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 When did people realize that smoking could kill?

 Is it possible to have young alzheimers?
OMG my memory is shot to hell. I cant remember what I said to some people that took place a few days ago. small details mainly but, damn. its been really bad. im only 27 years old!! wth?! i dont ...

 Do you think smoking should be baned forever ?
its a bad ...

 What does it mean if 14 year old repeatedly chews on batteries?
Can this be sign of a specific mental illness and what health problems can it cause? hould child be taken to doctor?...

 How could a supermarket employ such a person??
I went to Brighton on Saturday and popped into Somerfields to get some booze. As I was queuing there was an employee you was a complete mess. He had black rotton teeth, scabby chapped lips, cuts and ...

 Is it true flies bring disease?

 Would you please pray for my niece?
my niece was born on valentines day c-section and she suffered fractured skull and now she has epilepsy and they are testing her for jundaism or whatever it is. Please i'd appreciate it.ty and G...

 At what age do you start to develop arthiritis cause i think i could have it?

 Second hand earrings for pierced ears, are they safe?

 I saw my dads in the shower i saw every thing from head to toe what should i do?

 Why can't I just be normal?
I get all freaked out whenever it's time to go to work. I get shaky and very nervouse. I have social phobia and schizo-affective disorder. I'm on meds. Will I ever be normal again?...

 Should people who are responsable for their health problems (e.g smoking , drugs) have to pay for treatment?

 Brain Tumor?
How do you know if you have a brain tumour or a blood clot on the brain? What are the symptoms? And what is a brain tumour? Is it cancer?
Additional Details

 Someone boiled a frog in our works kettle we didn't know and used it we all feel ill now are we going to be OK
we found out someone had boiled a frog in our kettle when we found bits floating in our coffee and it also tasted a bit strange we didnt find this out untill wed had a few cups we are now suffering ...

 Anyone ever had a stye?
I went to the optometrist (eye dr that cannot do surgery or prescribe internal meds) today due to my eye being tender and kind of swollen and a bit itchy and she confirmed that it is a stye. She ...

 Why does my partner's stool smell?
My partner's stool smell. Her stool smells foul like sewage. She can't control it and farts more than other people. This is not a joke.

She does not eat artificial foods nor ...

 Person that said ring worm is a fungus,,,go get a medical book.?

Additional Details
ok ok im human .i make mistakes,**** happens....

 Anyone else scared of vomiting or seeing other people do it?
And why do we find it so scary?...

 Drug users - how can you cope?
Is anybody unfortunate to be related to drug addict? My brother has just started taking heroin after using "recreational/social" drugs for 10 years. This is devastating for my mother. H...

 What do you do for your migraines?
I used to get migraines a lot. I suffer primarily from "classic" migraines.

When I get a migraine, I first go blind in one side of both eyes. I then get a circular "...

Lisa K
Anyone got any tips on surviving the dreaded winter?

[email protected]
We haven`t had a "dreaded winter" for years????
Just wear sensible underware and a longer skirt, that should be enough these days?

shoot yourself...no more winters...or anything else you sad fu*k

quit your job and go travelling around Asia.

Light regulates a lot of brain function, late mornings and early sunsets can make you sad, turn on lights during the day.

Stay in with a 13 tog duvet & a cup of cocoa

Dress in many thin layers. The air between the layers traps heat more effectively than 1 or 2 heavy layers. It also works well that if you get too warm, you can remove a light layer, allowing better personal climate control. Also, if you are being active like skiing, etc... wear man-made fibers rather than natural fibers. These allow the sweat to pull away from your body keeping you dryer from your own perspiration. Natural fibers trap water and hold it to your skin, as well as take a lot longer to dry. Wet skin is cold skin. Look for thermal underwear made for skiing, snowboarding, etc... Lastly, cover your head, much of your heat is lost through your head.

go to Africa and adopt a baby

Crank up the furnace, put on your shorts and Hawaiian shirt, put some Jimmy Buffett on the stereo, break out the belnder and mix up a batch (or two) of margaritas!

yes, stay warm as much as you possibley can. Dress with extra layers of clothes. Nylons or wool is perfect for winter cold weather.

To many time people ask this question. The simple answer is to find something that you like to do and can do it in the winter time.
Up North where it is really cold they go snowmobiling and ice fishing. Sometimes have winter Carnivals and play softball on snowshoes.
Try to make a fun sport of winter there are lots of ideas just try them.

Yeah, move down south.

A few shots of liquor, gorgeous beau cuddled up next to you by the fire, and a nice, cozy blanket. That's what's keeping me warm this winter. We should all be so lucky. ;-)

Sir Sidney Snot

With four family birthdays and Christmas between now and the end of the year, it's the period we look forward to most! Then, the days are getting longer, and before you know it the daffodils are out. It will be fine, you'll see!

click on yahoo answers or chatterbox

plenty of hot chocolate and mulled wine with mince pies....works every time :)

wrap up warm

Get rat assed every day and it´ll fly by!

Or move to Puerto Rico for a few months, its summer there!

Whiskey,scotch, and rum

stay indoors and click on to yahoo answers

ulster scooby
vodka and a log fire

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