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Will i have to get glasses! help please!!!!!!?
so i went to the doctors the other day for my yearly check up. my eyesight was 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. or 20/40 in both. something like that. anyway, will i need to get glasses. or will they just wait to give me glasses when it gets worse. both my parents and my grandparents have glasses, so i know i wont have good vision forever. so please help! will i need them??

Only your optometrist can answer this. But it sounds pretty likely.

Nathan H.
Sounds like you will be getting glasses. Although, later on you can see about getting contacts. I am thinking about those because I already have glasses. My family has glasses too.

Nam D.
the regular vision is 20/20 i don't think you have to wear glasses, unless you can't looking at far away. Glasses is not the only option you got, if you don't like glasses (i know mostly everybody does) then just get a pair of contact lens e, like mine, i had it on right now, it just a little difficult to put it on, but i think you a girl so mostly girl very handy they put it on easily and taken good care of it.

yes you probably will need to get some sort of corrective lense. but dont worry! you can always get contact lenses. i had glasses for a long time and then i got contact lenses...and i've worn them ever since! they are comfortable and you cant even feel them if worn correctly.

my suggestion is to get glasses because if your gonna have to get glasses soon, might as well wear them now and get used to them.

Katie M
hey, i dont know if you will get them because im not a glasses expert, i dont have glasses but i do have braces and i was bumed that i had to have them they hurt like hell but i got used to tham dont worrie , even if you will have glasses, they wont be all that bad, they wont be the worst things that ever happen to u, and if u have good friends , no one will make fun of you, they arnt so bad, good luck, i hope it works out for you, and ps. if ur gonna have them u might as well get a funky cool kind and neat shiny color!


sorry! atleast when you get them, you will have better vision.
good luck!

You may not need glasses yet, but you might need glasses to pass your driver's exam.

Expect that you will wear glasses, but you might do some exercises to help - no guarantees. Every 15 min. try to stop what you are doing and look off in the distance. Without moving your head, look straight, left and right, taking a moment to focus on the distance.

smart E
if you start getting headaches or can't see things you need to get glasses. It's that simple.

your doctor would be the best one to answer this, but you should get glasses as soon as you can- or contacts. because as you said, your eyesight will only get worse. so if you get glasses/contacts now, your eyesight might improve.

*The Dew Fariy*

If glasses run in the family, you are more likely to need them. It is not a big deal. I have been wearing glasses since I was 9 and I am used to them. They are expensive, but you can wear contacts or get surgery if you do not want glasses.

Contacts wear the cornea down over time and damage the eye with years of use, so I quit wearing contacts.

wow u must be rlly young. the whole world wears lenses. ur screaming like u got cancer or something

Bella Latina, 22 summers
when u get ur driver's license ur eye sight may not pass n u'll have to use glasses when driving, that happened to me

Daniel C
20/30 or even 20/40 ain't bad. What it means is that objects at 20 yards appear, in terms of visual acuity, to be 30 or 40 yards away. IOW, you're developing myopia, or nearsightedness.

Yes, you will most likely eventually need glasses for distance. Sorry, them's the breaks. You probably can do without for now though. But pay attention to things in the distance, like road signs while you're in the car. If they start getting blurry and hard to read at, say, 100 yards then it's time.

And before you ask, no, you can't get Lasik. Not yet; your eyes have to be stable for about three years before you can have the procedure. I got glasses in 3rd grade and my vision got as bad as 20/2000. I had Lasik in '99 and today only wear reading glasses (I'm 48).

since 20/20 is not exactly PERFECT anyway i think 20 40 would require glasses but seeing as i am not your optomoligist i can not say for sure but as an opinion you should get them so you can see better since duh, if you cannot see better its harder to work

Jessi H
Yes , your eyesight sounds a little like mine!

My dad is an optometrist. You don't NEED them at 20/40, but they are recommended. You can even still legally drive a car without them until after 20/40.

u will need glasses. If u don't it WILL get worse. But it might also get better. It depends really, just eat lots of carrots! Also it doesn't really matter whether u have them or not ur family thinks ur beautiful the way u are! And stay away from sitting close to the tv!

yes correct them now b-4 its to late also try contacts if your consious about your looks.

Only your optometrist can answer that. After your exam, he or she should of told you if you needed glasses. I would call up the optometrist and ask. You eyes may not be bad enought to warrant getting glasses. If you call and they don't think you need them right now, there is something I can suggest that will prolong your need for them. I'm a little near sighted and I wear glasses to watch t.v. But I don't want to wear them while I drive and run errands. I believe that once you get glasses, your eyes become dependent on them, like a crutch. You eye muscle gets lazy and lets the glasses do the work for you. So one day I went on line to see if there are exercises I could do to improve my eyesight. And there are. You can find them out by entering the following in a search engine: "eye exercises to improve eyesight." I've been doing them for 8 years. I just got my license renewed and it said eight years ago that I needed to wear the glasses when I drive. But doing the exercises helped and I passed the eye exam. She said, "Umm, are you wearing contacts? It says here you need glasses." I said, "I have been doing exercises for my eyes, I guess it's working!" The took it off my license that I had to wear glasses. Then I went to my optometrist for a regular exam. It had been four years. After the exam he says, "I don't get it. You actually need a weaker prescription than you did three years ago." So, I know they work. But it takes time, it won't happen over night. One of the main exercises is just focusing intently, like you are straining your eyes to see. It strengthens the eye muscles, and eventually pulls it in place, improving your eyesight. Hope this helps and good luck!

W~~~Dream a Little Dream~~~P
YOU ARE IN LUCK! Legal driving vision in most states is 20/40 to 20/50 so according to the state driving laws you do not NEED to wear glasses at this time.

BUT...if you are still a teenager your vision may change even more especially while you are growing. It may in fact stay the same. Your doctor can't even tell you. Only the crystal ball can! : )

BTW- everyone after age 40 starts to develop a natural condition called presbyopia- the lens of the eye loses the ability to focus close up requiring Moms and Dads and Grandparents to wear glasses. So just because they wear them now doesn't mean you'll have to...at least until your over 40!

Vikki S
Didn't he tell you if you needed glasses or not?

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