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Dman R
Whats wrong with my eye?
im 15 and a boy im very scared.The doctor said i might have Pink Eye or Conjuctavites but he hasnt seen me. He said leave ur contacts off for 2 days and come see me. Now my parents are telling me its a eye infection tht can lead to scars which leads to wearing glasses for the rest of my life. And i need to have contacts due to sports i take part in like mized martial arts. Can u please help me recover. I feel no pain in my left eye its just really red and feels like theres dust in my eye. No itchness. Please help me

its just jock itch in your eye.. it will get better ..

use eye Drops.

Andrea J
You need to listen to your eye doctor and your parents. If you have an infection in your eye, you cannot wear contact lenses. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic ointment and/or drops. Eye infections such as Pink Eye are highly contagious and you shouldn't be participating in sports until it clears up. It's not the end of the world to miss out on sports for a few days.

Use eye Drops
And u should me sunglasses cuz it will protect ur eyes from dust and stuff

[email protected]
First of all, do what the eye dr. suggests. Take out your contacts and leave them out. Don't wear them for social events or sports until you see your eye dr. There are several different types of conjunctivitis and are caused from a virus or even over wear of contact lenses. Because you have redness and no pain, I think it probably has more to do with the contact than anything else. You can use artificial Tears to keep the eye moist and may help some of that gritty, dusty feeling, but do NOT use drops to get the red out. Those can cause more inflammation. Be sure to take your contacts, the case and solutions with you to the doctor so he/she can look at everything. Try not to panic. BUT..listen to your doctor. If you want to continue wearing contacts for sports and things, you have to be willing to sacrifice for a few days and maybe a few weeks to get treated and improve. Otherwise, yes you can cause permanent damage if you continue to wear the lenses when you should be giving your eyes a rest.

i had the same thing i use special eydrops 2 per infected eye for awaile stayed hom for one day to rest it it was gone

There is NO reason to worry at this point. It will be only two days until you see the doctor and he will give you drops to heal your eye up. You would be surprised at how well the eye heals. Such significant scarring is not that easy to achieve. Simply do what the doctor says and tell your parents to stop scaring you. Don't rub your eyes. Rest them and get to the doctor for some drops. You are going to be fine.

♥Totally Awesome♥
yeah i had the same thing and the docters just said my sineses congestion or somthing like that. it bothered me alot but nuthing is wrong. its weird its in your eye but you sineses have the problem. lol. any way dont worrie. everthings ok!!!! :D

ok well dont freak yet wait for the doctor... i doubt that you have and infection and over the summer a little peice of dirt/polen got under my contact and i had no idea then my eye was cherry red for about a week and i took out my contact and in a couple days the pinkness went away and i am perfectly fine now and dont sweat it besides i kno a kid who wears glasses and he is probably one of the hotest guys i kno and when it comes to sports (which i doubt it will happen) but you have to get glasses take them off for sports and just move aways from the blobs lol but just wait and give it a little time

don't worry about it... i had an eye infection last year and i'm still wearing contacts, you should see your eye doctor as soon as possible though
and don't use your contacts in the meanwhile

it could be an eyelash got into your eye and scratched the cornea a little. You'll be alright if you can see out of it just as good as you did before.

Pink eye if left untreated could lead to some scar tissue on your lids which could make wearing contacts uncomfortable but not impossible. Your eye doctor should see you no matter what you have if it is an infection he will put you on drops, it will clear up and you will be fine. Get new contacts though, bacteria that originally infected your eye could be on them. Make sure you wash your hands in the future before putting in or removing your contacts. Relax, you will be just fine!

My son wears contacts all the time and he gets the pink eye thing too. You are OK, it isn't an infection (unless you have a lot of drainage, then maybe). But, it may just be irritation of the contacts. He wants your contacts off for 2 days because he probably feels the pink will go down or completely away once they are off for awhile. He may give you drops or sometimes you need to change from one type of contact to another. But I highly doubt it is serious...otherwise you would be in a lot of pain. So, don't worry, it is OK, you are fine.

if you have pink eye, you will probably wake up tomorrow with your eye stuck shut. the doctor will give you antibiotic drops or ointment. don't wear your contacts for a few days and you will be fine. it doesn't cause scarring on your eye.

you should make an anointment with your doctor

Queen of the Universe
Why are your parents telling you that? I have had conjunctivitis, wear contacts, and it didn't scar my eyes. Just leave your contacts out and go see the doctor. He will probably give you eye Drops to clear up the infection. You would have to scratch the cornea to cause scarring.

Use some eye Drops. Try not to touch your eyes, because it could irritate them further. If you need to touch them, wash your hands thoroughly to remove germs or bacteria from your hand to make it worse. Other than that, you should just try too look for eyedrops called Visine. They remove itichiness, dust, and soothes your eye.

Did u touch it??? maybe your eyes are not adjusting to your contacts. i would let your doctor look at it and there is a thing that you can use like eye glasses in goggles ....my bf uses them in baseball

Sophia M
Go see a doctor. If its pink eye, go see a doctor cause the doc will prescribe eye Drops to help ease the pain and get rid of it. It's the extended contact wear thats not good for your eye. I suggest wear your contacts just to school and when you play sports but take it out when sleeping. trust me I know cause I slept with my contacts and it led to pink eye then a sty, but seeing a a doctor is best.

Does it puss and glue your eyelashes together in the morning? If it does, then yes you have pink eye. If it's just really irritated and then you might have scratched it or got something dirty in it.

Thats really mean of youre parents to say. The doctor would have told you if it was something serious like that. Its probably just a little infection or pink eye which go away quickly. Dont worry you are going to be fine!

im 15 too and my friend had a problem sort of like that

just do whatever the doctior says
he would know the best

I wear contacts and the same thing happened to me when I sleep in my contacts or don't clean them. I'm sure it's nothing. Just leave your contacts out for a few days and use eye Drops to clear the redness. Pretty soon your eyes will be back to normal and you can start wearing contacts again.
Also, your eye doctor might have some drops to speed up the healing process so go see him.

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