condition have responded superbly and sometimes spectacularly, upon the administration of a small glass of castor Oil.

Believe me, the results will quite astonish you. No need for any fibre, prunes, vegetables of any kind, water, coffee or that foul narcotic, Nicotine.

Good luck...

buy a box of golden linseeds from a health food shop. I put one teaspoon of them on my weetabix every morning. Take every day and you will have no more problems.

Prunes, fresh orange juice, bran, porridge, anything which has fibre in it

graeme b
Well prunes and bran are all well and good but its not going to shift that hard crap you have in there now, its just going to get stuck behind whats stuck and cause you some pain.

Get a Glycerin supository and leave it in for as long as directed then watch the fireworks.

suzy cue
eat two weetabix everymorning and u wont have any problems if you dont like weetabix eat a pear each day

Dr Frank
A high clear fluid intake, plenty of fibre ( a bowl of wheatabix a day) plus plenty of fresh fruit will all help.

I luv E's
Drink plenty of water, and eat lots of fiber like apples, grapes, prunes, etc. They also supplementary fiber out called Miralax now. It used to be prescribed, but now they sell it over the counter.

Barking mad
Out of date pork pies, then have a week off work and sit down.

oxy powder, it's not a laxative


I always find exercise helps.

Eating lots of fruit and other foods high in fibre should help.

I also find that a really strong cup of coffee and a roll-up cigarette works wonders...

Papi C
eat some bananas then go for a walk or run! problem solved.

Fader's Girl
very strong mints!! packs and packs of them.

YES, you should never use laxatives in the long term. Make sure your diet has plenty of fibre; prunes, bran, orange juice with the fibre still in. Also, drink plenty of water. If things don't improve go and see your doctor, there's no need to be embarrassed they've seen / heard it all before!


Drinking plenty of water will help!!


andrew g
Big bowls of muesli or similar, loads of pasta with just tomato sauce and olive oil, plus lots of water. In bed, lie on your back and raise your stomach up for 10 seconds then let it flop back down. Repeat this for 10-15 times. The following morning, potter about on your feet for 15-20 minutes while getting some coffee and fruit juice down, then grab the morning paper and cancel all appointments for the day !

Don't take laxatives. Make sure you have plenty of fruit, vegetables and fibre, but above all, drink plenty of water (3pts daily)


Drink lots of water.
Eat loads of prunes.
Eat loads of fruit.
Bran Flakes for breakfast every day

Should work it out.

♫ Melody♫
You need to eat fibre. Some foods containing fibre are cereals, fuits that you eat with the skin, bran, oats, etc.
Fibre helps constipation because it attracts water to the bowels. Therefore also ensure that you drink enough fluids (preferably water or fruit juice) Fruits such as papaya(paw-paw) mangoes and other soft fruits help too. Prunes help as well. Good luck!

You need more fiber in your diet. Try eating more fruits, vegetables, and oatmeal. Oat Bran is high in fiber. You can also get some Metamucil to drink. Add more fiber to the diet. It will help prevent colon cancer.

Pears are good.Along with bran cereal, figs, prunes, apple juice, and avoid dairy products as they have a bining effect.
Drink plenty of water, and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Brains bitter usually works for me with a good hot curry.Lol

Willy B
For immediate relief, try a Glycerin Suppository. Glycerin is non-medicinal. It works by "melting" inside your anus and lubricating the region. Obviously this helps things pass. You can develop a dependency on these, just as you can with laxatives, so use only when necessary.

More fibre in your diet is the solution for the long term. Also, for digestive health, eat yogurt with active bacteria.

Hope this helps.

happy girl
Try these:
1. drink hot water... lots of it as hot as you can as many mugs as you can!
2. pure orange juice with bits
3 .cashew nuts..... yes really
4. massage your lower tummy area firmly

You should "go" soon!!
Good luck x

liquorice is good, or figs, or prunes, or stuff yourself with a whole bunch of grapes.

I recommend the liquorice though,

Eat Bran and Oats, and plenty of vegetable matter.
Take plenty of exercise, particularly walking.

Moofie's Mom

Try dried apricots and lots of water, or oranges and lots of water!

Believe me the dried apricots work VERY well!!

You should have seen me sprinting across Sainsbury's car park one day when I had eaten a load - just got to the loo in time!! Sorry if that was a little too graphic for you!! LOL!!

Hope this helps!

eat prunes, like 4 a day or drink prune juice. also drink more water daily.

susie x ♥♥♥
Bran flakes for breakfast always does it for me.

bran and orange juice! good luck

There's really no need to feel embarrassed, sometimes sh*t happens........and sometimes it doesn't !

My favourites are prunes, as mentioned above, which you can eat dried as a snacky kind of thing, or, faster moving is to stew ( simmer ) them for a while in water, or prune juice, if you can get it. Works like a treat.

If it's an emergency situation then a couple of tablespoons of Epsom salts will do the trick, but don't venture too far from home for 24 hours, as it will probably do a 'system dump' on you, to coin a phrase !

Andrews liver salts will do the same but less dramatically, two of the little sachets in a glass of water, remember to drink it while it's still fizzing, the lemon flavour is nicer, I think.

That's it from me, good luck, and I hope that all goes well. ;-)

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