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wow 24 answers!
thats great
thanks ...

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im jus ...

What do you think is wrong with my eyes (pic included)?

I am realy worried. I noticed yesterday that it was half the size and I woke up today to find that is it i bigger. please help
Additional Details
****JUst so you guys know ....it does not hurt!!!!!

go see a doctor i don't know what could cause that unless you poked your eye

omg please call your optician.

I don't know but you need to see a doctor now.

Live & Learn
ouch! go see a doctor immediately!

Tom Graphics
just a broken Blood vessal, nothing to worry about.

Sticky Wicket
You should definitely see a doctor about that. What ever it is, I'm pretty sure you need something for it. Who knows you could go blind.

Honky Kong
Looks like you've got a hemorrhage. I'd say go see a doctor if it gets bigger, but hopefully it clears itself up.

oh my gosh you need to go to the doctors. that is scary.

It is called subconjunctival hemorrhage. Nothing to be worried about. It is a small blood clot under the conjunctiva. It will resolve in a couple of weeks.
But consult your doctor first.

It's a corneal haemmorrhage. Blood vessel in the eye burst. Its not dangerous so don't worry. It will subside over the next few days.

% of the population...
Oh dear. I have no idea, but they are haemorrhages of some kind. I suggest you see the doctor tomorrow before they get worse over the Christmas period. Good luck, I hope you are better soon..

Bεlıηdaa :)
Honestly, this might be serious and the best thing you can do is going to the doctor just to be safe..

Good Luck...Hope you get better!

la bombera
go see a doctor!!!

it might be something minor like a blood vessel popping (happened to me before & i was fine) but then again it's just as likely that it's something serious so go see a doctor

billy v
they're really sore... do they hurt?

Looks like a vein popped. You better go to an eye doctor or go a eye hospital. Hurry if you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madd Skillz
Go to a docter quickly. Oh my gosh, go.

Probably popped a blood vessel. Check with a doctor if you're worried.

OMG That freaked me out, it's not normal you need medical help quick x

Its probably a burst blood vessel

This is nothing to play with. Get an appointment with an eye doc immediately.

You either had something in it and you rubbed it or you just plain rubbed it to hard. It's basically nothing but a blood vessel. I'm sure you are able to see ok Right? If not go to the Doctor.

Could be just broken blood vessels. Which are no worry. I would see a Dr. just in case.

♥ Candice ♥
super pink eye GO SEE A DOCTOR FAST!!!

Looks like there's a big finger stuck in there. Try removing the finger and see if it doesn't heal up.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that's nasty man go the the opticians

mickey diddly
Maybe a popped blood vessel. How long has it been this way? If it last for very long go see a dr.

Don't worry. It's just a popped blood vessel. This happens to my friend's dad a lot. It will get a bit redder, but will go away within the next couple of days.

Hope this helps!

My son had this a while back, but it went after a few weeks, I am sure you need not worry, but get it checked for your own peace of mind.

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