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What could be causing a bloodshot eye?
My right eye has become very bloodshot in the corner closest to nose, I have never had this before and it has been like it for about a week now. I do drink not excessivley though and I also work 7 days a week, so am hoping it may be because I am tired although I don't feel tired. Any advise greatly recieved.

It's time to poke that little bugger out.


Have you been staring at a computer screen or TV alot recently? =]


Timothy J
witholding money from your pimp

Cheryl W
try some Visine redness relief, its great. I was so exhausted before my Vegas wedding because we partied the night before, I used some of the Visine and I looked great!

Try working less and resting more - then no more redeye !



♥High On Sugar 4ever!!♥
my sister had one she got it from ehr contacts that scratced her eye

Annoying your hubby.

Cyril the squirrel
have we been smoking something lately

Jocelyn F
only if something gets inside or if you have been drinking acohal a lot. But i doubt you have been drinking a lot.: )

hi i had this bout a week ago, i looked it up on the web and found this website, it put my mind at rest as it decribes all the horrible things then says it could be due to fatigue or just eyestrain take a look it mite help http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/003031.htm

clare d
It may sound silly but sneezing pretty powerfully can rupture the tiny vessels in the eye. Just a suggestion :)

This has happened to me too,but I dont know what causes it,you may need to see a Doctor,mine went away in a few days but that may not happen for you !,hope your eye gets better !

Ashanti E
have you ever thought of seeing a doctor

You must have been staring at the computer screen and watching tv alot recently.Or it could be lack of sleep.

Sounds like conjunctivitis, you need to see the doc and get some anti biotic eye Drops.

are you sure theres nothing in it
a glass splinter or something like it perhaps

stop peeping through key holes you little monkey

hey u
maybe it's because of lack of sleep.
even though you may not feel tired, you body certainly needs it.

i get that when I'm tired or got a headache

Hi there, many things can cause a "bloodshot" eye from sneezing to coughing, blowing your nose to dirt in your eye.
Tiny blood vessels are everywhere including your eye and the can burst which causes the red eye.
Hope this helps.

maybe you got a bit of make-up in it or didnt wash eye-makeup off properly.
otherwise it may be because of tiredness
if it stays like this for much longer ( any more than a week) see a doctor

Small blood vessels in the eye are prone to rupture but you should seek medical attention, just in case there is an underlying problem. Excessive drinking is one cause of pressure that will cause rupture but there are many more.

Chelsea W
lack of sleep.
pink eye.
chemical in your eye. (chlorine etc.)
getting out of the shower sometimes
and alot of other things...
oh and stress.
high blood pressure.

hope i helped!
God Bless!
Feel better!

Yellow Diamond
A borg implant?

or maybe mascara or an eyelash?

I recently had a bloodshot in my eye due to the fact that I had the flu.
It could happen because of stress, lack of sleep or maybe even allergies.
If it doesn't go away, just ask your pharmacist to give you an eye drop for it.

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