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After smoking marijuna,How long does the drug stay in the system, before you can take a drug test?
I have to take a drug test, and have not used in marijuna for 3 weeks. Will I be able to pass a drug test?

The Preacher's Husband
1 month

Teddy O
go for a yeer to make shure and get ridda ur stash dude u need to quit it to b sure unless its in pill form nad also the day ur gunna take it dont take aney other drugs or eat poppie seed produckts

it takes 30 day and then some.

Miss Curiosity
I wouldn't know..but...there's probably a reason you are supposed to take a drug test....and...did you get the memo? Smoking marijuana is illegal for a reason!

Juicy Girl.♥♪
hmmm idk,y smoke in the first place its disgusting

a year! ur gonna have to pay the price hon

Up to 3 months

left_sock_ missing
well if they take sample of hair then up to 6 months. I wouldn't do drugs somethings are just more important.

a good month
everyything you take into your body stays in there for atleast a month including fluids but excluding water

but to flush it out quicker drink loads of water and do loads of exercise and try a steam room- a sauna can sweat all sort out of you.

but it will still be a month b4 u can pass a drugs test..

david m
That would be determined by how much use prior to stopping you have had, as well as your weight. THC is stored in fat cells, and daily use will keep it in your system for up to a 5 weeks. A simple solution is to bring a small bottle of visene with you and drop 2-3 drops in the sample. It will produce a false negative and the only effect that it has is the sample doesn't have bubbles in it.

y r u smoking marijuna anyway????

David JL
best not to have it ...but about a month ,.

from past experience its 30 days it stays in the system but drinking pure fruit juices and Green Tea help to flush it out...if it was just a oncer youll be fine now

I was always told 30 days, but depending on much you smoked it could be out of your system.
Did you know that drug stores sell an over the counter drug test that you an take at home. I am not sure how accurate they are, but if you take it and pass you might be ok

Elric of Melniboné
Is it a sports test cos testing for Gangha is flipping stupid as how is it gonna make you beter!!

Any thing else I dunno sos

Good Q though!

well it can very anyways from a week to four weeks.
make sure you drink lots of acidic drinks such as orange juice or Cranberry juice.

In your pee a couple of weeks in your hair 6 months.

Kathryn W
it depends on how long you've been somking pot.....and how much body fat you have on how long it will take to get out of your system

it is 30 days.no exceptions.we tried this.rinse out your mouth with peroxide.swish and spit.for 3days before the test.also take Niacin.the 500mg is the one you want.take 4 500mg a day for 10 days.its safe with only one side effect.it causes a red rash and itching.if you can deal with that it works.the peroxide works for the mouth swab test.we did both togther and passed.

the average time is beween 3-30 days depending on your metabalism and how much you have smoked,you may be alright if you havnt smoked a lot
good luck with your test

if you havent smoked in a while before that time, you should be fine. it takes maybe 14 days for very occasionaly smokers.
if you smoked recently before that maybe a week before, it will take longer.
the more often you smoke the longer it stays in your system.
if youre still nervous you wont pass, detox.

it depends on how heavily you have been smoking...one joint may be gone pretty quick but an everyday smoker needs at least 3 weeks but really more like 4......GOOD LUCK!!!

Hey dude, if you aint smoked for 3 weeks, then your ok!
You obviously dont smoke regular, so it shouldn't show up 3 weeks after use.

Good Luck.......

i was told it will show up in blood test 3 months after if u smoke regular

That would depend on how often you smoked before the three weeks ago, if you only smoked occasionally you will be good to go on your drug test.

if its a hair sample then you are in trouble... as that can take up to several years (your hair has to grow out)... but 90% of tests are urine tests. if you drink alot of water (i mean alot) then it can be out of your system in under 24 hours... but with a normal amount of water i would say about a week... you should be good

morgen p
This depends on many factors. THC- the drug found in marijuana is stored in your fat cells. If you have a lot of fat on your body, it will take longer for the drug to be flushed from your system. The biggest factor however depends on how frequent of a smoker you are. It will take longer for THC to leave your body if you have been building it up in your system everyday for 3 years as opposed to smoking it once. Generally, a person who smokes once and has little fat on their persons can flush out the THC in 2 days. A larger person who consistently smokes may not be able to pass a drug test for more than 3 months.

The Marijuana Drug Test detection time-urinalysis
Light smoker or acute dosage 1-3 days
Moderate use (4x / week) 3-5 days
Heavy smoker (daily) 10 days
Heavy, chronic use (5+ joints/day) 10-21+ days
Oral ingestion 1-5 days

Hair Follicle Drug Test
If body hair is used the timeframe represented by the test is approximately one year .

Between 10 and 30 days...according to your weight and how muck you smoke.
Some smokers take a drug to clean their system before a pis test but I can't tell you here.

Urine tests may detect marijuana 1-5 days after an occasional use, 1-3 weeks in regular users, and 4-6 weeks in multiple daily users.

This is NORML's most googled question.

Babies on board
It depends on the type of drug test- it can show up in your hair fr a while- longer than it shows up in your urine. Too bad you didn't think about this before you took a hit. Perhaps you shouldn't smoke anymore, you'll never know when you have to take a drug test!

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