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 Getting rid og hiccups?
ive had hickups off and on all day..(is this normal?) but how do you get rid of them!!? Ive drank soo much water that doesnt work.

please, any home remidies?...

 Do you smoke?
yes or no?...

 Am i going to die?
lately iv been feeling so tired a rundown i sleep all day and i wake up tired i can sleep for 15 hours and wake up tired i feel weak and out of it and just all around sick i feel like im jumpy im ...

 Do I have a eating disorder?
Ok for the past week ive been getting pains in my stomach right above the belly button and it hurts like crazy. And recently i havnt been eating and I honestly am not feeling hungry but ill eat at ...

 If you were being raped and you had Aids/HIV would you tell the person before?

 Is it possible to have a stroke and not know it??

 How do i know if I have Depression?
ok here's what's been happening so far

- my doctor knows and does think i have it but i am not sure of anything so i need more opions

- i cut have cut and still do

 Did I "overdose" on Pepsi?
Can you overdose on Pepsi? I don't mean a lethal one, but...
The only thing I can think of having done is drinking too much soda.
I've been sick for several days with the ...

 My pet rat bit me, and i dont know if it has rabies, Should i get immediate medical attention?

 Hypothyroidism? Anyone have it?
Does anyone have hypothyroidism? I was just diagnosed with it. I've had a hard time losing weight since having my son 2 years ago. The doctor gave a prescription for medication. Will this help ...

 Was their ever a case where a baby was born through the anus, is it even possible? If so what is the disorder?

 How do I cure a UTI at home? With no meds?

 After smoking marijuna,How long does the drug stay in the system, before you can take a drug test?
I have to take a drug test, and have not used in marijuna for 3 weeks. Will I be able to pass a drug test?...

 How do u feel?
if u get home, and your computer does not work, and you can not get on Q?A.. do u feel the withdrawals? frustation? lost?...

 Why do I feel tired all the time?
I have been getting tired alot lately, I seem to sleep more that normal and its been going on for about 2 weeks now. I have been to the dr. and had all kind of blood work done and CT scans. I thought ...

 My daughter breath smells like marijuana.?
Recently I noticed that my 4 year-old daughter breath smells like she smoked marijuana.
We never used this at home (or any kind of illegal staff), so there is no chance she was around it.

 My son and meth?
I have been dealing with a meth addict son for almost 8 years now. it consumes my life. his teeth are rotten and black. the teeth problem alone is enough to kill him. how do i not let this effect me ...

 Ive got a pea sized lump behind my right ear?
its not sore to touch but is giving me pain down my ...

 Whats wrong with me???
i've ben vomiting alot and had to go to the bathroom alot. my lower back is KILLING me, my temperature is low, i feel very dizzy and nauseous.. does this sound like some type of illness?...

 I keep having seizures, what should i do?
i think i have epilepsy. it'd make sense cause my older sister does. my parents know about hers though. she's had tests done and is on medication. i don't think my parents know about ...

sexy chik
Are you a....????
r u a smoker or non-smoker, and y???

I use to be a smoker and then I became a non smoker....because i couldnt taste my food.

k's 400 del sol (cc)X
I'm 158,949. Hell yeah I smoke. Hell yeah I just lied. Hell yeah I'm going to hell.

non-smoker. i never smoked and im never gonna. one u start u have a hard time stopping and u stank and get veryunhealthy. u stank

Non Smoker. I hate smoke. I hate to smell it, I hate to walk through it when I have to go into a building and people are standing outside of the building smoking in front of the only freaking entrance and there is absolutely no other way to get in so I have to go through it and then it gets into MY hair and My clothes and I smell like a smoker. I cannot even kiss a person who smokes. Not like I have any options right now anyway, but if I did, I would not choose the smoker.

non-smoker, because smoking just isnt cool.

non smoker cause smoking has a 65% chance of killin you...

Nope I don't smoke and don't wanna cuz:
1. It gets u closer to your dieing age
2. Its just plan gross and digusting
3. Have u seen what it does to your lungs? EWWWWW!

Dirty Ranja ©
yes.why? Don't Know Really..........

Invisible Teen
NON-SMOKER all the way....Because of what it does to you, the health risks, and it's just plain out nasty to smoke......

El Pollo Diablo
Non-smoker. Cause I don't want to.

Non-smoker because cigarettes smell bad. They also cost a lot of money and destroy your health, as well as the health of the people around you.

A non, 'cause won't like smoke coming out of your mouth for nothing.

non...because its bad for you to smoke an i have athsma

non-smoker..I'm allergic to cigarettes. Besides they are just disgusting.


Cigarettes smell bad, taste bad, are addictive, cost $$$$, and are bad for my health.

I don't smoke as I hate the smell

Smoker...because I'm addicted. I know it's gross and can kill me. I'll stop one day.
Wait...what is it that were are or are not smoking??? LOL

no, smoking will kill you softly but the worst is u will affected ur own friend and your family

I don't smoke

i used to be a smoker....i stopped...i say stopped because tobacco is a big part of my people's traditional ways...we use it to pray...though we don't abuse it like other people...we only use it in times of great need or for ceremonial uses. but for the most part i am smoke free...watched my grandpa leave because of throat cancer *sighs*

non smoker--never did...nasty taste and smell kept me away.

Don't smoke the smell of it makes me sick.

nope, did. don't now.

Non smoker...I have never tried to smoke simply because I can't stand the smell.

Non smoker all the way!!

former smoker. It became too expensive to smoke cigarettes, so I switched to a pipe. Since I was used to inhaling the cigarette smoke, I inhaled the pipe smoke. After about three months I started hacking up nasty stuff. It was enough of a push to get me to buy the patch and use it. I haven't smoked in over three years.

andy in greece
Smoker. When I started it was cool to smoke. Everyone in the movies & on TV smoked. You could smoke on aircraft, in the cinema & on public transport.
I agree that to start smoking today is dumb, but I started in the early 70's.
I live in Greece & a pack of cigarettes cost between $1.30 & $3.20. You can still smoke in restaurants.
You can still smoke in the hallways of hospitals!

non smoker cause i have asthma, and i do a lot of sports so smoking would probably kill me.

Non-smoker, because I want to stay healthy!!

Non Smoker


I dont want yellow teeth
I dont want smokers breathe
I dont want to age 5 years in 1 year
I like my skin to be in good shape, and free of wrinkles.
I dont like my clothes smelling like smoke
I Am Not a fan of lung cancer
I can put that 4-15 dollars a week towards something more useful.. like BEER
Im not a fan of having to go outside in the middle of winter, just cus someone doesnt like my habbit and tells me to go outside.
The laws are changing, smoking isnt allowed in some places like bars and clubs now.. so i can avoid that pain in the ***.
I dont like to be addicted to things, unless its women.
Women taste better than cigs
Health Insurance is a *****
Homeowners Insurance goes up with smokers
I only put things in my mouth that are good to eat, or used for eating.
I feel superior to those who smoke, that makes me smile
If i ever have kids, i dont want them to pick up my habbits.
Your lungs can never be repaired
Smoking in houses causes the walls to turn yellow, and everything it comes in contact with.

And lastly.. because i just dont. Me FTW! *for the win*

But good luck to those who smoke. After all, its your life, its your choice.. rock on freedom of choice!

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