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Anorexia? Good or bad?
What do you think about anorexia?

Bad. People have died because of it.

Your kidding.......right?


Wtf it's bad, durr.

puffy puffers
Deadly. Is that good enough?

It wasn't good for Karen Carpenter.

bad, killing yourself because you dont wanna eat

i think diets are good, anorexia is like a disease. it's crazy.

Bad. You can do serious damage to your body that will eventually lead up to a very painful and drawn out death.

i cant believe this is a question

Cali Girl
Deadly so I would say bad!

Mary Jane

I ♥ Fall Out Boy
bad =(

Bad--not by appearance, but in terms of people's health!

Its bad. You're starving your body of what it needs.

all bad its one of the grossest things girls or guys can do and it doesnt look right...

Its not a good thing at all - it a slow and gradual starvation to the grave.
Karen Carpenter ; singer, lovely, young and successful died from anorexia. 1950 - 1983 she was only in her 30s.

Its worse then that! Anorexia is horrible! I use to be anorexic and let me tell you i have never been so close to dying! Dont even consider it! Im still not the right weight! Im 15 years old 5'6 and weigh 89 pounds which is horrible! I use to be at 71 before treatment i still have it but from my home! Its not a fun thing! I am better now but still have reprcousions of becoming one in the first place! Girls struggle with it more, then boys! Girls no matter what people say or do! you will never not be you!! What if ya loose 100 pounds what good is that loose it the heathly way not the starve yourself way!

Miss. Been there done that!

The Homie Girl
hmmmm......people in china dont want to starve, btu people in america do...yeah i'd say its stupid....BAD!!!

definitely bad

♪ ♥ Sydney ♪ ♥
Good for wanting to die

Bad for wanting to live

(can't believe this is a real question about a serious health issue)

Isn't that like saying Tuberculosis, good or bad?

It's a disease. A psychological disease that eventually leads to death if untreated.


bad, duh!
what do you think about people killing themselves slowly because they have low self esteem and society tells them to?

Bad, anything that compromises your health is bad. A person just needs to eat a HEALTHY diet and get enough exercise to have a dynamite, attractive body. Starvation is unhealthy and very very unattractive. Begin by loving yourself.

bad. Bone loss, muscle loss, depression. You will never be as thin as you want. I knew a 35 yr old woman....weighed 58lbs. Swore she was fat. Hospitalized.....Died 3 months later.

mister w
yeah a disease that is good for ya

come on people, we have brains for a reason

Bad...its deadly!

I think we lost the voice of Karen Carpenter because of it.

bad because it is an obsession of a unatainable goal. most people who dont get treatment die from malnutrition. its not just i want to be thin. its i have to be thin and will do anything about it. its a problem with body image. when an anorexic looks in the mirror they see only a fat or ugly person no matter how much they weight

um.... its not called a disease because it a good thing

J Sto
Depends on IF you like living, and how well you value your health....

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