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Whats wrong with my eyes?
I went swimming in a pool, without goggles. I opened my eyes under water alot. Then I went into the dark dressing room, and when I can out, everything light had a odd fuzzyish haze around it. This hasn't been going ton for long yet.... But it does bother me. The windows, TV, computer, and lights are all fuzzy. (I am only 14 years old) Whats the problem?

Seymour Nuts
maybe there was urine in the pool.

God's Child.
I heard about this in a movie.

The woman dived from a platform and landed with her eyes open.

The next morning she was blind.

It was because her eyes were bleeding from the water. And the blood hurt her eyes. It was not fixable.

I suggest seeing an eye doctor very soon. Even if that is not the reason, you should have your eyes checked out anyways.

When something happens to your eyes, you could lose your vision permanently. It is not easy for doctors to work on eyes.

Cntry Chick
Im not sure but go to a eye doctor! ASAP


Its Chlorine,,, it will go away , where goggles next time XD!
it may also burn your eyes if its too strong, just flush with clean tap water

Walter G
That's nothing serious. It just means you got pool water in your eyes. This contains bits of chlorine and other chemical junk which probably isn't the best for your sight.

But the Eye is remarkable at healing itself, and your vision should return to normal in a short time.

it the chlorine... it get it really they kinda hurt and go red they will be fine in the morning

nothing iur so hot

If its your pool then put less chlorine in it ... if its a hotels pool.. complain to the manager and get a free night there!!!!! lloolllz

well i hope nothing is wrong!!! good luck

nothing ...
some eyes are different your fine

Matt L
lol ur not gonna explode. its the chlorine in the pool. it itches and is blurry for a few days. maybe 2. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA FOR IT!!!!!!! IF THEY BOTHER YOU, GO TO A PHARMACY AND ASK THEM IF THEY HAVE artificial Tear DROPS!!!!! IT WILL HELP SO MUCH AND THEY DONT BURN. LIKE I SAID THEY FEEL LIKE TEARS IN YOURE EYES.

Um sorry but this is a "DUH" worthy question.
You answered it yourself.
Do NOT open your eyes underwater. It's back for them...with all the chemicals in the water.
Very bad.
Your sight should return to normal if you quit doing that.
Just flush them out with water.

Chlorine must have messed with your eyes.

Tori N
you got chlorine in your eyes, just flush them with clean water, you'll be fine

maybe in a day theyll get better that happened to me. its just that your eyes now are probably very dry if there red. and they sting

your eyes get red and thats very normal just relax and you need to wear goggles because it can turn into an infection

you got chlorine in your eyes, just flush them with clean water, you'll be fine

it'll go away after a while.... if its been a few days or weeks, get em checked out...

It's normal because of chlore.

Yvonne B
bleach and eyes don't mix

Aden Sickle
You've ruined your eyes. Now you will need surger to fix them. Just joking....I know, bad joke. You just got too much chlorine in your eyes. Use some saline drops and it should go away.

thats just the effects of the chlorine it happens to me a lot also the pool you went to must have had a lot

thats normal...will go away after a while...like 15-30 min

youll be fine... you just got chlorine in your eyes and then stressed them... just be easy with them and youll be back to normal :)

Answer This!
The chlorine in the water will bug your eyes.

Put some eyedrops in, it might just be too much chlorine for you.

too much chlorine in the pool, it will go away but stay out of that pool

k lee
Sometimes the chlorine in the water causes irritation to your eyes. Try using Visine (eye Drops) throughout the day. This should help.

Well, I'd say the chlorine or other pool chemicals are irritating your eyes. It's probably not permanent, but if they aren't back to normal by tomorrow, you should see a doctor.

i've got this before too. don't worry. you said it hasn't gone on for long....but i don't know how long 'not long' is!! It should go away after a few hours, or definitely after a night's sleep, but if it persists after about a day then i would ask a parent or maybe get some eye Drops or something from a doctor. Don't worry about it though if it hasn't been going on for long- i always forget my goggles when i go swimming and it hasn't done me any serious harm so far!!

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