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At what age do you start to develop arthiritis cause i think i could have it?

Everyone is different. I've seen a few children with it at our local children's hospital.

you can start to get it from any age but it could be a number of things if your young so be careful and go get checked by your doc,

You dont normally associate arthritis with someone young, normally in your 50'splus. Unless of course you have rheumatoid arthritis, which is an auto immune disease. Basically the immune system attacks itself thinking its a foreign body. the signs for this are normally a swelling in both knees or both elbows.

Young and old alike can suffer from arthritis a blood test will confirm if positive

Chuck M
There is no definitive age. Arthritis can affect any age group.

Barbie Girl
I was first diagnosed at 16, am 26 now, and every winter something else stops working properly! This year, it my hips that arent right....

Should add here that clicky knees / joints is NOT arthritis, esp if its your knees, its fallen arches in your feet meaning your legs arent getting the support they need. Arthritis needs to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor

You can develop arthritis at any age.

It all depends. For example, if you have psorasis, you could develop it at an early age. See a doc.

You can have it at any age.

no upper or lower age limit..have you seen a doctor ?

Arthritis always happens when you are 37 years, 240 days and six hours old. Eat a handful of gravel at every meal, as it has Calcium in it.

Even children can develop it; go to see your doctor; they have a test so you will know.

Evan C
You can develop it at any age, many doctors overlook it as a possibility. But it's always worth checking it out

you can get arthritis from birth

Any age hun, I have had it since I was 11. I noticed it when I was constantly tired and aching and depressed.... I saw a GP who did some blood tests etc and I was referred to a rheumatologist who finally disgnoised it, it is treatable. Go to www.arc.org.uk for more info and see a doctor and put your mind at rest, good luck!

you can get it at any age and alot of people dont know it is hereditory in women. My mother had it, she died two years ago, and the doctor told me i could get it, because in it hereditory in women.

There are many different types, some of which can occur at any age.

Jo S
you can get it at any age some people have had some relief from the symptoms by taking omega 3 (Cod Liver Oil), i think Calcium helps too but dont quote me on it :-)

you can develop it at any age, although it is uncommon in children-but not unheard of. my sister has asthiritis in the spine she is 35. i reccomend a visit to your gp, good luck :)


you can get it at any age, there are so many different types. go to webmd.com and check out some of the symptoms, then contact your doctor for more info.

Honestly, you can get it at any age. I knew an 8-year-old that had it. Go to your doctor and let them diagnose it.

Dan S
Rheumatoid arthritis is not a diesease of old age. Many children develop it and sometimes as young as 5 years old. Tennagers constitute a small but significant percentage of sufferers.
Osreoarthritis usually develops on middle age and it is ascribed to joint cartilege wear, and the result of old injuries.
Doc. Dan.

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