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Cσηvεяsε Cяαzч
What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?

coco jo
light and drugs

the light around you.


Shona S

some1 told me they do when you horny or angry

Graham R
If there is too much light your, pupils contract so less light is let in. If there is too little light your, pupils expand to let in more light.

♥♥ ~* Just Janz *~♥♥ ║│▌│║▌║™
When bright light is shone on the eye, it will automatically constrict. This is the pupillary reflex, which is an important test of brainstem function. Furthermore, the pupil will dilate if a person sees an object of interest, or if the amount of light is lowered.

Mini Me
Endorphine etc, etc XD

bright light makes them contract and dim light makes them enlarge

Dream like
the light.
its so weird, look at someone when the lights are turning on there pupils will get dramatically smaller its quite scary..

Lost n Coma & Covered in Cake♥EM
changes in light ^-^

when it's dark ur pupil gets bigger casue it need to be able to take in as much light as possible

It gets smaller in light to prevent the pupil being damaged

*ℓเℓ ๓เѕѕ ¢hαттєявσχ เѕ Uηเqυє*
iris....it is the colored muscular Diaphragm and has an opening called pupil through which light enters........when you are in very bright light, the iris expands and as a result the size of pupil decreases........and when you are in dim light, the iris contracts, increasing the size of the pupil so that more light can enter....


Expand=Dilate. Contract=Constrict.

Here is a list of some things that cause each.

Dilate: Low light conditions; some eye Drops; looking up from a book to something that is far away; getting hit in the eye by a blunt object; becoming excited (see a previous answer); nerve damage

Constrict: Bright lights; some eye Drops; looking from a far away object to something that is 12-to-16 inches in front of you; inflammation inside of your eye; nerve damage (different nerve than the one mentioned for Dilate).

your pupils dilate [get bigger] when your iris opens out [the coloured part of your eyes] to let in smaller or greater amounts of light, so as not to damage the retina at the back of your eye.

these 'muscle contractions/expansions' are caused by light intensity, emotional reactions and can also be affected by the use of drugs etc.

They are light sensitive. The iris is a muscle which contracts and relaxes the muscle. The pupil shows how the muscle moves when subjected to light and dark

Drugs also make pupils apprear dilated, and apparently so does being attracted to someone

Light causes the pupils to expand and contract because the pupil is what absorbs the light in your eye. It expands when there is minimal light because you need the most light to see clearly and contracts when your surroundings are bright as to dim the brightness. Other than light other things such as drugs can send chemical messages to you brain that can result in effects such as dilated pupils.

Dr Frank
Literally this is due to the effect of various stimuli on the iris, which acts like the adjustable opening (aperture), of a camera.The most obvious of these is light, but it also reacts to accommodation, focusing on images at differing distances from the eye.

Arwen the Original.
Its to let in light. It goes small when there's too much light and large when it starts to go dark.

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